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  1. What happened last night? I mean, we got accustomed to 500, 503 errors, but 404 was quite the shock. I hope everything is OK.

  2. Yes, I know exactly what it is, but clearly they are changing things, Like the fact everyone knows she is Sansa Stark, they can reshape the GNC around her instead of Jon Snow, it's just a theory,I may not be right, but you don't see me attacking you because your OPINION differs from mine .

    I didn't attack you, I am just asking you because it seemed to me that you have the problems with the concept of GNC. Furthermore, I think the fact that NO Northern lord has been cast is a HUGE thing re GNC,

  3. But for the show I don't think it's needed, it's obvious that someone leaked the word out ( probably b4 the inn ) that Sansa Stark was going to WF.

    But did the show runners forget LF and Sansa in season 3? the meeting at the warf where he told her Arya was alive.

    And can you make GNC without a single Northern role playing any role?

  4. Seeing how they have altered other storylines, the can still have the GNC without the will

    Do you know what GNC even is? Do you know how that theory actually came to existence? Do you know that no Northern lord has been cast? The idea that "LF is doing GNC dance" is nonsensical because there are no elements of GNC in the series.

  5. I think LF knows exactly who Ramsey is, he was just playing coy. I absolutely loved "The North Remembers", maybe LF is in on the GNC as well? I was so happy to see the Nod from Stannis, one of my favorite parts of that scene in the book. I give 9/10.

    Quick introduction to GNC - It all starts with Robb's will, which doesn't exist in TV show.

    The highlight of this episode - Ramin Djawadi.

  6. i don't agree with that all

    in the show he loved shae and has clearly not gotten over her yet

    I don't think there is anything wrong with him not yet being able to go back to just randomly sleeping with whores after everything that has happened

    OH, really... Because in the books, he didn't love Shae? Oh, but he did.

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