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  1. ...laughing at our picks is what makes this game great...that and it is generally easy for me to come in dead last... ...let the debauching commence
  2. even if i understood the point, the point of understanding the point is pointless if the point of the point is getting the point... So sayeth the sniffer
  3. so if i don't vote i win... ...who knew
  4. ...and beware the sniffer... he's on a roll straight back into the dungeon of debauchery... ...thank the gods
  5. greetings Brother Bear...i am damn glad to see you... I agree the excessive hair is stupid, but i like the dragons all being distinct individuals...and since the nieces pay for the hbo for me...in an effort to keep me out of the pub...i have been enjoying it. as for the rings, i think it will improve over the next season now that most of the exposition is done...but i will stick with it as well even if it doesn't
  6. <sniff...sniff> 1...7 2...3 3...1
  7. ...sniff...sniff that's right...i am alive hey my dearest Lany...you ain't the only one with a little one who grew up talked shit about being an adult and then came running home when life got real...Princess showed up at the end of may to eat my food, use my utilities, and beg for gas money to go out and party...luckily i got She who must be Obeyed to ride that ass til she complied...she now has a job coaching soccer and of course she has to deliver for SwmbO on the crappy routes no one else wants to do... ...who knew making her bed would turn out to be the struggle to end all struggles... ...to the rest of my spamily i am happy to read about your lively happenings since i fell off the wagon...right before it ran me over... special shout out to FOMN congrats my friend, we knew you could do it and yes...now it is time to put that education to work
  8. drams...darts...dice... the sniffer's winning method...take 2 shots...throw 2 darts...roll 2 8-sided dice...repeat 8 times (even if there less than 16 games)
  9. <smiles and pours a dram...and raises the glass to worthy opponents>
  10. hey Tywin...i signed up ...i got a new technique...a 16 sided die for confidence points ...time to roll
  11. ...i draft by getting stoned, donning a blindfold and throwing darts...i can do that anytime
  12. ...if i remember correctly ye old sniffer and his dawgs are B and the snake draft
  13. ... that's right...i am still alive i reckon i might as well see if my last brain cell can help me pull out a repeat of my stellar manager skills on display last season.
  14. all done...time to blaze those bowls and shoot those shots ...and my the best rolled joint win
  15. hey @grozengdamn real life jerked my chain and caused me to miss out...probably for the best since i so obviously suck at fantasy football... speaking of sucking...a question @Whiskeyjack...jacobs was out so i moved him to ir ...now listed as questionable so i moved him back to bench...is that the correct way of it?
  16. i will help you out but i have only done snake drafts...i might fuck it up if it is different tell me what i gotta do...
  17. Thanks @Prince of the North that worked...i had not messed with info for this re-animated set of dawgs and of course it had me as west coast v southeast ...i raise a glass to you, my friend
  18. greetings fellow fantasy fools...i am ready to chew some bubblegum and kick some ass...sadly no teeth left so i shall be drinking shots and kickin' ass...the only bubbles will be floatin on top of my beer chaser by the way how do i change the fucking time zone of the game times i saw 10 am start time and had to drag my hungover ass outta the rack to get picks in and set line up...help a brother out there must be a way
  19. ok used id and pw and now y'all gotta try to beat me...
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