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  1. If it does, I bet in the fine print of the contract GRRM signed it says that he becomes HBO's bitch. :)
  2. There is something distinctly un-floob like about you.

  3. I agree, I don't see many in the North being very favourable to the Boltons. Too many people died, because of his betrayal.
  4. Interesting, especially if they write in a servant named Baldrick.
  5. About the Umbers. Let's say the family relationship is complicated. It would seem to be political suicide with the people of the Last Hearth. How many sworn swords to House Umber died at the Red Wedding? How many died at Bolton hands? Then there is the whole Lady Hornwood thing. It seems to me that any alliance with House Bolton would be very prickly, and not let's relax and eat together.
  6. Some time has past. At least 6 months, maybe more after ACoK, at least according to Theon. Also it's after the false Arya has been sent North. Also it seems strange that the Umbers are siding with the Boltons, since the Greatjon trusted his Uncles enough that he left them joint castellans of Last Hearth. But the description does match better.
  7. [quote name='Ran' post='1461741' date='Jul 30 2008, 01.39']No. He's quite a bit younger, and half a world away besides. It's almost certainly Whoresbane.[/quote] I don't know. Jorah might have aged, and wouldn't Whoresbane wear his house's heraldry. Something Jorah might not be willing to do at this time. Also, didn't Barristan seem to find Danny fairly fast. In the same respect it's possible that Jorah got back to Westeros.
  8. The two lords sitting with Ramsay. One is a Karstark, but the other one: [quote]One was gaunt, with flinty eyes, a long white beard, and a face as hard as a winter frost. His jerkin was a ragged bearskin, worn and greasy. Underneath he wore a ringmail byrnie, even here at table.[/quote] It's not Jorah Mormont, is it?
  9. Raidne's post made me do it!

  10. Castle Rock is north of the Springs and south of Denver.
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