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  1. Did anyone notice that TV Cat tells Roose that TV Ned forbade the bedding at Cat and Ned's wedding, saying it wouldn't be right to break a man's jaw on their wedding night? Book Cat remembers her own bedding, so this is not true of the books.

    I'm just going to point out that TV Ned (retroactively) did the same thing TV Tyrion did in 3x08, one episode before (put a stop to the bedding and threaten violence). I know a lot of fans were joking about how Tyrion is the new Ned, but wow. Just...wow.

    ...Not to mention Ned would never put a stop to a tradition like the bedding and threaten violence if he didn't get his way. A very, very odd change from the books.

    The change in Cat's bedding story also felt off to me in that it doesn't seem to be a faithful portrayal of what Ned and Cat's relationship was at that point. Ned was still the "shy wolf" who was just beginning to come to terms with his role as a lord and husband to a woman who was still basically a stranger.

    I have to say, though, that I don't really mind drawing parallels between Tyrion & Ned. I definitely do not see Tyrion as "the new Ned" but I think they are both similar and different from each other in interesting ways.

    All that said, I thought that it was a really solid episode. I agree with Kasrith aboout appreciating the stealth Arya scene.

  2. Name's Larry, I am a mason who hails from the eastern foothills of the Connecticut River Valley. I have nightmares about this series not being finished. I only discovered the books a couple of months ago, and I've never cared much for genre fiction, but have read them like 3 or 4 times each since then. I plan to constantly reread them until Winds of Winter comes out.

    I also live along the Connecticut River, although I'm not sure exactly where the eastern foothills are. I suppose if I have to ask, then that's probably not where I am. : )

    My name is Christine and I'm also relatively new to the series and the board. I'm about half way through ADwD, but I've been trying to drag it out to delay the inevitable withdrawal that will follow. I think I will have to join project re-read soon. I am also starting to get my husband into TV series, as he is not a native English speaker/reader and doesn't really do lengthy English language novels. If anyone knows about an Albanian language edition, let me know!

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