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  1. hey KT I i am looking for you brother.....missing your wisdom


  2. i thought that as well... the book description of tywin was completely this dude... though at least tyrion could talk shit back...so i was shocked sam found his sac and took the valyrian steel...i cheered!
  3. i gave it a 9...losing only one point for the fucked up kingsmoot and two eyed euron...so long crow's EYE... but the hodor story and the shock of summer biting the bullet made up for it...and also the confirmation of a theory i have long supported... the children made the original others to fight men ...
  4. giving it a solid 8 for keeping the story moving for the most part...the unburnt redux was surprising and cheesy or not, i liked it i am looking forward to seeing what she does next and what she thinks of tyrion's deal
  5. welcome aboard...Nicholas...hope you enjoy yourself
  6. question about the main home page...is it just me or does everyone have an ad where the most recent topics used to be under the forum link on the right side of screen?
  7. happy anni McBigski.... and they have to get on your lawn because they were all instructed to ...get of my lawn... cheers on 10 yrs
  8. perhaps this is only seen in the US but the Wyndham hotel chain has a new advertising campaign that features Kristofer Hivju...as the Wyndham Wizard...it is funny every time i see it...   i really dug this one imagining him saying the stack was as long as tormund's member, har, har, har.     eta: also just saw charles dance and art parkinson (rickon) in dracula untold...
  9. yes him not being head harpy was interesting thank you for this and all book readers (of which i am one) should see that grrm was going to do this himself all along i believe stannis has already decided it in the books which is why, perhaps he sent the pink letter as a signal to red witch to do it....else why didn't he leave her at dragon stone
  10. killing him or him killing her would be a change in the relationship... also who will shadow baby kill, roose, or ramsey...or will it be a bad enough baby to kill both?
  11. i knew he would...i figure it was the plan all along, in books it probably happens at the wall instead
  12. great epi...what do we think is happening next... i am convinced the white walkers are in control of the north now...what is happening at the wall...
  13. and i for one was happy with how that meeting went down...i am an old man i need some resolution before i die... and now i can check that off my list dany and tyrion meet and my money is on him flying back to westeros astride a dragon well i guess he should have tacked starboard instead of port...or perhaps like varys, he has discovered the magical pissing tree that has had the blackfish in its grasp since the red wedding i believe as others do that perhaps the "antidote" is short lived and must be replenished from time to time, thus making bronn a virtual slave to the sand sisters ok i don't get this...the books are jam packed with all of the above, and my imagination has always produced worse imagery than what finally showed up on screen... and in just 3 short seasons deadwood had more tits more killing, though less flaying...and backed it up with feeding people alive to mr. wu's pigs..all backed by the cocksucker soundtrack...oh yeah and don't forget the degenerate tit-licker... as always these are just the random opinions of a salty old asshole...feel free to disagree edited because even sober i can't spell for shit... :smoking:
  14. and for shits andgiggles i delete this double post... ....everyone laugh with me
  15. i don't agree he was in the old tower... i believe he went straight to ramsay in his chosen space to snitch.....
  16. a strong 9 though i am watch again to see if bronn got the antidote for the poison...this might change my vote
  17. i find i have the same response for all these comments...realism isn't as important to me while reading watching fantasy... you mean using her necklace or some other talismen to do magic like many a character in your other example LotR that is just so it is a story about magic so i am pretty much ok with anything... just my opinions...fell free to continue to disagree
  18. just as an aside...any time i hear people who hate something so much but watch/listen anyway i always think of my boy howard stern and the scene in private parts where his ratings are discussed...more people who hated him listened than people who dug him though both had same reason, to see what he would do/say next... wow a saying about pots and kettles just popped into my head...go figure
  19. well said, Fez...just tweaked it a little bit for ya! do you mean realism like this... i love james bond in part because wild crazy shit happens with regularity... i am a true fan of the books and the show...because as grrm has said each are a separate intity...but seriously man, this is a series about magic, dragons, zombies and shapeshifting...just what is realistic about any of that?
  20. i gave it an 8...i am glad sansa is in winterfell since i always thought her story in books was the weakest...also i am happy with the changes to tyrions travels...might have gotten a nine or ten if the sand snake scenes were better...and please lose the stupid shoes...
  21. i agree with you both Rhae and FoMN...i believe those words worked for every bit of the show this week...sansa's new struggles, tyrion's ability to protect himself even when you think he might not, ...and not nearly enough shit going on in dorne (or enough geographic space) for an entire epi... furthermore as house words go i think these are pretty good for a show title...
  22. as i sit trying to decide if this epi was good or bad..... yes i agree 1st epi left something to be desired ...but i am looking forward to arya and sansa's next happening.... thanks my brother...it is a navy dawg for my spamperical members suiting up in their life jackets....and wondering if they shall win or lose in the next epi ...
  23. i am surrounded by unsullied so i can say with no reference to books that episodes will need to improve for me to be as interested as i have been until now... agree that loras and his ass map was the worst of a so-so lot
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