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  1. Hello, everyone... Long time no see. It is good to be back on Westeros. So, I have watched all three episodes. And I am IN LOVE with Rosamund. She still has a lot to get to my all time favorites, but I have a strong feeling by the end of this, I will love her Moiraine almost as much as I love Cate Blanchett's Galadriel. ALMOST I have several problems. Mostly with pace and structure. That said, I can't forgive the exclusion of Prologue. It is one of the most memorable prologues in epic fantasy and I would have preferred it over Moiraine's speech. I feel as if the entire Two Rivers plot has been too rushed. It would have been better for to have built the danger a bit slower. For Moiraine to be a bit more mysterious, to have more interactions. That said, I loved the asexual nature of bath scene with Moiraine and Lan. There is a lot of nudity in WoT without sexual connotation and I like that they have done that. Channeling is too generic for my taste. I like how Rosamund Pike described that dance she and Daniel did in showing the bond between Aes Sedai and her Warder. But, it takes a lot from the really interesting part of weaving. At least have strings in different colors. I wish they thought it better. A lot of LOTR references. I especially enjoyed Aragorn and Arwen reference with Lan and Nyn. I enjoyed the cinematic nature of the show. There's a clear Peter Jackson influence on those shots. But, hey, I loved it. As for Whtecloaks debate, I agree it was problematic. Overall, I wish we got more Tam. Michael was great. The main cast is quite solid - having no big gripes with the main 5. And I am not impressed with the casting for Logain. I always thought someone like Ben Barnes for Logain (actually, his Darkling in "Shadow and Bone" would perfectly work for me as Logain) That would be that. Good to be back
  2. Letting you all know that I am still alive... So, it seems that French girl is of Serbian descent so apparently people here are ready to claim her victory as "ours" given the song that is Serbian entry :D
  3. He also looks very much like Prince Phillip in his early days...
  4. @DMC scared us away I have seen the report of Duchess of Cornwall's charity page being swamped by negative comments. It is sad when people simply can't understand that this is, after all, a TV series.
  5. I would disagree with this, especially considering... Loving another woman is one story, being a bully completely another. And Charles in this series is a bully and if I may say, abuser. The bully of the worst kind. He doesn't just come of as negligent or careless, he was actively breaking Diana's spirit. He was practically verbally and psychologically abusing her in TV show. Also, I am not sure whether the portrayal of negligent father is accurate. From what I have learned from various news sources, he is quite a good father (if we are to trust media on this). If I understood correctly, he was supporting Harry's exit from Royal Family, even advising them what can and what can't be done (per some royal commentators). But Harry and Meghan made a spectacle of it. Charles loved another woman, this we know as a fact. But whether he was a negligent abuser as portrayed in TV series, that we don't know. Well, Peter Morgan wrote The Queen and the point there was that Queen chose her family over her country. And country didn't forgive her for that. There is a wonderful line that Helen Mirren uttered perfectly "THEIR grief?!" which expressed Queen's inability to prioritize the grief of the public to the devastating grief her grandsons were feeling at the moment.
  6. I am not sure we can take "The Crown" as the history lesson. I know the lines get blurry, but even if I am not acquainted with Windsor family and their history, I would not take what "The Crown" serves us as a fact. That said, I wouldn't say that Harry and Meghan are the only ones "exceeding the ceiling". Also, it is amazing the effort being made to make Markle a new Diana. One has to admire that PR. Me neither, but apparently Harry and Meghan made that condition. I suppose there was a fear with regard to the show's sixth season as 5th season would be enough to cover the 1990s. So the question was how far they were going. As I understand, the current plan is to do 5th season which would cover 1990s and Diana's death. Sixth season is not suppose to continue the show chronologically, it seems.
  7. So apparently, Harry and Meghan signed the deal with Netflix for their TV show (or whatever they will be producing) with one condition - for Netflix to end "The Crown" before their wedding You know, just when you think that the show made them all look like A-holes, the reality proved to be much worse
  8. I was speaking more about PR, not really about responsibility for death. I can imagine some PR expert in Buckingham Palace looking at this season and probably some headlines and telling "Again with this..." Oh, yeah. He is great. That said, I can't remember when I liked the character he played Pretty much yes. I think the most of what we discussed is related mostly to the series' narrative and not actual facts. *** I forgot about mention of abdication when Queen Mother and Princess Margaret argued. One really can not blame all on abdication but it did completely changed their lives. They were transformed to what Charles called "fringe royals" to the "main event". But even considering "fringe" pats of the family - Anne, Edward and Andrew, you just see how miserable they all are. Even more than that, there is nothing nice one can say about them. Like Duke of Windsor said in first season... They are ordinary, but put them crowns on their heads and you have a show. It's borderline pathetic.
  9. Oh, I wanted her to tell him "Sorry, darling, not my fault people like me better than her" or something like that. That said, I feel like Diana is the ghost that will forever haunt Windsors. She has been dead for more than 20 years, it's almost 30 years since the divorce and 40 since the marriage and YET it still has the power to move the people. After all that time, we are still not over her fate. I really can imagine someone in the Buckingham Palace saying "Jesus, we thought we are over Diana"
  10. Given the fact that Colman, Menzies and Bonham Carter are finishing, it seems natural that the younger cast would get recasted too. Oh, yes... Especially with regard to Diana... I hated them all. It was so insensitive, so selfish, so inhumane in the way they treated this girl. From Elizabeth and Phillip to Charles and yes, even, Camilla. And when Charles spoke about Diana hurting Camilla by being decent human being... I haven't had such strong desire to slap someone ever since the era of Joffrey and Ramsay.
  11. Yeah, Fagan episode was much better than IRA assassination of Dickie in terms of understanding the complexity of the motivation behind it. As for Lord Altrincham...
  12. When Phillip brought it up, I thought it would be left there. I was surprised to see him on screen. That said, I have finished the season. And oh boy, do I understand why the Palace is so angry about this. In previous seasons, I always thought that even though the show was aiming for objective POV, the narrative was pn the Crown's side. Overall, it was if not positive, then at least humane portrayal of these people. This year
  13. I think it all comes down to how familiar some of these characters are. I mean, I was born in 1989 in Serbia and Iron lady era was over by the time I became political or aware of her existence. So, I think that Gillian's performance may seem a bit like a caricature to Britons, but probably for the rest of us, she is doing a perfect work. You have a point. I am still debating Lithgow v Oldman in terms of who was the better Chruchill. I think Corrin gave more naturalistic performance than Anderson, but overall I think both women did amazing work. Not sure about this. I was listening to some of her interviews and it seems Helena understood Margaret perfectly. I will never forget the first shot of her holding the cigarette as Margaret - it was pure perfection. I feel as Colman simply didn't enjoy the role as Foy may have. I feel as if she came, she did her best, did her work and that's that. She is absolutely amazing but there is something missing. That said, I like her and Menzies together. I had such a great laugh, when in Episode 7 I am finishing the season today and all in all, it looks great.
  14. I don't know much about Thatcher in terms of her mannerisms and such, but I honestly didn't recognize my Scully *** So, after four episodes, I find this season to be incredibly sad. Yeah, there are moments I thought they needed a few good slaps all around, but all in all, they are all so messed up that I pity them. (Episodes 3 and 4 spoilers)
  15. Two episodes in... Corrin is absolutely amazing as Diana and Gillian Anderson is unrecognizable as Thatcher. Somehow they managed to steal the show in these two episodes. All in all, great start!
  16. Oh, I still haven't watched it. I meant, but then we had covid-19 crisis and I lost track. I will watch it. It's on the list. As for LC and the history, sadly we tend to forget and that oblivion shapes our mindset. I wouldn't say I was pleased to see it, but it broadened my perspective regarding the issue. Yeah... My impression is the same. I like to see production values and the mere VFX of Shoggots is better than anything Netflix did with the monsters of Witcher.
  17. OK, I have just watched the first episode... You know, I consider myself a worldly person. And I have always been proud of my knowledge of different cultures, customs and history. I can talk about variety of things, from dragons in Chinese mythology to Netflix's latest dramas. But this episode shook me to the core. We hear stories, testimonials, we even see the rage on the streets. But the extent of hatred towards African Americans, the level of racism... And I mean "Lovecraft's country" is set in North. I had to call some of my friends and experts in history just to check. I was horrified. I feel like when I first watch "A time to kill" which, for a preteen was a movie that show some great extent of racism. I found those chases far more disturbing and I am in my 30ies. Shoggots looked AMAZING and HBO shows that when it comes to high-end production, they still rule Hollywood. Looking forward to the next one.
  18. Oh, you wouldn't believe the extent of conspiracy theories in Serbian media around this. So, I conflated all of that. The rule is not stupid. You see, the umpires, line and chair umpires and ball boys and girls all know the risks. You can get hit DURING the game. All their eyes are on the ball DURING the game. As you said, most people on the court have been hit "while playing tennis". This was not during the game. This was after the point. If Djokovic served and hit her, he wouldn't be disqualified. If he hit her while scoring, again no disqualification. But he hit her while he was hitting the ball in anger of losing the point. Was it accident? Sure. Was it intentional? Hell, no. It was one in a million. But that is why he got disqualified. As Carlos Ramos said after the incident with Serena, there is no a-la-carte referring.
  19. As I said two years ago with regard to Serena losing a game, rules are rules. You may not like them, but if you are playing the game, you have to respect them. No, Novak didn't hit the lady on purpose. But the rulebook is not a criminal law. We don't have mens rea here. No, it was not a precedent. We know people have been disqualified in the past for situations like this - Henman, Nalbandian, Shapovalov, Serena (although, the common sense prevailed in 2009 as it was the match point) He will be fined. He will move on. And yes, had the ball hit 10 centimeters away, we would not have this discussion. Alas, it didn't. I see a lot of our countrymen arguing he should have hit the ball harder. I assume they think he should have killed her on the spot to teach God knows whom a lesson. It is stupid perhaps, but it is undoubtedly fair. Honestly, I don't think she was faking it. The entire argument of how there is a plot to discredit Djokovic and how this woman participated in it is laughable. I know Djokovic is popular and that this is unfortunate, but let's not make out of this something we know it isn't.
  20. Jesus... That post is six years old Since then, World of Ice and Fire came out and some things got clarified.
  21. So, doctors have been speaking... Novak ignoring. Adira Tour happened. Result: Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki have all been tested positive on corona virus. Needless to say... (in Hermione's voice) WHAT AN IDIOT!
  22. So, I finally jumped on the bandwagon To say that La Casa de Papel has a cult status in Serbia would be an understatement. Even people who ordinarily don't watch TV series somehow has learned about it, Give it to a former communist country that has been destroyed by capitalist transition to adore the TV drama about bank robberies and showing a finger to the system. It is not perfect, but it has its moments. In a world of fake news and whistleblowers, one really has to understand the fight against the system. That said, I was not completely sold off on the movement the first two seasons, but then the third season really kicked in. But at the end, the most important thing is that it's fun and that is the most important thing.
  23. Working extra shifts both in laboratory and University and given all the stress around me, I have to say that the last several days I am on constant repeat of "Ain't no mountain high enough"
  24. Remember how people spoke that the plot of "The Americans" sounded ridiculous until 2016 elections happened and suddenly a lot of people spoke how show's narrative resonated with modern audience. I feel that introduction of Diana in "The Crown" and inevitable chaos that will ensue will resonate with modern audience due to Meghan and Harry being the hot royal topic these days.
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