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  1. Today I visited Belgrade Book fair... I have bought Legends I & II, and completed the series in English. the very nice saleswoman started explaining me ASOIAF, and all I could have think of was "You talking to me...". Almost said it :)))

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    2. thewingedwolf


      My dear friend, I am fully aware of all that technology can accomplish :). I think the fact that so much of our lives resolves around interaction via technological means makes me appreciate direct human contact all the more. And just for the record, there is much we can all learn from you :)

    3. TalalOfDorne


      Where Im from, no one reads the books (Reading in general isnt that popular). Thats why I tend to value live interactions more, and in case of discussing ASOIAF, I only had that chance abroad. Though that doesnt change the fact that I do enjoy online conversations and discussions as well.

      Oh and Mladen-Zunni, This does NOT count as part of our game since its NOT a thread. I know I probably sound aggressive, but Im starting to catch up to you, and Im not going to lose that lol.

    4. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      I think the reason I like talking face to face with someone about ASOIAF is because it's mostly, for me, people who have only seen GoT, and not read the books. So it's a nice surprise when I go to Waterstones and I meet a person who has read the books. Where as here on the forum, I know I can discuss the books when I come here.

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