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  1. seems we have let this years secret santa time get too short for mailing/shipping i shall miss the giving as well as the getting...perhaps taking a year off will make us look forward more to next year
  2. a weekly win...who would have thought it... beware a dawg on a roll
  3. nah...you're picks are up there at the top most weeks...as i am sure you know it is the point thing...there were some bad beats this week, hell more than this week if truth be told but hey it is less stressful at the bottom...and drinks are free!
  4. ...feeling good about taking houston...feeling stupid that i didn't take miami or cincinnati just for shits and giggles
  5. even as i loiter in last place, i am picking til the very end ...beware a chaotic 'sniffer who believes if you can't win you must lose in a balls out way that is remembered for millennia
  6. i found last week to be a refreshing blast of cash...after the first few losses i started making outrageous bar bets like next touchdown is by jets...or brees will not throw a TD...and raked it in
  7. exactly what i was thinking when i put 12 on dallas...i would happily sacrifice for them to get a spanking
  8. woo hoo... i was able to break 100 and come in dead last...i'm battin' a 1000
  9. hey cat lovers...some of you know i am a dog man, who happens to be dogless right now . instead now i am the companion of a cat named Pusifer...he is a reincarnated dog i am sure but he has issues i never had with a dog... he is long haired (soft, floating hairs that land on everything...luckily the flavor of vodka covers them up)...anyway he gets lots of brushing and combing because Number One Niece is obsessive about his coat...and everything else in our world... however he has developed a slight (my word) dry skin issue with little flakes mostly on his lower back and at the base of his tail. he is not scratching, chewing or losing hair...he has always enjoyed grooming and still does. his environment is unchanged, he is allowed to be outdoors when we are outside, but never for longer than it takes to hang up clothes or water plants. he is, during these outings, restricted to backyard, no pesticides or herbicides. i do not believe he is allergic to food or litter. my question is what kind of skin lube can you use on a cat to moisturize his thick hairy ass?
  10. well that's good, i get a laugh outta imagining y'alls faces when the group picks light up...i understand your co-worker's feelings, i was a saints fan when we all had bags on our heads but every now and then i would make a buck or two...hahahhah as to the picks this week, yeah i think you mean the % bar graph on the far right of pick screen...i look at it, and i also use nfl pickwatch...lots of experts who aren't even doing as well as some of you guys at the top... even though i know i ain't the first to do this...i go against the stream just to see if i can sneak in a big payoff...it is why i don't always put big points on sure things cause either we all get 'em or we don't but if i go low on those games i can spend the big bucks on toss ups where i have a chance to advance...straight into the cellar
  11. i almost always take the Saints...just like i almost always go against the Pats...sadly the JETS were not up to the 1 point task i set for them
  12. great me too ...even if i suck at organization maybe we should post a thread on gen chat, lit and entertainment just to direct people here to sign up...this might get the old ball rolling
  13. hahaahahha y'all are so lucky the moon was not in my seventh house...it was in the quart jar i was drinking out of...
  14. i have already started using the blindfolded dart throwing pick 'em method already, so everyone should beware ...falling rock
  15. although i am singularly unqualified to do the responsible job of organizing this great activity, perhaps we should start a little earlier this year... what say y'all?
  16. yeah i feel ya...i thought of going all in since it is the only way to catch up to y'all top dawgs...but decided it was bad tequila making me reckless
  17. i am no expert but i think the tie breakers each week determine order of those of us who have the same amount of points you can see rankings, weekly pick scores etc on the site...Tywin copies it to here...points count more than win/loss numbers...much to my disdain, since i suck at assigning points but am good at picking winners
  18. ok still trying should have it once i clear the cob webs outta my head and hey which ever way y'all wanna go is good for me eta...ok in like flint...
  19. checking in to let you people know i am out for blood this year... ...and i am better against the spread than the confidence pts so beware what you wish for...heh heh heh
  20. i currently live in South Carolina, US... however i crawled out of Bayou La Fourche in south Louisiana, US, in 1951 and i have lived, worked and been schooled by a life on the water ever after ...where am i from - the halls of the drowned gods...davey jones' locker...the briny deep i am a son of the Sea
  21. damn play-offs screwed me...5th after regular season and now 7th... ah well congrats to all you so called winners...since based on the picks alone i am 5th sounds good to me ...it is the points that fuck me up
  22. yeah well i might have too but i jinxed seattle and chicago by going for them...such is life, but i feel good about being only 29 points outta first ...beware a dawg who has a goal
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