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  1. Finally, got some tie to properly comment on BAFTA winners. First, great night for both OPPENHEIMER and POOR THINGS. Not so good for THE HOLDOVERS and BARBIE. Given AACTA and BAFTA, we have a sense of what is to come with SAG and ultimately Oscars. First and foremost, the race in Best Director and Best Motion Picture is over. Nolan and OPPENHEIMER are cruising through the award season and they are unstoppable. At this point, it is locked (or almost locked) in seven Oscar categories (Film, Director, Actor, Supporting Actor, Cinematography, Editing and Score). BAFTA will probably go from zero Oscar translated wins last year to all four. We never had races in Supporting categories, as Randolph and Downey are simply going through award season like a warm knife through butter. In Lead Actor category, I suppose we still have a race between Giamatti and Murphy, but the sheer power of OPPENHEIMER is enough for Murphy to prevail. I am still not 100% sure, will wait for SAG, but it is looking good for Cillian. Lastly, I did expect BAFTA to give us a race in Best Actress, but obviously Emma Stone is sweeping this season. I can't say I am surprised. It is a masterful performance. She is worthy of an Oscar that is for sure. I do have problem with her winning after that disastrous win for LA LA LAND which remains one of the most undeserving wins in the past 20 years. But, she is amazing and that's that. I am sad that even BAFTA couldn't have given Sandra Huller some hardware, but there it is. I also though Lily would be able to put up a fight (I mean, in terms of awards race) but it is the Scorsese curse... Marty will go once again 0 out of 10 nominations. I would need to check, but Scorsese is setting an unfortunate record here. I had a chuckle with THE ZONE OF INTEREST winning both Best British film and Film Not in English language, which I confused for Best Foreign Film (not a category at BAFTA). Quite deserving win at Sound category... Hope it'll translate at the Oscars. Documentary and Animated Features were expected choices... I suppose 20 DAYS IN MARIUPOL will win at the Oscars, while we still have a race in Best Animated feature between HERON and SPIDERVERSE. Now, rather interesting choices and inspiring wins were made in Screenplay categories - ANATOMY OF A FALL winning Best Original Screenplay and AMERICAN FICTION winning Adapted Screenplay. I am really not against these two winning at the Oscars. The big issue here is that we won't get the winners of WGA before the Oscars as Writers' Guild have decided to host their awards in April 2024, after Oscar season. This may be very detrimental for these categories as we don't get the guilds' winner and one of the most important precursors for these categories. I wouldn't be surprised if OPPENHEIMER or BARBIE win Best Adapted Screenplay. It is always one or two categories that gets caught in the sweep, so Screenplay may be the one for OPPENHEIMER. For BARBIE and Gerwig, it would be the good consolation award after missing Director and likely to lose Best Film. Finally... David Tennant... I love the man and he is hilarious (especially with Michael Sheen) but his Opening Monologue was a bit off. However "If you have to scramble and climb over Cate Blanchett to get an award that's what you do! That's a metaphor for the industry generally." was absolutely perfect. As well as this absolutely amazing dog sitting sketch. The world needs more of Tennant/Sheen magic... GOOD OMENS SEASON 3 WHEN?!?!!?
  2. The 2023 Directors Guild Of America (DGA) Feature Film Winners NARRATIVE FEATURE FILM Greta Gerwig – Barbie Christopher Nolan – Oppenheimer Yorgos Lanthimos – Poor Things Alexander Payne – The Holdovers Martin Scorsese – Killers of the Flower Moon FIRST TIME NARRATIVE FEATURE FILM Cord Jefferson – American Fiction Manuela Martelli – Chile ’76 Noora Niasari – Shayda A.V. Rockwell – A Thousand And One Celine Song – Past Lives DOCUMENTARY FEATURE Moses Bwayo & Christopher Sharp – Bobi Wine: The People’s President Mstyslav Chernov – 20 Days In Mariupol Madeleine Gavin – Beyond Utopia Davis Guggenheim – Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie D. Smith – Kokomo City
  3. The 2024 Australian Academy Of Cinema & Television Arts (AACTA) International Awards Winners
  4. The 2024 Australian Academy Of Cinema & Television Arts (AACTA) International Awards Winners
  5. They are very similar, just the people who are receiving the award are different. Best ensemble is given to the actors, and the focus is on the acting chops of particular actors that make ensemble. With casting directors, I suppose they will pay attention as to how and why the actors are chosen for specific roles. They have their own branch now, so it may be very interesting to see their choices of who chose the best ensemble. I have seen Clayton Davis, Matt Neglia and some others are preparing articles and opinion pieces on this. I would like to hear what Casting Directors think. I mean... One of the unsung heroes of Game of Thrones was Nina Gold. Although her work on The Crown, and picking Claire Foy and Matt Smith for first QEII and Prince Phillip was absolutely amazing.
  6. Ensemble awards award actors, this one is for casting directors. Therefore it cannot be considered an ensemble award. SAG or CCA give ensemble awards and it is given to actors. This one is different and will be decided by Casting Directors branch.
  7. Oscars Add New Category for Best Casting, Beginning for 2025 Films
  8. I think you can't win both like with many Critics Circles. It may be nonsensical but I think most of them do it that way.
  9. Well, we all have our things... And satire of award shows and Hollywood seems to be mine Ironically, as I adore award season. If I have said this once, I have said a hundred times: As a person who grew up watching James Spader as Alan Shore in BOSTON LEGAL giving incredible monologues on daily basis, not mentioning my love for Aaron Sorkin's work, Ferrera's work is simple mediocre. After having watched FERRARI and ALL OF US STRANGERS, I can't understand who in their right mind would place Ferrera first over the likes of Cruz and Foy (someone please nominate Claire for something... She has been snubbed far too many times)... Not mentioning Randolph, Foster, Brooks, Moore, Pike, Blunt, McAdams, Henson etc. But apparently enough people in acting branch did it. Acting categories have become quite problematic in the past years. Best Lead Actor winners in the past 10 years is probably the worst line of winners in history of Academy, with only Hopkins and Affleck standing the test of time. Best Supporting Actress has also become a field where you can easily name 5 other performers and you get equally brilliant lineup. Not mentioning that this category has also had its issues like Laura Dern and Jamie Lee Curtis winning. Best Lead Actress has also been in a slump for couple of years with Zellweger, McDormand and Chastain victories. Yeoh made history but the ugliness of last yea's campaign in this category has not been forgotten. Somehow the least problematic seems Supporting Actor category, although I would argue that youngsters such as Melton, Sessa, Mescal and Whishaw deserved recognition. Margot isn't complaining. She has been very clear about that. Not to mention that she understands how these things work and that she has been nominated for BARBIE - as a producer. The Internet outrage is coming from fans, misinformed individuals and lastly, co-stars that are nominated who could use rallying up some votes. America Ferrera didn't accidently received SEEHER award at CCA right in the middle of the Oscar voting period. It's all about timing and speeches
  10. Of course not. Margot was great, but it is not Oscar-worrthy performance. My belief she would get nominated was due to the strength of the movie to carry her alongside. After all, America Ferrera got nominated and I would argue, despite her having the big moment, she was worse than Margot. Especially having in mind the Oscar buzz performances... From those five nominated to those who weren't: Fantasia in THE COLOR PURPLE, Natalie Portman in MAY DECEMBER, Teyana Taylor in A THOUSAND AND ONE etc.
  11. Liar, liar... Pants on fire Paloma Diamond is a legend of Hollywood. She has been nominated for Oscar 18 times, never winning. Her nomination for BREATHE is her 19th nomination. My favorite is THE HUMPS OF MY HEART by the revolutionary director Mishita Fukaksa who told Paloma not to shower or bathe for 6 weeks. Paloma is so dedicated to her craft... There is a story about her having to eat 5 ghost peppers with 3 shots of absinth when she was doing the monologue of Lady Macbeth. For THE EYES OF EVEREST, she had to have her kidney removed and got frostbites... The woman is unbelievable professional. Sadly Academy doesn't recognize her talent. She has been dealing with a lot of personal s*it. Being cheated by her husband with her make-up artist and having to endure Oscar losses so many times. She has been through a lot but hopefully she is fine now. Fun fact: her dining table is made of wood from the floating door that Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio were during filming of "Titanic". We can only hope she wins for BREATHE. The rumor is that she spent 6 years learning how to breathe for that 6-minutes breathing scene.
  12. This had to be shared... The link to VULTURE article is in the tweet.
  13. Margot Robbie literally slayed with her answer on her not getting the Oscar nomination in Best Lead Actress:
  14. What really sets Lily apart in this field of 5 women is how quiet and subdued her performance is. It is so non-verbal and yet, you understand the entire tragedy of Osage. I am not American and my experience with Native Americans are limited but I feel she managed so beautifully to tell the story of her people in such unique, and I would even dare say, culturally appropriate way. Absolutely brilliant performance in its quietness. And yeah... I also hope she wins. We rarely see what she did in KOTFM. First, thanks for the article. It was very well written and it really shows how insipid the criticism has been. I have watched enough movies and performances that were "under consideration" for awards this season to point blank state that Margot didn't deserve the acting nomination. I liked her as Barbie, I think she did phenomenal job. I think that her fight as a producer to make this movie is what people should applaud her for. I think she deserves all the respect for doing that and fighting for this idea. But I honestly cannot say she was snubbed or that she deserved a place in that field of five. Not mentioning women who were not nominated. The problem Hollywood has the past, probably 10 years is looking at Oscars as if they are going to change the country. The worst part is that the principles, whether it is feminism or diversity issue, only works for people if it is about their favorite actor/director/movie. This year people are ready to ignore so many snubs across the board in acting categories, but BARBIE didn't get one - let's cry sexism. No one cares about Celine Song and Greta Lee - Asian representation is so last year thing! People are so ready to ignore Lily Gladstone's history making nomination because, believe it or not, Leonardo is not nominated (there is a Variety piece that starts with Leo's snub and mentions Lily's historic nomination third). Simply, that social justice warrior of film awards ecosystem works only if it is about popular actors, directors, movies. But, that's just La La Land!
  15. The 2023 American Cinema Editors (ACE) Eddie Awards Nominations
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