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  1. Given that my obesity has really kicked in during this quarantine, it is time for diet. And given my current state of mind... Luckily, I have found some videos of exercises for obese people so I will give it a go...
  2. The situation in Serbia is getting worse. After we made spectacle of ourselves with tennis tournaments and soccer matches with filled stadiums and after we finally reached the point of one-party-system in Serbia during elections, the COVID-19 reminded us of its existence. There has been a lot of talk of government covering up the real information, the people are losing their trust in Crisis Management Team. Suddenly, after elections we got numbers going 2,3 times up... And independent body has claimed that there has been more than 600 deaths in Serbia from COVID-19 instead of 270 as has been official number. From my personal experience, the situation is bad. And no one is doing anything. There is a wall of silence that no one can penetrate and I am having the Chernobyl (miniseries) vibes these days.
  3. So, Montenegro legalized same-sex legal partnerships https://www.dw.com/en/montenegro-parliament-legalizes-same-sex-civil-partnerships/a-54020034 I would honestly love to congratulate Montenegrin LGBTQIA+ population, but the sad reality is that this was one of those "make us look good in front of EU and NATO" laws. There has not been a proper social dialogue about this, the progress of LGBTQIA+ rights is questionable at least. I really hope this will change something. But when the man who breaks basic civil rights on daily basis promotes this, I am afraid that it will be just one of those EU laws that will, at least for the time being, be there for the sake of EU accession and not people of Montenegro.
  4. No, the Polish softcore porn movie seems to be the Netflix number 1 hit this year.
  5. Jesus... That post is six years old Since then, World of Ice and Fire came out and some things got clarified.
  6. I am doing my best to RESIST watching Perry mason... I will be bingeing it once it is all out. I mean, Matthew Rhys and Tatiana Maslany!!! That will be the binge of the YEAR
  7. Given the situation in Serbia with all shenanigans about COVID-19 and epidemiological reports, plus the ending of Parliamentary system and of course the confrontations in Montenegro between people and the police, I feel like I would give a lot not to feel what I feel about my native countries. I can't even begin to describe all those feelings when I see one man practically being crowned King, or doctors lying about numbers or police kicking people.
  8. So, doctors have been speaking... Novak ignoring. Adira Tour happened. Result: Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki have all been tested positive on corona virus. Needless to say... (in Hermione's voice) WHAT AN IDIOT!
  9. I feel that GWTW should be the example of "how not to". And I think those lessons are important. I think discussions about movies from the past are important as they show us mistakes we made. Look, one of my favorite race-related movie from US had been "A time to kill". I watched it when I was 13, cried my way through it, considered it perfect. I grew up in Europe, 99% around me were white so the concept of racism was foreign to me. A decade and a half later, on a movie forum, I have found out that the movie is criticized for its white savior trope. I was literally outraged, as the movie held a special place in my heart (like all the childhood movies), so I watched it again. On the second watch, Samuel L. Jackson's reply to McConnaughey about them not being friends resonated more deeply than the closing argument. So, while it will always be one of the first dramatic movies I have seen, I understand many of its flaws now. How different is Spike Lee losing to "Driving Miss Daisy" in 1990 at the Oscars from losing to "The Green Book" in 2019? How many movies and TV shows romanticized times that should have not be romanticized? GWTW was aired in 1939, Downton Abbey movie in 2019. I know there are differences between the two, but DA has romanticized British nobility and their relationship with their servants to the point that we claim it to be true just because of vintage clothes. The point is that we are Hollywood is learning nothing. And that is the bigger issue. For me, GWTW died long time ago. I watched it once, have no desire to watch it again. I was aware of its wrongdoings even in teen years. I am not sure this is as simple as "one private company removing one movie" How long before other streaming giants follow suit and then we start being unable to watch movies Hollywood execs don't want us to see. Is this a precedent that will become a norm and where do we draw a line? Finally, I won't mind "special introduction" if it comes just to that. I will even salute that being done to a great number of movies. Heck, if someone in Hollywood wants funding for documentaries about past movies and political views in them, I would be willing to find it. I do believe we will need it. But I am against movies disappearing from all the major streaming devices that some Hollywood execs would like us to forget ever happened because it speaks ill of the industry,
  10. Yeah, it was my mistake that I initially entered the debate solely on the news being translated to Serbian, which "lost" some facts
  11. I can't really argue with that. My objection was based that by censoring previous works future generations may not be aware of the past mistakes and sins, thus dooming them to repeat. I feel like GWTW has been slowly fading into oblivion and this literally resurrected it from the natural process of overcoming the terrible notions it represented.
  12. That is a good point. I didn't mean to show disrespect or lack of empathy, I am just afraid that this is a dangerous slope for any work of fiction. I mean, look at "Downton Abbey" which was made 70/80 years after GWTW and its notions of 1910/1920s Britain. And that is just tip of the iceberg. I want to tell "it's just a movie", but I understand that for many, it isn't. Perhaps it is me just being European and not thinking of movies as serious as Americans do. Yeah, I am aware of the racial problems in GWTW and I know that it is a farce. But I feel like people watch TV shows and movies as some sort of history books. They shouldn't be regarded as such. They are a fantasy, a lie basically. That is also why I don't feel so strongly about GWTW, because I never believed it. Also, this article was very educational as it shows that protest against GWTW is not something new.
  13. I am sorry, but I am vehemently against this. We can not just pretend these movies don't exist. Even if their narrative is troublesome. There is a reason why we need documentaries. There is a reason why we need to be informed about the past. Knowing what has happened may teach us to make a better future. We need them as a reminder of the ongoing battle and the progress that has been made. What's next, prohibiting Merilyn Monroe movies because they're sexist? Are we becoming THAT sensitive that even "A Gone with the Wind" is a problem to watch? I mean, what the hell are we teaching our kids. That there is no progress? Things are not static. They are moving, progressing. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. We have seen that countless times. I also heard about British talking about removing "Only Fools for Horses" from streaming services. Confectionery producer in Switzerland is facing the accusations that their cookie is "racist" I feel like the buildup energy from COVID-19 quarantines is totally misplaced. We should fight against bigotry, against racism and the violence it causes. We should even teach about how things were and how many obstacles as societies we have overcome. We should open minds, not close them via censorship. That never brought any progress.
  14. Oh, dear bumps... No one has educated me more about Internet language than she did
  15. Season 5 of TGW was the best. I am huge fan of "Hitting the fan" episode. That said, The Good Fight is immensely more fun. I feel like they totally deconstructed TGW in the very first scene with Diane's famous f-word So, 30 000 posts to go Well, that will happen if we get TWOW. Sansa threads alone will get 10 000 posts I find Entertainment forum far more... entertaining It's nice to have someone to share the love for American TV
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