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    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    He died at the end of Dragons. Jon's role will be that of fertilizer.
  2. crlovel

    Which new sample chapter do you want most?

    I don't want any sample chapters. I want the damn book already.
  3. crlovel

    How prepared are you for a disaster?

    I live in the country with plenty of game, farms, etc. We keep multiple cases of water on hand, and plenty of canned foods. When that runs out, we have well water and, as mentioned, game and farms. "Bugging out" is a foolish option for us - we'd be "bugging in" and staying home. For protection of our family and anyone with us, multiple rifles including AR-15s and AK variants, shotguns, handguns, and more. Ammo is simply not going to run out - we have a pallet of ammo, and the presses and equipment - and supplies - for reloading and making more.
  4. crlovel

    Gun Control discussion

    Maybe we should have laws against murder, since, you know, criminals obey laws. Also consider, several of the most grievous mass murders in this country were perpetrated by the government (Wounded Knee, Waco, and others). Another mass murder (3,000 dead) was committed by airliners. The Oklahoma City bombing used fertilizer. And extremists worldwide are finding mass murder with truck to be quite simple. The Boston marathon was attacked with pressure cookers. France was attacked by extremists wielding AK-47s. Apparently, they'd not heard France has laws against owning AK-47s, or surely they'd have turned them in and begged forgiveness. You people are amazing. On one hand, you whine and cry and moan and beat your breast over police violence and white oppression. Then you whine and cry and moan and beat your breast and say only the police and government - you know, the evil oppressors - should have guns. Which is it, kids? In the meantime, my non-violent self is sitting over here, armed to the teeth, and a threat to no one, except for paper on the 500 yard range, or some shitbag who might dare break into my house and threaten my family. But please, do continue to tell me how awful, how stupid, how barbaric, how unenlightened, how backward, how foolish I am, and know that with every petty insult, you only strengthen my resolve that "shall not be infringed" and "not one more compromise" are the beliefs I stand by. America does not have a gun problem. America has a cultural problem. Most murders committed with firearms are committed by people who aren't allowed firearms to begin with. They pay others to purchase them in their place (who then go unpunished when caught), or they steal them. Suicides should not count - if a gun wasn't available, there are a myriad of other ways to remove one self. Gun owners have been proven, time and time and time again, statistically, to be among the most law-abiding citizens in this country. We are NOT the problem.
  5. crlovel

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Tyrion and Sansa are married. Sansa has matured. I hope that she and Tyrion are reunited, and she comes to realize he did everything he could for her.