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  1. First things first, this thread has officially garnered more than 100k views. I think it really speaks about popularity of movies being in contention for film awards this year. In comparison, the thread last year has less than 30k views. What to say, thank you all for your attention *** And you are not wrong. Years ago, when I started these threads, the idea was to talk about the major film awards - SAG, Globes, BAFTA and ultimately Oscars and the movies in contention for those awards. Later, it got expanded to critics associations and some international awards. Yes, it is my mistake that I didn't start with festival awards - Sundance, Berlin, Cannes, Venice and Toronto when I begin these threads (probably some others too like Locarno, Telluride etc.) and that was a note I will have in mind when I open the thread for 2024/25 season. I will also include important movie awards like Cesar, Goya, EFA and Asian Film Awards. I think that will give us the well-rounded coverage of film awards across the globe. But, given their prominence, Oscars will remain the ending point for a season. Which is why I left out Sundance and Berlinare winners earlier this month.
  2. Yes, but all of those three, in the past 10 years, only Venice proved to be impactful in terms of setting momentum for award season that culminates with Oscars. There's a reason why I didn't post Berlinare winners, because they will be of importance next season (2024/2025), not this one. That's why I said I should open next year with all festival winners. Oscar season doesn't have an official start. These threads start at the beginning of December, with the announcement of NYFCC winners. Many pundits believe Venice Film Festival is the one that opens the Oscar season, as most Oscar contenders like to have premieres there (POOR THINGS, MAESTRO, THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN, TAR and many more in recent years). It's simply the matter of calendar, nothing else. When I open the thread for next season, I will open with them, I promise. *** @SpaceChampion, last year, Netflix and SAG-AFTRA made a deal about live streaming of the ceremony. As someone who watched the ceremony, I have never seen 2 hours last so long. It was dreadful. Good set of winners, semi-interesting speeches, but the presenters and backstage interviews... Meh!
  3. I didn't mean to say that I meant that Berlin, Sundance and Cannes lately have little to no influence on what movies and performances will be the focus of award season that culminates with Oscars. Yes, award season, such as it is, is focused on American and British movies. Lately, Oscars are more and more international but they remain primarily American award. That doesn't mean other awards don't count, just that they don't play a role in the season of film and TV awards in States. I mean, Turkish TV scene has Golden Butterflies in December... But we all know those winners won't influence Emmys.
  4. Every year, when I open the thread I forget to start with Berlin, Sundance, Cannes, Venice and Toronto winners. Except for the last two, they rarely play into award season. This year may be different so I will take a mental note to start next year's thread with festival winners.
  5. Ah, TV categories... Yeah, they started giving TV awards in 2020/21, IIRC.
  6. Actually, I remember they were televized for at least 10 years prior. I remember watching Cate winning for BLUE JASMINE. Yeah, I agree. But, the actors... Duh... Acting branch of AMPAS is year after year the most problematic one when it comes to nominees.
  7. The Film Independent SPIRIT Awards - Winners STREAM LINK - OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL
  8. The Film Independent SPIRIT Awards - Winners STREAM LINK - OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL
  9. As Carey Mulligan said, that is plainly naïve. Yeah, I believe in meritocracy but it is art, these things are rather subjective and one can never exclude other factors. We need to understand that most Academy members haven't even seen all the movies and performances and would vote for this or that person because they like them or they think they should have an Oscar. How would you explain the nomination of America Ferrera? Or Jamie Lee Curtis winning? We have seen real hunger from some... From Sandra Bullock to Michelle Yeoh and tragically ineffective Bradley Cooper. One of my worst wins is Julianne Moore in 2015 for "Still Alice" beating Rosamund Pike in "Gone Girl". But, given the fact how many times Moore was snubbed and that she is indeed Oscar-caliber actor, one can see what Academy did there. Simply, you can't separate "the narrative" from the decision-making process in these things.
  10. Someone mentioned it last night. There's always "last chance to award" narrative and they simply cruised through this season. I was honestly surprised. But, as you said, it should have been less of a surprise given the history.
  11. SAG reaction post: I was expecting rather uneventful night and we got couple of surprises. Exactly two. Pedro Pascal over Kieran Culkin and Elizabeth Debicki over Sarah Snook. Given that this was the last TV award show for SUCCESSION, I feel like Culkin and Snook should have gotten their chance to properly say goodbye to this incredible story and the work they did. Can't say either Pascal or Debicki are terrible winners, I adored Elizabeth as Princess Diana, despite Season 6 being such garbage. The best part was how hilariously unprepared were Debicki and Pascal for winning - those had to be the two most incoherent winning speeches I have heard in a long time. For the last time this season, THE BEAR is not a comedy! I love it, I adore it... Not a comedy.
  12. Time for SAG reactions... Here I will focus on Film winners, on TV thread will discuss surprises in TV categories. Overall, this late in award season, it is more of confirmation of some winners. OPPENHEIMER, Murphy, Downey and Randolph are all unstoppable at this moment. Randolph is the first actor since 2015 to sweep both critics and industry awards (last three sweeps - Blanchett in 2014, Simmons and Arquette in 2015), so she is undeniable. Murphy and Downey too, as well as OPPENHEIMER who is sliding through the guilds. What SAG surprisingly gave us is the race in Best Lead Actress category. Many, myself included believed that Emma Stone will just sweep through the season. Couple of days ago I convinced myself that there is no chance Lily would be winning, not with this group. The quiet, borderline supporting performance of a newcomer, Native American actress in a Scorsese movie who isn't exactly known for meaty roles for women... This was a huge win for Lily and it opened the possibility for her to win the Oscar. This was her do or die moment and she surged magnificently. Interestingly, this year many explained in great detail how Gladstone vs Stone is not a repeat of Yeoh vs Blanchett. And honestly, it is not. Michelle is a veteran actress, with connections and EEAAO was a force to be reckoned with on award circuit, with JLC actively campaigning for all of them. On the other hand, POOR THINGS is much more loved than TAR. But ironically, Gladstone and Stone are following the exact footsteps of Yeoh and Blanchett: Golden Globes: Drama - Lily, Comedy - Emma (equally distributed like Yeoh/Blanchett last year) CCA: Emma (Blanchett last year) BAFTA: Emma (Blanchett last year) SAG: Lily (Yeoh last year) Oscars: we'll see if we get a repeat Knowing Sandra Huller doesn't stand a chance, I would love Lily to triumph. It is such a beautiful performance, such powerful display of non-verbal, almost reminiscing how silent the world is about the tragedy of Native Americans. Emma already has one in Lead category (if you ask me, one of the worst wins in 21st century) and I think it would be glorious for Lily to win. It will be difficult, but let's hope Brandan Fraser reads Lily's name on March, 10th.
  13. You just got another confirmation with Debicki winning over Snook.
  14. SAG-AFTRA will award Actors tonight, one of the most prestigious awards on award circuit voted by 160k members of the acting performers guild. Given the fact that voting for Oscars has started, the emphasis on who wins tonight could not be understated. As America Ferrera proved us, a speech in the right time may get you some #1 votes. As for my predictions: Oppenheimer for Best Ensemble. With three acting nominations and two probable/locked wins, this is not a brainer. Its biggest competitor is BARBIE which may get its last chance for a televised award in major category. Simply, it's BARBENHEIMER. The other three have no chance of winning against these two behemoths. Cillian Murphy for Best Lead Actor. Murphy is the face of one of the biggest movies of the season, a movie that is sweeping the awards in many major categories and he has been part of it. His great popularity, only enhanced by the love people have for PEAKY BLINDERS is enough to secure him his Actor. Biggest competitor: Paul Giamatti, but the fact that THE HOLDOVERS is not nominated for Best Ensemble may be an inclination that SAG-AFTRA membership is not that into the movie. Emma Stone for Best Lead Actress. This is simply the only correct answer. With Huller not being nominated and Lily Gladstone's momentum dwindling, Stone is on the rise following her GG, CCA and BAFTA wins. Many would speak of Anette Bening and if that happens, a lot is possible at the Oscars. Nonetheless, there is a sensation that this race is passionless and lacking real excitement. Especially after Blanchett v Yeoh epic showdown last year throughout the season. Robert Downey Jr. & Da'Vine Joy Randolph for Best Supporting Actor and Actress, respectively. They have been sweeping throughout the season. Their performances are exactly what SAG-AFTRA awards. No brainer here. John Wick: Chapter 4 for Best Stunt Ensemble. Honestly, this could easily go to BARBIE, but I doubt SAG-AFTRA will be motivated to vote for BARBIE in non-televised category. Honestly, I don't expect SAG-AFTRA to change much (unlike what we had last year) That said, the year has been somewhat boring and uninspiring in acting categories. *** PSA: Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG-AFTRA) will be streamed live via Netflix globally. American time zones: 20:00 ET / 17:00 PT European time zones: February, 25th 02:00 CET / 03:00 GMT
  15. Probably that the non-nominated scripts are not under WGA jurisdiction. Either being French or a writer is not a member of WGA.
  16. The 2023 Society Of Composers And Lyricists (SCL) Winners The 2023 Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Guild (MUAHS) Winners The 2023 Costume Designers Guild (CDG) Winners The 2023 Visual Effects Society (VES) Winners
  17. The 2023 Art Directors Guild (ADG) Winners The 2023 Set Decorators Society Of America (SDSA) Winners The 2023 Society Of Composers And Lyricists (SCL) Winners The 2023 Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Guild (MUAHS) Winners The 2023 Costume Designers Guild (CDG) Winners The 2023 Visual Effects Society (VES) Winners
  18. I will post now the winners of few guild association awards. I think it is not eligible. I think the writer must be American.
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