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  1. ok man...i shall make a guess

    but don't beg us... we either will or we won't... i for one am an old fart and do not like to be rushed...

    my guess...joff...even though the little shit was already hated


  2. On 2/13/2020 at 7:50 PM, She who must be Obeyed said:




    You are one of the greats! Almost everything I know about these games I learned from you! :commie:


    shit girl i thought you learned it all from me...of course i should have known that was bullshit since you win and that is of course against my religion...



    great job Chick...it was a long wild ride...definitely got my money's worth  :cheers:

  3. On 2/14/2020 at 4:18 PM, Yet another Arya ! said:

    Done! I gave up trying to understand the rationale behind the sentence.

    ...probably for the best since i happen to know there is no rationale...but the love of chaos and lewdness


  4. 11 minutes ago, Ser Not Appearing said:

    Meh, I treated them as coordinating adjectives after a request that I include punctuation somewhere. It's not the worst thing I could have done ... though perhaps something of a stretch ... though certainly a challenged prospect for only three words.

    How would you have preferred I punctuate it?

    i say it needed a period instead of a comma...feathered. requesting nocker. although i hated it, it was a good clue...i voted for it actually.

  5. 1 hour ago, Ser Not Appearing said:

    I'm all for confusion, mayhem and no hints!

    hahahahhah of course you do with your twisted mind

    1 hour ago, Fragile Bird said:

    I really suck at this game.

    And, apparently, at all games.

    After that series of hints, I m ready to slit my throat.

    ...you win more than most so i am not ready to cry for you yet, my darling Bird :rolleyes:

    1 hour ago, Robb4Ever said:

    Preach. I got most of the clues, but the theme eludes me.

    ... :idea:

  6. 1 hour ago, Julia H. said:

    When DG is the host, any word may be a hint. You never know (only in retrospect). :idea:

    ...truer words were never typed...



    5 hours ago, Robb4Ever said:

    I am sure on five of the characters, including the one referenced in my own clue, but only four of them fit together, and the fifth doesn't, and I am certain the fifth is right too, cos of 'unusual excreta' thing. And that is the source of my frustration.

    5 hours ago, Robb4Ever said:

    I believe I've figured out the pattern, though I still can't fit clue 6 to the pattern, and my guess for clue 6 couldn't be wrong.....unless the clue is referring to some other enchantress......

    4 hours ago, Robb4Ever said:

    Which number clues are you uncertain of? Just curious. Definitely not trying to gauge whether my clue was easy to guess or not. Certainly not.


    well even if the Dolorous One will not comment on it, i will... normally we don't discuss clues in such specific ways until after the answers have been posted...sometimes we post questions about a word...like nocker...but even those should be limited or put to Gabe in private... we might say tell how many we think we have, or how many prelims we scored but nothing so specific about individual clues...


  7. 6 hours ago, Robb4Ever said:

    Well, I give up on finding the theme. The themes I thought of don't fit w/the characters I've guessed. I am wondering if I should just analyze the character I was given and see if I can spot a theme by studying his/her wikia page thoroughly. :dunno:

    ...maybe so...maybe no


  8. On 2/7/2020 at 1:47 PM, Ser Not Appearing said:

    I warned you. Remember this.

      Hide contents

    My imagined GRRM thought process:

    His name is Eddard but I need a nickname. I could go Ed but that's too normal. Can't go with Edward (ward the end) because that's the name I changed to get Eddard. How about Ned (beginning to the Nth degree)? Yeah, that's it. Makes perfect sense. I'll call him Ned.

    Eddard --> Ed

    No: Ed"ward"

    Yes: "N"ed


    i love the way your fucking mind works, my brother... :cheers:

  9. 1 hour ago, Dolorous Gabe said:

    I love you man but you're judging me without knowing what happened. The water was in a completely unexpected place. The flood warning siren indicates that the river is likely to overflow into the town in the valley soon but it's not definite. This body of water was in a stretch of road on a hillside, on the way down to the town, and it was round a blind corner after which I couldn't stop in time so had to go through to avoid stopping in it.

    I'm not an idiot!

    alright my brother...i get it...my bad :rolleyes:

    i am properly chastised

    6 minutes ago, Ser Not Appearing said:

    Apologies, folks. An archer -> one who nocks -> nocker made so much sense to me and I never imagined the structure as misleading.

    i got that part...

    i just could not decide which archer it was...which is why i voted it for fav cause it was perfect for Xho that is a fact


  10. no prelims...you are a sadistic bastard... :fencing:

    ...and by the way...here in flood prone areas of usa, we say "turn around, don't drown!" :tantrum:


    no worries i got this...no matter the many obstacles in my path to the bottom of the pack


  11. 1 hour ago, Ser Not Appearing said:

    I had Cersei bedding her cousin for the final, though I knew reluctant was wrong for that. Just couldn't think of another, better devotee relationship.

    Salladhor crossed my mind briefly but couldn't fit deceiver. I still can't, actually.

    me either...and out of all the colors listed for him orange is not...just saying <_<

    1 hour ago, Castellan said:

    Damn that theme. At one stage I had no-one born in mainland westeros as a theme.  but I was too ignorant of ASOIF geography to recognise that them places Daario and Missandei et al come from are also islands.

    I kept thinking Brienne might be wrong too. Although I think of 'gay blades' as young so I wouldn't have thought of Barristan thinking more of a Bravo type person and couldn't come up with one. But I came up with obsidian being a rare blade and thought it could possible be Marwyn, if every sliver of obsidian was regarded as a blade even when used in a candle. But luckily I resisted. 

    i never even considered the rare blade to be a person...i was locked onto obsidian from the beginning which, led me to sam jon then stannis but my theme (prisoners) got in my way so i finally went with the valyrian dagger as the blade and who was searching for answers about it who were imprisoned...so tyrion... :shocked:


    a pitiful first outing but i got high hopes...of coming in dead last

    ...and my clue won't be so easy next time...




  12. 57 minutes ago, Castellan said:

    I have not got feathers or princely colours and am not sure of #1 and no theme because my best theme doesn't match MY OWN CLUE!!!!!!!

    i had to just hold my balls and jump... :uhoh:

    my theme and my answers match...sadly most of my answers have absolutely nothing to do with the crazy whacked out words in each and every clue...



    ...and now i know why...


    19 hours ago, Dolorous Gabe said:

    We're into the final 24 hours of the R1 deadline. 23 hours now in fact.

    It has either been harder than I anticipated or we're all just very rusty.

    It has been solved though, so it can indeed be done.

    This really is a straight-forward theme, so take those answers you are certain of and see if a pattern emerges, a commonality between them. And maybe that will then help you see the answers you haven't found.


    I may give you the weekend to vote for a favourite clue and perfect your new clues, as I am now unlikely to be able to post the new round of clues till Monday.

    ...something to be thankful for as i sit dreaming of feathered knockers... :leer:



  14. 5 minutes ago, DR Supporter said:

    Well, unlike you, I actually care about fictional characters more than your shallow mind would ever know, so watch how you talk about my favorite doomed youth. :angry:


    ..or what...

    i see you are consumed by this idea these characters are real...and i also see when people disagree or call out your mistakes you attack them...well give me your best shot...i have taken worse from better minds than mine... or yours obviously