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  1. I admit that I found this episode disappointing and stagnant. When I saw the first scene with Roosey strolling up to the battlements and surveying the burning Stark banners, I thought, "Awwww yiss! This gonna be good!". Then we got Robbwind, which tugged my heart-strings. I was convinced that this finale HAD to be epic and awesome.Then...a scene with Sansa and Tyrion becoming besties? What?! After that, it was one mediocre scene after another. The one standout was Jon and Ygritte with the worst breakup ever. Even though I love Dany, the silly imperialist-worshipping crowd-surfing ending was just ridiculous.
  2. I will be livid if they omit UnCat or replace the Stoneheart character with UnTalisa. UnCat is a silly gimmick that took me a long time to accept, but now I accept it and appreciate it as a diabolical deviation from the "Noble Starks get screwed over by everyone" pattern. All I ever wanted was for Cat to get revenge on the people who decimated her family, and she deserves to get that chance as UnCat. No one else in this series deserves vengeance as much as she does--definitely not Talisa.
  3. Overall, I thought this was a marvelous episode. The pacing was good and many important scenes were handled appropriately. Obviously, there were some puzzling deviations (Gendry/Mel getting it on), but I can live with those. Also, lovely acting all around. Not a bad apple in the bunch. Of note, Emilia continues to impress and I'm so glad she's settled into the character.
  4. Grooming beyond the wall probably involves rusty daggers and milk of the poppy.
  5. Margaery even knowing about the Sansa/Tyrion wedding well enough in advance to counsel Sansa on the bedding is silly, because the Tyrells weren't even supposed to be aware of these nuptials until after the fact. Are we supposed to believe that they're going to happily go along with the consolation prize of Cersei in lieu of Sansa's claim on the North? Hmmmm.
  6. I enjoyed the bear scene, actually. I think it could have been longer and more action-packed, but alas. They did what they could. I was expecting Jaime to stump-slap Locke, though.
  7. Loved the appearance of Yunkai in the intro! I'm torn on this whole Ramsay/Theon storyline. On the one hand, I understand why they're showing us what's going on at this point in the story, since it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to have Theon disappear for two seasons, but the mind games are dragging on a bit too long. The whole Karhold bit was extraneous.
  8. They did a marvelous job with this episode, in spite of there being a relative lack of action (with the exception of the Hound/Beric scene). Even those long exposition scenes that could have been dreadfully boring were executed beautifully. NCW in particular with that long Jaime/Aerys narrative...just brilliant.
  9. I wholeheartedly agree with those who loved the Hot Pie farewell scene! It was adorable; Maisie is a very good young actress. And Gendry giving Hot Pie a manly slap on the shoulder... :P I also am sort of befuddled by the extremely off-kilter portrayal of Stannis being all sexified towards Mel. I suppose it could have been that way in the books and we just weren't privy to their dynamic, but it just doesn't jive with my interpretation of the character. Doesn't make it wrong, it just makes it a little weird for me to watch him grabbing her face and hissing, "I want you." :blink:
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