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  1. So, here we go... 3am around here and the man is awake... So, Lord Friendzone is back... Oh, how we missed you, Jorah...
  2. I liked Meereen's story even in this episode. It was one of better handled storylines. The thing is that they are trying to show how Dany is struggling to do the right thing and how the right thing is not sometimes the best thing to do. Punishing ex-slave shows that Dany is ready to look at all sides for culprits and that she is indeed intending to be just. The problem is, and the show was maybe too obvious with that, she is in the middle of that. On one side are the slaves, on another Masters. She wants to bring peace in place where peace to its inhabitants was never a viable option. She is struggling, but she is doing the right thing. So far...
  3. Well, even if I would focus solely on Season 4 Ellaria, she would have stuck me as peaceful. Her first scene was calming Oberyn down because he heard "Rains of Castamere" and only when they were insulted, Oberyn lashed out. She was there when Oberyn made the clear difference between Lannisters and Dornish. Her last goodbye was that she is a peaceful person living in the harsh person. Ellaria was Ellaria in Season 4. In Season 5, due to lack of Arianne, they had to infuse it. Now, even if it is just that, it was done horribly. Because even Arianne was not solely about justice. And if she is vengeful monster, why do we have three Sand Snakes? She basically makes them redundant.
  4. If that is the basic moral compass of the series, we would never get the POV of the other side. This is rather narrow-minded view of how things work in ASOIAF. What Ned was saying shouldn't be taking as gospel. It is not like Joffrey scene and comparison could not be worse. If you compared to the Robb and Karstark, that one I could understand, but you are focusing on the make up here, instead of interior side of this. You are basically missing the forest for the tree. This is not about whether Dany did it on her own or she didn't, it is about punishing disobedience which is far more important and far greater parallel with the "Fetch me a block" than it is with the travesty of justice. This wasn't Dany's failing, even though she is not the most popular person now in Meereen. Thing is that she actually did the right thing. But, she was in situation where the right thing might not be the best thing to do.
  5. This makes no sense. Of what failure of ruling you are talking about, especially comparing it to "Fetch me a block" situation? How are those two situations different? Dany made a decision because there are laws she abides to, she wants all of them to abide to, basically just like Jon. The fact he does his execution and the fact she doesn't has little impact when it comes to the core of what they are doing - punishing the disobedience.
  6. It doesn't? The issue here is that producers wanted Arianne but they are ridiculously not casting her, for whatever reason they had. And now, we have some strange fusion of the character that makes no sense. There were dozens of different ways in which Ellaria could make a sense as Arianne and they chose the worst. She is basically cartoonish. The accent and gestures are horrible. Varma is a good actress, but this... This was travesty.
  7. But Arianne wasn't avenging Oberyn too. She was plotting for power far more than just avenging Oberyn. And furthermore, it never actually went "finger by finger". Arianne was never lust for vengeance. She just wanted power. And passive Ellaria as you call her, was perhaps the wisest character in entire series. She was also the one who understood Oberyn behind the sass, sexy man everyone saw. She knew he would have never hurt Myrcella. Hence is why this storyline makes zero sense.
  8. But she was there when he practically said the same thing to Tywin and Cersei - "hurting women and children in Dorne is distasteful" And, if you are unable to have a debate without resorting to offenses, perhaps, you shouldn't. Because that was always who Catelyn was. Here we have the complete change of character and even more, complete transformation that makes zero sense. Yes, her lover was killed in front of her, but now she completely goes out of herself and act like some sort of zombie vengeful lady. Even for LS, we had death/resurrection as the reason.
  9. Well, the mere fact that Oberyn said what he said is important. Because, when you are avenging the person, you kinda don't want to prove that whatever he said is a BS. The contradiction is that Ellaria this season is so different from those moments we had about her. Even the aesthetics is hilariously serving to this. Ellaria was the one who tried to calm down Oberyn when he heard Rains, and let him harm them after they insulted both of them. This new Ellaria makes no sense to narrative. Which is why you don't fuse multiple characters without actually thinking it through. I guess this season we won't be hearing complaints about show being ignored by any sensible critic.
  10. Again, does trauma get your brain transplanted? We are talking here about 2 completely different characters. Plus, do you remember her being there when Oberyn says they don't hurt little girls in Dorne?
  11. I completely forgot about that. I can't even remember the scene. It certainly is doing OK.
  12. Hissing was hilarious... And did Dany do himage to book Stannis? Nice, girl...
  13. I voted first... God, I love this streaming all over the Globe... 7/10...
  14. He was never fond of her... He just wouldn't have hurt her. Big difference. My thoughts exactly.
  15. Alexender Siddig... Man who inspires me today as much as he inspired me 15 years ago...
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