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  1. First things first: 1. Sansa death glare 2. Ramsay's Tommen face 3. Tommen's post-coitus face 4, Marg's "Mother"
  2. I didn't attack you, I am just asking you because it seemed to me that you have the problems with the concept of GNC. Furthermore, I think the fact that NO Northern lord has been cast is a HUGE thing re GNC,
  3. Because no one has been cast for Northern plot this season. :) Duh...
  4. And can you make GNC without a single Northern role playing any role?
  5. Do you know what GNC even is? Do you know how that theory actually came to existence? Do you know that no Northern lord has been cast? The idea that "LF is doing GNC dance" is nonsensical because there are no elements of GNC in the series.
  6. And once again, GNC doesn't exist without key ingredient - Robb's will.
  7. And in midst of all of that, I somehow managed to post a thread.
  8. Quick introduction to GNC - It all starts with Robb's will, which doesn't exist in TV show. The highlight of this episode - Ramin Djawadi.
  9. There are also some 20 000 threads on the board to post this... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  10. OH, really... Because in the books, he didn't love Shae? Oh, but he did.
  11. And the said bastard was on the loose all over the North.
  12. So, as self-respecting Stark fan, I simply can't overlook "Fetch me a block"... And apparently, Ramsay was on the loose all over North and LF knows nothing... Heavens... 5/10
  13. So, Tyrion whitewashing continues throughout this season... First, in such homophobic world, he liked Renly. Now, he is kind to whores... I need to vomit.
  14. North remembers... Oh, my... Sansa v Bolton... God...
  15. Brienne's monologue was cute but not as cute as her snapping at Pod...
  16. You are not marrying Roose... You got the jackpot with Ramsay.
  17. Has Roose gain a bit of weight? And here we go...
  18. God... I still want to throw up when I remember that Boltons have WF... The decorations changed a bit... Dead bodies and so...
  19. LOL, the iron is forged whole it is hot... In translation: sex him until he agrees with what you want
  20. From Pod to Tommen: the sex beasts of Westeros...
  21. Really... 14 000 posts and now we speak about dedication :)
  22. Apparently the Faceless have the face... The one fans liked 3 years ago...
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