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  1. Well, the first year I loved it, the second year I was disappointed, the third year I was angry and this year I'm just trying to have fun. But eight years.......I don't think so. Next year I think will be the tipping point for me and possibly others. I know from watching anime people tend to drift away during long filler arcs (like Naruto) and I think there will be a lot of filler next year unless Martin kicks it into high gear. What's left? Stannis at the Wall, Dany in Meereen (always good times), Tyrion's travels, Arya at Faceless Man Hogwarts, Cersei's machinations against Margaery, Robert Strong, Dorne and Martells, Theon and Ramsay's Excellent Adventures at Winterfell ........It seems like a lot of material. But they'd have to use all of it and their track record is to throw away scads of the books with both hands. Unless LS shows up, Brienne is pretty much done. Balon's still alive so we haven't introduced Euron or Victarion Greyjoy and the overly precise number of the ships Dario mentions to Dany puts that whole plot line in question. Fake Arya? We've already headed to Winterfell without her. Riverrun and Edmure seem to have been forgotten so I don't know if Jaime will go on his travels. And will they want to use everything they have next season without some firm commitment from Martin that the next book is ready to publish in the near future? And since Martin's editor seemed to call him out in the media the other day to get busy and protect his legacy (from HBO was the implication) that doesn't seem likely. So, we'll just have to see.
  2. Well, it was no Zulu. I gave it a 6 because I like Neil Marshall and I'd been on the forum before I watched it which may have colored my perception. The two family members I watched it with weren't all that impressed either.
  3. There has been a lot of discussion of what an adaptation is and isn't. Yes, it does not have to be a word for word depiction of the original material. It doesn't even have to be set in the same time period or in the original language. Kurasowa based several of his films on Shakespeare's plays, 10 Things I Hate About You is a very enjoyable, modern day version of The Taming of the Shrew and Clueless I've often felt is closer to the original spirit of Emma than some of the period drama versions of it. But the plot should still be recognizable and the author's intentions in writing the work honored. Otherwise, it's a parody. What HBO and D&D have given us is not an adaptation but a mutation. They've acted like some kind of radiation and turned the show into a rampaging behemoth trampling Martin's beautiful and intricate plot like it's Tokyo. They've changed characters' personalities and story arcs almost out of recognition; and what I worry about is this mutation spreading and affecting, infecting the books yet to come. Martin should be flattered people care this much about his work (more than he seems to) and HBO and D&D should be flattered that they've gotten such a reaction from his fans. And please let's stop calling D&D's efforts fanfiction. Since they've basically vandalised the books, vanfiction seems more appropriate.
  4. As to the show's increasing popularity, are you familiar with the expression "There are lies, damn lies and statistics"? I'm cynical about stats.How could one possibly verify the figures? Knock on every door in the world and take a census? As to why people continue to watch the show who are disappointed in it? Quite frankly, it has become my surrogate MST3K. I enjoy rolling my eyes, groaning at its cheesiness and bursting out laughing at truly ridiculous moments. Of which there have been so many since Season 1. Any episode now I expect to see some extra wearing a Rolex or smoking a cigarette, a vapor trail in the background. And then I can come to the Forum and read people explain it away as some truly awesome or clever move on D&D's part. I'll enjoy that too! Let's be honest, who doesn't rubberneck at the scene of an accident? Sometimes, a person you like is part of the accident...say Stannis or Sansa....and you lose your objectivity and become upset and rail against Fate.....but then you go back to rubbernecking despite the big cop waving you past and saying "Show's over....nothin' to see here."
  5. Whenever I read someone saying that a book can never be put on the big or little screen exactly, I always think of the Brideshead Revisited miniseries with Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews. I literally read along in the book the last time I rewatched it on Bravo. John Mortimer (the Rumpole guy) did the screen adaptation I think and that has to be the easiest money anyone ever made. It is literally word for word. Okay, there are no giants, dragons, battles, etc but stop saying it can never be done. And for something a little more challenging, I can't remember too many deviations from the book in Gone with the Wind either. And these are two books I love dearly and two adaptations I have watched countless times. Because no one felt the need to "surprise" me.
  6. Cat, Tyrion, Bronn & Co, came up to the Bloody Gate. Littlefinger & Sansa came up to the Bloody Gate. Arya and the Hound came up to the Bloody Gate. So, how can it be from a different angle? Does it move like Greywater Watch? Somewhere in all the discussion of this episode I just saw Cat's arrival there along side that of Sansa's. I'm sorry, but to me it looks quite different. And we still have the problem of people now being able to hike through the Vale untroubled by mountain tribes whereas Cat lost over half her group. Oh, and please stop trying to explain Sansa's outfit as an Arryn thing. The Arryn sigil is a white falcon on a sky blue background. There are no falcons that color. They can only be crow or raven feathers. And why would Sansa be decked out as an Arryn anyway? She's supposed to be some connection of Littlefinger's. And mockingbirds (my state bird) are grey with white markings. Yes, this is fantasy Westeros, not Texas, but as far as I remember only crows and ravens are black. Cersei and Tyrion use a common proverb, something like the crow calling the raven black, in one of their arguments. That outfit is not mourning, Arryn or Mockingbird. It's OTT.
  7. Does anyone else think they are leaving out the Eyrie in the Intro because it doesn't look anything like it did in Season 1? And is so completely pussy to what it is supposed to be in the book? Also, enough with the guys standing in a line on either side of the ravine! Is this supposed to be crack security? What are they going to do, pee on you? And why does the Eyrie did this crack security since apparently any two people can just wander up to the Bloody Gate unmolested by the Mountain tribes. I know Shagga (remember Shagga?) stayed in the Kingswood after the Blackwater but Timmett and the others came back (with their good steel) and were making life difficult for the Vale. But since we don't seem to have mountains anymore the mountain tribes didn't recognize their homeland and went elsewhere, Or they couldn't find it on the map.
  8. I was reading this thread then stopped to fix dinner. And I has this sudden weird vision of a ship full of the Others attacked by a giant kraken. Then I wondered, did we ever find out what happened to the GC's elephants? Maybe they became kraken chow? Maybe I shouldn't read threads close to dinner?. Sorry about the multiposts. I was afraid my bacon was burning.
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