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  1. PRECURSOR WINS Academy Awards follow several months of various movie awards from critics and journalists to guilds and foreign academies. Naturally, there are more of these, but here are the most important ones. Now, here is the winning tally for most of the categories (shorts excluded). Only the nominees are tabulated
  2. *** Appropriately, this post was brought to you by AI *** Hello, fellow movie buffs! Welcome to the Oscars 2024 thread. As we approach the climax of the film awards season, which kicked off officially with the fall festivals including Venice, Telluride, New York, and Toronto, we find ourselves on the brink of the grand finale—the Academy Awards scheduled for March 10th. Reflecting on the journey thus far, it's fair to say that this year's Oscar race has been rather smooth sailing, lacking the usual twists and turns that keep us on the edge of our seats. Predictable winners have emerged in most major categories, with perhaps the exception of Best Actress, which remains a thrilling uncertainty until the final envelope is opened on Sunday night. The summer box office frenzy was dominated by what some have dubbed the "Barbenheimer phenomenon," a trend that spilled over into the award season. As many industry pundits foresaw, BARBIE enjoyed a stellar run, albeit with fewer accolades than expected given its plethora of nominations. The notable absence of Margot Robbie in the Best Actress category and Greta Gerwig in Best Director stirred considerable public controversy—perhaps more than warranted—and likely left a sour taste in the mouths of Oscar voters. Nevertheless, Christopher Nolan's OPPENHEIMER continues to command adoration, poised to potentially clinch seven, if not nine or ten, Oscars. Looking back at the season, there's not much to critique. The Academy deserves commendation for curating a Best Picture lineup that is diverse, captivating, and truly reflective of the cinematic landscape. While personal tastes may vary, the selection represents a compelling array of the finest films of the year, particularly noteworthy for its inclusion of three female-directed films, two international projects, and two of the top five highest-grossing films worldwide. However, criticism persists over the Academy's ongoing oversight of animated films in the Best Picture category, with many lamenting the absence of contenders like Miyazaki's THE BOY AND THE HERON or SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDERVERSE. Here are the nominations for 96th Academy Award in 23 categories:
  3. My ranking of Friends: Chandler Phoebe Joey Monica Rachel Ross Rachel and Ross are the worst of the worst. More as a couple. I have never seen such toxic couple. And I watch Turkish TV series. All of them have some flaws, all of them have said things that are problematic in modern society, after all they are the product of 1990s. I think I never overcame the emotional abuse Monica endured from her parents and the moments when you realize how bad they were to her, are probably the most emotional for me. The pinnacle of the series was Chandler v Phoebe and the famous "They don't know we know they know." That one was hilarious. As for HIMYM... I've never wanted to revisit it. I watched it to the end, there are some great moments but honestly, never wanted to watch it again.
  4. That's All, Folks! This TV awards season has come to an end. Emmys are expected in September and they'll cover 2023/24 season. WGA winners, due to Writers' Strike in 2023 are postponed for April, 2024. Those winners will be posted here when announced. As every year, it has been a pleasure hosting this thread and talking about our favorite TV. I hope your favorites did well this season (that said, if you didn't like Succession, Bear or Beef, tough luck!) and remember, ther's always next season. Unless Netflix cancels it1 Love you all and see you next season
  5. That's All, Folks! After three long months, award season is almost over, with the Oscars scheduled for Sunday. That means this thread is coming to an end, with a separate one being opened for the Oscars (coming today or tomorrow). The WGA Winners, set to be announced on April 14th, will be posted here (the award was postponed due to the Writers' Strike in 2023). Also, I will post the winners of the Asian Film Awards, which are scheduled for this Sunday too. The 2024/25 thread will be opened around the end of November 2024 and as I promised to @Annara Snow, we'll start with Festival winners (Sundance, Berlin, Cannes, Venice, Toronto) and then move to critics' awards. As every year, it has been a pleasure hosting this thread and discussing movies with all of you. It has also been nice to see the growing audience of this thread, going from almost 30k views last year to over 100k this year. Let's hope the film industry serves us some good, popular movies next year that will be interesting to follow throughout the next season. Oscar week is upon us, and I'll move the discussion with predictions and analyses to that thread!
  6. The 2023 American Cinema Editors (ACE) Eddie Award Winners The 2023 Guild Of Music Supervisors Award (GMS) Winners The 2023 American Society Of Cinematographers (ASC) Winners
  7. The 2023 American Cinema Editors (ACE) Eddie Award Winners The 2023 Guild Of Music Supervisors Award (GMS) Winners The 2023 American Society Of Cinematographers (ASC) Winners
  8. The 2023 Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Winners The 2023 USC Scripter Award Winners
  9. The 2023 Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Winners The 2023 USC Scripter Award Winners
  10. The most confusing to people is preferential rating. Unlike nominations, winners are chosen by entire Academy. What is essential in preferential voting is to be liked enough. For example, OPPENHEIMER is perhaps not the most liked movie in terms that many doubt that 40-50% would vote for it as their #1. But for most members of Academy, OPPENHEIMER is probably in top 5, if not Top 3. And that is what gives OPPENHEIMER the edge over all others. I expect it is in Top 3 or Top 5 in 80-90% ballots, if not more. So, for OPPENHEIMER... Not sure if it can win in the first round, but by the second, I think it would get its 50%+1. Pity we don't get post-Oscar statistics. It would be amazing to see how voters voted.
  11. So, the first and the second slates of presenters have been announced. We also have the information that 5 previous winners in each of acting categories will present the nominees. All four last year winners will be present, therefore each will get to present one of the nominees and eventually hand the Oscar. Some notes on already-announced presenters, with regard to possibility of them presenting the acting nominees:
  12. First things first, this thread has officially garnered more than 100k views. I think it really speaks about popularity of movies being in contention for film awards this year. In comparison, the thread last year has less than 30k views. What to say, thank you all for your attention *** And you are not wrong. Years ago, when I started these threads, the idea was to talk about the major film awards - SAG, Globes, BAFTA and ultimately Oscars and the movies in contention for those awards. Later, it got expanded to critics associations and some international awards. Yes, it is my mistake that I didn't start with festival awards - Sundance, Berlin, Cannes, Venice and Toronto when I begin these threads (probably some others too like Locarno, Telluride etc.) and that was a note I will have in mind when I open the thread for 2024/25 season. I will also include important movie awards like Cesar, Goya, EFA and Asian Film Awards. I think that will give us the well-rounded coverage of film awards across the globe. But, given their prominence, Oscars will remain the ending point for a season. Which is why I left out Sundance and Berlinare winners earlier this month.
  13. Yes, but all of those three, in the past 10 years, only Venice proved to be impactful in terms of setting momentum for award season that culminates with Oscars. There's a reason why I didn't post Berlinare winners, because they will be of importance next season (2024/2025), not this one. That's why I said I should open next year with all festival winners. Oscar season doesn't have an official start. These threads start at the beginning of December, with the announcement of NYFCC winners. Many pundits believe Venice Film Festival is the one that opens the Oscar season, as most Oscar contenders like to have premieres there (POOR THINGS, MAESTRO, THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN, TAR and many more in recent years). It's simply the matter of calendar, nothing else. When I open the thread for next season, I will open with them, I promise. *** @SpaceChampion, last year, Netflix and SAG-AFTRA made a deal about live streaming of the ceremony. As someone who watched the ceremony, I have never seen 2 hours last so long. It was dreadful. Good set of winners, semi-interesting speeches, but the presenters and backstage interviews... Meh!
  14. I didn't mean to say that I meant that Berlin, Sundance and Cannes lately have little to no influence on what movies and performances will be the focus of award season that culminates with Oscars. Yes, award season, such as it is, is focused on American and British movies. Lately, Oscars are more and more international but they remain primarily American award. That doesn't mean other awards don't count, just that they don't play a role in the season of film and TV awards in States. I mean, Turkish TV scene has Golden Butterflies in December... But we all know those winners won't influence Emmys.
  15. Every year, when I open the thread I forget to start with Berlin, Sundance, Cannes, Venice and Toronto winners. Except for the last two, they rarely play into award season. This year may be different so I will take a mental note to start next year's thread with festival winners.
  16. Ah, TV categories... Yeah, they started giving TV awards in 2020/21, IIRC.
  17. Actually, I remember they were televized for at least 10 years prior. I remember watching Cate winning for BLUE JASMINE. Yeah, I agree. But, the actors... Duh... Acting branch of AMPAS is year after year the most problematic one when it comes to nominees.
  18. The Film Independent SPIRIT Awards - Winners STREAM LINK - OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL
  19. The Film Independent SPIRIT Awards - Winners STREAM LINK - OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL
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