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  1. Happy New Year, Europe :D 

    1. Morgana Lannister

      Morgana Lannister

      Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks hun :thumbsup:

    2. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      Happy new Year Mladen! :cheers: Also I see that you had your birthday so happe delayed birthday too!

    3. Mladen


      Thanks, guys... All the best to you too :D 

  2. FYI, "Sansa Bolton" is the expression of the worst kind misogyny...

  3. Merry Christmas... Hristos se rodi

  4. "I must inform you that I am not of that opinion..."

  5. Христос Воскресе...

    1. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      Αληθώς Ανέστη :τσούγκρισμα των αυγών:

  6. After 10 years... Hallelujah... Thank you, GRRM...

    1. Buckwheat


      I did not even recognise you with the new name. :o

    2. Lummel


      Who are you? I don't recognise name nor avatar!

    3. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      :o What happened to you?
  7. After 10 years... Hallelujah... Thank you, GRRM...

  8. My favorite Stark back in Winterfell... Oh, the bittersweetness...

  9. The only thing worse than a bad crackpot is recycled bad crackpot...

  10. Apparently we forgot the existence of several thousand pages of ASOIAF because of one tweet... What an idiocy...

  11. 13000 posts and 15000 profile views... Gods be good...

  12. "I mean, sure, I'll kidnap a woman and force her to marry me, but after that, I am all about a woman's rights. I'm a modern, 13th-century man" Funnily enough, not said by Tyrion.

  13. Happy Orthodox New Year... To a great end of holiday season...

  14. Срећан Бадњи дан и Божић... Мир Божји, Христос се роди

  15. Happy birthday to me... Lemoncakes are prepared for another winter child...

    1. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      Happy Birthday (though delayed) :)

  16. WOIAF has finally arrived to my address...

  17. All my life, I had wanted to be Chandler, but someplace along the way I had become Monica instead...

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    2. Mladen


      AK, nope... KotS... No need... I have made my peace with that.

    3. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      As long as you're at peace with that notion.

    4. Big Guy
  18. A man who inspired me to pursue my career has come to Westeros... And he plays to win... :)))

  19. Maleficent my ass, that was Bloodraven reference if there ever was one...

  20. Sworn enemy of Sansa Lannister

  21. Raising awareness #SerbiaBosniafloods

  22. Apparently providing textual proofs these days equals with tantrums... Great Spring Madness at its prime...

  23. Great photo... :)

  24. Hristos Voskrese (or for my Western Christian friends: Happy Easter)... Also, proud to say that today is one year anniversary of Animal project

    1. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      Happy Easter!

      And happy anniversary to your Animal Projects :)

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