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  1. The 2023 Directors Guild Of America (DGA) Nominations For Television, Documentary & Commercials
  2. The 2024 Directors Guild Of America (DGA) Feature Film Nominations NARRATIVE FEATURE FILM Greta Gerwig – Barbie Christopher Nolan – Oppenheimer Yorgos Lanthimos – Poor Things Alexander Payne – The Holdovers Martin Scorsese – Killers of the Flower Moon FIRST TIME NARRATIVE FEATURE FILM Cord Jefferson – American Fiction Manuela Martelli – Chile ’76 Noora Niasari – Shayda A.V. Rockwell – A Thousand And One Celine Song – Past Lives
  3. That is what you get when you include tens of thousands of DJs, radio hosts etc. I haven't properly analyzed the TV noms, as I have been stunned by the bizarre nature of film nominations. Now, those are wild.
  4. Exactly what you explained. Probably just me, but I thought it was strangely worded. Never mind... The argumentation "she has won before" generally isn't strong if Academy wants to award someone. That is how we got Frances McDormand having three. However, if Academy wants to award someone else, it can be a reasoning not to award someone. We have heard this last year, when most anonymous ballots mentioned that Blanchett has already two Oscars. Emma doesn't have anything "against" her. Yes, she is young and there may be those believing that it is too early for second Lead Actress Oscar, especially since her first hasn't aged very well (many believe Huppert or Portman should have won, not to mention snubbed from nomination, Amy Adams). Also, Lily making history and 2023 was 50-year anniversary from the infamous Marlon Brando rejection of the Oscar and Sacheen Littlefeather appearance at the stage may be the factor. There is a passion behind Lily, a visible passion, something neither Emma nor anyone else in the contention currently has. Yeah, it is rather great set of winners. Ceremony was blah, though.
  5. Exactly... We will see how guilds - PGA, DGA, WGA and SAG award each of these movies, but I think it is clear that OPPENHEIMER is clearly a favorite. I didn't exactly understand this. I still haven't seen POOR THINGS, so I don't exactly know how impressive is Stone. That said, from what I hear, Stone has Oscar-worthy performance. In my book, Lily is superb, but I wish Sandra Huller takes the main prize. However, I know that foreign actresses (in foreign movies) rarely bode well with Oscars. Lily has the Oscar-winning performance despite it being borderline Supporting. She is incredibly eloquent, people really like her and Scorsese and Di Caprio are using their stardom to support her. All her competition, save perhaps Stone, have more going against them, than for them. I wouldn't mind Lily winning, especially since I know Huller can't win.
  6. While Golden Globe organizers (not HFPA, as they have been disbanded in June 2023) will undoubtedly celebrate, I do believe that all numbers of award ceremonies will rise. And that is because the profile of the movies being awarded is significantly higher this year. Even this topic. last year's thread concluded in March 2023 with 28k views. This one right now has almost 34k views. So, I suppose the public's interest is higher this year.
  7. I have just got some time to write a bit about Golden Globes. First foremost, bring back Ricky Gervais... Or at least Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The host was HORRIBLE. The secondhand embarrassment in the room was palpable. The guy's jokes fell flat, one after another. One lacks words to explain what a terrible host he was. As for winners, no real surprises. It is clear that OPPENHEIMER has the passion, industry loves it, not just the critics. Globes have zero overlaps with AMPAS in terms of membership, but they serve as the good barometer of who and what is going to win. And OPPENHEIMER winning five Globes is not a small thing. It may have been cruel, but I have never seen Internet celebrating someone's loss as it did with Bradley Cooper. Naturally, people were overjoyed with Cillian Murphy winning, but there has also been a lot of gloating over Cooper's loss. One may think it is just Internet being the usual toxic place, but I wouldn't be so reductive. Cooper's chances were always reliant on Academy awarding their own, an award-hungry actor pulling all the strings to get the coveted prize. Last year, we had Jamie Lee Curtis doing so and her win aged like milk. With Cooper, the public seems to want to make a point that Oscars should not be its own private ecosystem and internal affair of Hollywood elite. It is also rejection of the classic Oscar bait. Too many people recognize MAESTRO as Cooper's attempt of winning an Oscar, rather than an interesting retelling of Bernstein's life. While glad that Cillian Murphy kicked off televised award season with a win and while I salute public deconstructing the sense of Hollywood inner circle in awarding, I am not gloating over anyone's loss. Cooper was visibly disappointed and I understand how difficult it can be. And it must hurt being the bridesmaid, never the bride. In Comedy/Musical, Paul Giamatti took the well-deserved trophy. Giamatti now may be even second to Murphy. He would be a pleasant surprise, but I doubt he will go further than Oscar nom. When it comes to lead actresses in two categories, it is Gladstone v Stone. Globes didn't allow any surprise there (Huller could have surprised and some people expected Robbie after BARBIE overperformed with nominations) but in many ways, this could be the repeat of the last year Lead Actress showdown. Gladstone certainly has the passion, something Stone terribly lacks. People want Lily to win, they want to see her and her story at the center, being properly awarded. I understand the sentiment. We have seen something similar with Yeoh last year, although the support for EEAAO was formidably stronger than the one KOTFM has. Then again, Blanchett also had passion Stone lacks, so we are having a toned-down version of last year. It is oversimplification, naturally but there are some parallels. Now, we need to figure out who the next three are. Huller seems safe. There was a lot of passion and love for ANATOMY OF A FALL, and I wouldn't be surprised if it appears in more places than we expected. Mulligan also seems safe. It seems Netflix was being lazy with her campaign, so she used Palm Springs to show that she has the industry's support by having none other than Meryl Streep present her with the award. Fifth spot could be between Robbie and Lee. PAST LIVES is doing great with the critics, but so is BARBIE, not mentioning it is doing well with industry. Robbie is certainly a known face and if BARBIE gets nominated everywhere, it would be unimaginable for Robbie to miss. Supporting races are all but over. Da'Vine Joy Randolph went through critics circles like a knife through warm butter, and we only need to figure out who are the remaining 4 slots. Three, since Emily Blunt can reasonably called a lock, as OPPENHEIMER nomination sweep will benefit her too. Honestly, I would hate to see America Ferrera nominated, as her performance is such a lackluster, despite THE MONOLOGUE which was brilliantly written but not delivered. Brooks and Foster are in weak movies and if their leads miss, they could also be in danger of missing. SALTBURN may have become a thing, but we will see if it is enough for Rosamund Pike to get nominated. Julianne Moore is relatively safe, because MAY DECEMBER is such an acting movie, and both her and Melton almost safe. Dark horse is Penelope Cruz, whose role in FERRARI has been lauded. But visibility is the issue. Then again, Cruz is known to be Academy's darling who needs no precursors. So, she shouldn't be underestimated despite not appearing anywhere (actually she appeared on AACTA and BAFTA longlist, two industry awards so...) In battle of the whales, RDJ is a clear winner. I have no doubt the rest will follow the suit and CCA, BAFTA and SAG will all award RDJ - after all, he has quite the solid performance in a probable Best Picture winner, he is a known face and his competition is not exactly in award-friendly movies. Personal opinion is that Charles Melton outacted everyone in this category, but he is too young and unknown to win against 4 previously nominated actors in Best Picture nominated movies (RDJ; Gosling, De Niro and Ruffalo). Probably the biggest surprise of the night was the win in Screenplay for ANATOMY OF A FALL. Now, Globes is international body and they are more receptive of foreign movies, but nonetheless, this was surprising. It can highlight the love and passion for ANATOMY OF A FALL, or it could be just the Globe fluke. We'll see how WGA and AMPAS feel about ANATOMY OF A FALL. As for song and the score... Nothing to add. "What Was I Made For?" is such a beautiful song in a very popular movie, so I doubt it is surprising that it is winning. OPPENHEIMER in score... Ludwig Goransson did amazing work, he is a known face to Academy... Now, Globes clearly failed to communicate what their new award is all about. "Cinematic and Box Office achievement" is such a broad term. I feel Margot Robbie in her speech did a better job thanking people who "dressed up and went to the greatest place on Earth - cinema". So if the award is meant to symbolize the achievement in bringing people back to the cinema, then I suppose we can have a discussion about it. But if it is just "pop movie of the year"... It is pointless. That's all folks! Critics Choice Awards are coming next, SAG nominations will be announced in couple of days and we will have a better idea about acting races.
  8. Yeah, I was a bit reductive. When we talk about "foreign" it is not just origin of the actor, but also production and language. In terms of Oscars, no one considers Britosh, Canadian or Australian actors "foreign". When we speak about "foreign", we think of Emanuelle Riva, Penelope Cruz, Isabelle Huppert or Tang Wei, but not for example Naralie Portman or even Ana de Armas. That said, sometimes it depends on the case - dual citizenship or movie in English can play a role. Not to mention that A24 has started producing movies of Asian filmmakers so it also depends on actors, dorectors participating in the movie.
  9. Foreign actress in a foreign movie (non-USA) not in English language... To be precise. *** Tobight are Golden Globes. Won't be available for LIVE coverage as I am in Montenegro on Christmas holiday, away from my laptop.
  10. I meant Oscar. Last night were NSFC... NBR is National Board of Review - different body. Michelle Yeoh doesn't count as her role was mainly in English, in American-produced movie.
  11. Not that big of a surprise. Hüller has been lauded since Cannes and despite Merve Dizdar won Best Actress at Cannes, Sandra was the star. The fact that Gladstone managed to "steal the spotlight" from Hüller and Stone and become the most awarded in Lead Actress category is quite the success. I prefer Hüller and I do believe she was the best. However, the last foreign actress that won was Marion Cotillard in 2007 for "La Vie En Rose". I doubt Academy will be awarding Sandra. @Mr. Chatywin et al., I thibk BARBENHEIMER will.take the main prize, with Gladstone taking the Oscar for KILLERS. Da'Vine Joy Randolph will take one for THE HOLDOVERS and most likely, that would be that.
  12. Deservedly so. It is clear that BAFTA really didn't watch or didn't like MAY DECEMBER, with movie being longlisted only in two categories. Someone mentioned that MAY DECEMBER is not available on Netflix UK, but I am not sure about it. Yeah, Melton was the biggest snub of the day. Some will also mention Rachel McAdams, but she was going nowhere. I can't say Melton is the best male Supporting performance (haven't seen POOR THINGS and ALL OF US STRANGERS), but I would give him Oscar before RDJ, De Niro and Gosling. He was phenomenal. SALTBURN did amazingly well - longlisted in 11 categories, with even Jacob Elordi getting mentioned. That was a bit surprised. Naturally, we need to see the nominations to see how loved it is, but the fact it got everywhere it could, save Best Film is a lot. SALTBURN is really doing its magic in the middle of the award season by being streaming darling. People seem to love it, to love Keoghan and Pike... I wouldn't be surprised if they start appearing - BAFTA, SAG and ultimately Oscars. THE COLOR PURPLE is taking blow after blow. We'll see in several days how SAG-AFTRA will nominate it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it underperforms. Obama's tweet about TCP was particularly funny as people suspected "Oprah called him"
  13. The 2024 Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) Awards FULL CEREMONY Desert Palm Achievement Award, Actress: Emma Stone, POOR THINGS Desert Palm Achievement Award, Actor: Cillian Murphy, OPPENHEIMER Icon Award: Paul Giamatti, THE HOLDOVERS Breakthrough Performance Award: Da'Vine Joy Randolph, THE HOLDOVERS Director of the Year Award: Greta Gerwig, BARBIE Career Achievement Award: Jeffrey Wright, AMERICAN FICTION International Star Award, Actress: Carey Mulligan, MAESTRO Spotlight Award, Actress: Danielle Brooks, THE COLOR PURPLE Spotlight Award, Actor: Colman Domingo, RUSTIN Creative Impact in Directing Award: Yorgos Lanthimos, POOR THINGS Chairman's Award: Billie Eilish & Finneas O'Connell, "What Was I Made For?" from BARBIE Variety's Creative Impact in Screenwriting Award: Eli Roth, KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON Variety's Creative Impact in Acting Award: Penelope Cruz, FERRARI
  14. And to no surprise to anyone knowing how AMPAS works, BARBIE will be competing in Adapted Screenplay, Variety reports. The studio campaigned the movie in Original Screenplay category, but AMPAS will deem BARBIE's screenplay as Adapted. This is not a great surprise as Writers branch of AMPAS has a long history of making scripts with pre-existing characters Adapted. One such example is LOGAN. BAFTA's longlists will come this Friday, and British Academy deems BARBIE as Original. https://variety.com/2024/film/awards/barbie-moved-adapted-screenplay-oscars-1235848136/
  15. The Los Angeles Times Oscar Roundtables ACTORS Roundtable Colman Domingo ("Rustin", "The Color Purple") joins Paul Giamatti ("The Holdovers"), Cillian Murphy ("Oppenheimer"), Mark Ruffalo ("Poor Things"), Andrew Scott ("All of Us Strangers") and Jeffrey Wright ("American Fiction") ACTRESSES Roundtable Fantasia Barrino ("The Color Purple") joins Emily Blunt ("Oppenheimer"), America Ferrera ("Barbie"), Eve Hewson ("Flora and Son"), Sandra Hüller ("Anatomy of a Fall", "The Zone of Interest") and Julianne Moore ("May December") DIRECTORS Roundtable Blitz Bazawule ("The Color Purple") joins Bradley Cooper ("Maestro), Michael Mann ("Ferrari"), Alexander Payne ("The Holdovers"), Celine Song ("Past Lives") and Justine Triet ("Anatomy of a Fall")
  16. The Hollywood Reporter (THR) Roundtables THR Writers Roundtable THR Documentary Roundtable THR Festival Roundtable THR Songwriters Roundtable
  17. I doubt it. MAESTRO and MAY DECEMBER are on Netflix, SALTBURN on Amazon Prime. They are rather available. THE HOLDOVERS started streaming today on Peacock, but it is not available outside US.
  18. WTF is up with them nominating Cooper for MAESTRO and not Mulligan? That said, their love for SALTBURN warms my heart. I am still praying for that hail Mary nomination for Rosamund
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