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    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    He died at the end of Dragons. Jon's role will be that of fertilizer.
  2. crlovel

    Which new sample chapter do you want most?

    I don't want any sample chapters. I want the damn book already.
  3. crlovel

    How prepared are you for a disaster?

    I live in the country with plenty of game, farms, etc. We keep multiple cases of water on hand, and plenty of canned foods. When that runs out, we have well water and, as mentioned, game and farms. "Bugging out" is a foolish option for us - we'd be "bugging in" and staying home. For protection of our family and anyone with us, multiple rifles including AR-15s and AK variants, shotguns, handguns, and more. Ammo is simply not going to run out - we have a pallet of ammo, and the presses and equipment - and supplies - for reloading and making more.
  4. crlovel

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Tyrion and Sansa are married. Sansa has matured. I hope that she and Tyrion are reunited, and she comes to realize he did everything he could for her.