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  1. test ok that worked...thanks KC for the heads up...
  2. What's on my mind...legalizing weed!

  3. though I joined ASOIAF in june of 2012 after accidentally stumbling across GOT on HBO and getting hooked, I have been lurking around the board as suggested in the announcement/help sections to see just what is out there...now that I have read all the books, watched both seasons, repeatedly, and valiantly attempted to at least skim every thread, I figure this is a good place to start... I am a 61 yr old US Navy vet and a retired marine geologist. I live on the Isle of Palms, off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. Originally I am from the bayou country of Louisiana...what all that means is I have rarely spent more than one or two nights away from the ocean...I guess that makes me sound like an Iron Islander, but in reality I see myself more as a sailor from one of the Free Cities, Lys would be my choice for reasons I shant discuss in polite company. My interests include fishing, sailing, books, movies, real vodka and drying my herbs the old fashion way...by smoking them! I will make evey effort to take responsibility for my opinions, as I do in other places, by using my own version of IMO...which goes something like this...in this old asshole's opinion, this board gives not only insight into an interesting and entertaining series but also provides a great environment for theories, ideas and expansion of GRRM's original concepts! and hopefully that is the longest post I ever make... :smoking:
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