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  1. Sworn enemy of Sansa Lannister

  2. Raising awareness #SerbiaBosniafloods

  3. Apparently providing textual proofs these days equals with tantrums... Great Spring Madness at its prime...

  4. Ever heard of an expression "losing a battle, winning the war"? That was what happened here. This started as argument of how Mace's siege was successful. No, it wasn't. But, it didn't need to be successful if he was playing other game. We are arguing basically the same thing, only you look into boarder picture, and I dealt with the siege alone.
  5. Sorry mate, but even in Westeros, you need penis and testicles for producing a child. Again, I am not denying that what Mace did wasn't smart and that he wasn't playing a game. What I say is that siege aka conquering the castle is a failure. I am not speaking about Mace's loyalties and the moves in the Game, I am speaking about the excruciatingly long wait.
  6. Not time to debate it here, but that siege, no matter how it turned out, as a siege was a failure. As political double-agent excuse for all sides, well that is something different. Siege failed and Mace survived the war. Robert pardoned him, the end. And Tyrells were not close to neutrality. They fought Robert several times, and lost... They weren't playing neutral at the beginning...
  7. I would agree with Florina... If it sets up for Hazzea nice, if don't, I am officially pissed Oh, God... We can't say a word and not turn out to be either sexist, racist or whatever is the flavor of the week. That wasn't success. Mace had a force of the Reach behind him and he couldn't have conquered castle against Stannis and his little force. The siege would have been successful if mace took the castle. He didn't thus siege was epic failure. Baratheons took the throne, but they were nowhere near second most powerful House. Their wealth, strength is incomparable to Lannisters, Hightowers, Tyrells... Back then, as it is now. edit: something is wrong, The quotes are lost... I quoted Florina and When Harry meets Sansa
  8. Who successfully laid what? If that siege can be considered success, I don't know what can't. And, back then, Baratheons certainly weren't second most powerful House. BTW, welcome to the forum
  9. Yeah, come on... One of the most beautiful scenes in ASOIAF has had to be adapted... As for dragon, I genuinely thought it will burn a child. It would have brought such nice dimension to rather linear season of Daenerys. I wish they went with it, for I would truly love to see show Danerys' world shaken in order to see something other than "warrior princess" mode. As for fandom, Flo, don't be upset... I watch because I want. When it is good, I don't hide my excitement, when it is bad, I am open about it. Not everything is black as it isn't white...
  10. This one was good... Like really good. What I like the most is in fact that Tyrion has finally returned. St. Tyrion was gone, and good old Tyrion was back in the game. And guess what, we loved it every single moment of it. After painfully long time, after whitewashing of every single interaction he had throughout last and this season, Tyrion was brilliantly Tyrion. I enjoyed in Tyrion this episode more than I have enjoyed him in quite some time... Well job Oberyn, as usual, lights every room he is in. He brings such great chemistry. My favorite this year. Love him... On the opposite side, WTF Stannis and even more WTF Mace? Once again, HBO proves not to be neither brilliant nor terrible. Lastly, Theon and Asha. This one was rather nice. Not my favorite, but good enough The worst: Daenerys. Pardon me for saying this, but I wanted that child to burn, I wanted her to face some real challenges. Hizdahr's speech was nice, for it pointed out the injustice of the great justice. Never mind that most likely he is lying, thing is it is pointed out. I wish it was something Daenerys truly noted. This could have been done better. All and all, nice episode, this one, unlike the last one, made sense... And, OMG
  11. Great photo... :)

  12. I am sorry, but this was just bad. Not interesting, not subtle, not intelligently written... Dull... I am all for praises when deserved but this week was just bad... There were some moments I liked but overall impression is rather bad: 1. Cersei... Especially liked how she saw through Margaery's sweet face... Although that conversation come from God knows where, it was kinda nice 2. Vale... This was all messed up... But thumbs up for the worst plausible romance 3. Bran and Jon not meeting... I liked that... It honored the book material in season where the same was ripped apart. 4. And so we begin with Meereenese plot 5. Oberyn... I mean he can appear just sitting and meditating and I would like the guy... Brienne and Pod's conversation was pointless, Locke was pointless... Someone should tell Mis Clarke that badassery works to a point. The reunion between Jon and Ghost was underwhelming. Just bad... I didn't like it.
  13. He should apologize immediately... What a brute... :) OK, remember the good old days when we talked about the small changes, and we complained about them? Well, we crossed the Rubicon now and its official. GoT has officially gone from being based on ASOIAF to being inspired by it... There were some good moments of the tonight's episode: 1. "Sansa is not a killer... Not yet, anyway" 2. Ser Pounce... Glorious day indeed 3. But I do know - Olenna, great as always. 4. Jaime/Brienne... There are some weird changes that I don't know how they will play it. I'd like to think that this conundrum between Jon and Bra will result in some satisfactory conclusion and that we might see those 2 stories back on track. As for Others, I am not certain this counts like a change, but more like logical continuation of the story told by POV we haven't met in the books. Dany's story has been rushed, too rushed and kinda felt bad... Also, the nudity this year hasn't been prominent as previous seasons, but it is rather disgusting to put it where it shouldn't be... I mean, it just shows lack of creative process and intelectual approach to the subject. Good episode, nothing special 7-8/10... Point more for Ser Pounce :)
  14. OK, since I am too tired of writing an actual post, I will do it through short notes: 1. St. Tyrion of House Whitewashing :ack: :ack: :ack: 2. Kingslayer, child attempt murderer, sister-f***er, kinslayer... And now rapist... God, even Ramsay has better track record than TV Jaime :ack: :ack: :ack: :ack: 3. Daario "expendable" Naharis 4. Long live the new King... Not cute child we all love, but good enough. Nice conversation with Tywin 5. Didn't Hound say something about not stealing in premiere this season? God, people change fast... All and all, meh... Nothing special... Ending was nice, building up momentum for next episode
  15. Hristos Voskrese (or for my Western Christian friends: Happy Easter)... Also, proud to say that today is one year anniversary of Animal project

    1. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      Happy Easter!

      And happy anniversary to your Animal Projects :)

  16. Let we all take a moment and admire Ellaria's dress, Loras' line, Joffrey's death, Fat Walda, Oberyn's threats, Sansa... I mean, this is how you adapt inner struggle and emotions... Well done... I like the focus of this episode. Contrasting between Melisandre and Bran and basically concentrating on KL. The Boltons were good (Allen's Reek brought some bad memories, as the follow up with the sausages) but it was OK... Fat Walda was so nice, and Ramsay's "mother" was the most repugnant thing I have ever heard :) I would agree that dwarf show was better on TV than in series... All and all, great episode... And people, he is dead... :) Long live King of beets...
  17. My dear, are you finally back?

  18. 10 000th post... What to say...

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    2. Mladen


      Oh, no... I got it all wrong. I forgot that both Eastern and Western Christian Churches celebrate Easter this year next Sunday, April 20th. Please make sure chocolate bunny arrives soon enough, because if it doesn't... Well, North remembers and we pay our debts :)

    3. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      I'll send it by 1st class and make sure it's delivered as soon as possible :)

    4. King Tyrion I

      King Tyrion I

      Congrats, my friend!

  19. IN MEMORIAM: Puddles the Pepper Other, beloved husband and father, loyal diplomat in service of Great Other... Your sacrifice shall not be forgotten (April 5th, 2013 - April 5th, 2014)

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    2. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      He is missed and will be avenged.

    3. Mladen


      How? We sent Shruds to avenge him and Sam killed him too... There is no end in Sam's killing spree.

    4. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      The Great Other will put an end to Sam the Murderer in when the Wall falls and challenges Sam to single combat.

  20. Nice to see you again, Ser :)

  21. Home sweet home... Back in RL's home, back on forum...

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    2. Mladen


      Thanks, good to be back... I missed my favorite board... :)

    3. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      Yeah, welcome back! Not seen much of you for a couple of months.

    4. Mladen


      Yeah. it's been a while... But, now I am back... :)


    1. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      You are a fellow Porcupine Tree's fan milord?

  23. I now understand how Sansa felt when Joffrey chopped Ned's head off... It is not fair...

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    2. TalalOfDorne


      Is something wrong?

    3. Mladen


      Something was taken from me today... And I am being overly dramatic :)

    4. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      As we all are from time to time :)

  24. Preparations for this year's Iron Jawed Angel has begun... I adore writing for this board :)))

  25. I have just went to see something about Stannis, and I felt like Stannis page was written by some Stan-fan... The article is a bit off in describing how Stannis get into possession of Dragonstone, plus, I doubt Robert gave him DS to get him off the mainland... I would ask of the editors to take a look at it, and correct some bias looks in it... Thank you... P.S. All the best in your work... I applaud to all your dedication... Well done, indeed.
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