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  1. You do remember that I have been doing these threads for years on this board? Yeah... Can't say the sound was OPPENHEIMER's better suit. That said, not many surprises... Sad to see ABOUT DRY GRASSES by Nuri Bilge Ceylan missing the shortlist for Best International Feature. Rather happy to see "Can't Catch Me Now" by Olivia Rodrigo shortlisted for the Best Song and I will not give up on predicting her nomination until Oscar nom morning. *** In other news, MAESTRO is available on Netflix. God, Cooper really wants that Oscar. So unimaginative performance. As someone said, Cate Blanchett made Lydia Tar for more real than Cooper did with Bernstein. Mulligan, as usual, is perfect. But the movie is dull. One really needs to count how many times Mulligan has been hurt by bad movie. She will be nominated for this one, but script rather fails her. *** Slowly and steadily, Lily Gladstone is getting ahead of the pack in Best Lead Actress race. Charles Melton is giving RDJ and the other whales in Best Supporting Actor category run for their money, AS HE SHOULD. Melton was in a movie with two of the most brilliant Hollywood actresses who did wonders and he still owned the role and made everyone notice him. If you ask me, that is the definition of the best supporting actor. *** Taraji P. Henson made the news talking about pay disparity for black actresses in Hollywood. I have some conflicted thoughts about actors and actresses talking about work and the money they earn but one thing is clear - she deserves the money any actor or actress of her box office and critical success has. That is beyond dispute. *** For this year, the only one left is UK critics which will announce their winners on December, 30th. With London and UK critics circles, we will have better idea of what may happen at BAFTA, but just like with States, it is good to remember that critics circles and Academy voters have zero members overlapping.
  3. IIRC, there was a story that Deadwyler lost her nomination by a single vote. That is no surprising, as TILL had a disastrous run outside of States. Unlike TAR which got 78% of its revenues outside America. But yeah, nominating Pugh and De Armas instead of Deadwyler is certainly a choice. That said, Best Actress category last year very quickly turned into Blanchett v Yeoh showdown. Deadwyler couldn't have won critics' circle awards in Atlanta and Chicago, two cities where we expected the critics to be more open to vote for her and TILL. For me, the greatest crime in Best Lead Actress category last year, especially with the critics is the complete snub of Tang Wei in DECISION TO LEAVE. In terms of performances, she was my #2 in Best Lead Actress category. I won't like... I really like their acting nominees this year across the board. Perhaps they missed Danielle Brooks for THE COLOR PURPLE, but overall, great lists. Yeah, PAST LIVES has more than 50% in Korean, and I think that is the eligibility rule for foreign language films. I think 50% is the universal rule for awarding bodies across the board. I am not sure, though
  4. The Bear Season 2 Silo Season 1 Andor Season 1 Good Omens Season 2 The Diplomat Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 5 Ted Lasso Season 3 Abbott Elementary Season 2 Foundation Season 2 The Gilded Age Season 2 The Wheel of Time Season 2 Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Shadow and Bone Season 2 As an avid Downton Abbey fan, this Americanized version of British period drama was a must watch. Fellowes is less stellar with this one, but the cast... The cast of this series is epic. It has more Tony winners than one could count. Naturally, Fellowes focuses on superfluous life of high society in New York, but it is not without some rather interesting historical facts - from depiction of black upper class in New York to rise of union and work rights. Heavily inspired by history, Fellowes and the entire team is rather successful in depicting the New York social life in 1880s. But, at the end of the day, this could easily be the most prestigious soap opera there is... And honestly, there is nothing bad about it!
  5. Barbenheimer is killing me in acting categories. It has become such a juggernaut that it is impossible to ignore it, and both are overperforming with both critics and HFPA, which indicates that it may overperform also with the guilds and ultimately Oscars. The only ones that I really don't mind being nominated for the Oscar in their respective categories are Murphy and Gosling. RDJ is solid, but it is the typical biopic role and we see those every year. I will be saddened if Murphy doesn't win, but Cooper is campaigning hard and he has created the aura "it is time to inaugurate me" around himself. We'll see how it goes. As for Best Supporting Actor, Charles Melton PLEASE!!! That is the supporting performance of the year, he is absolutely brilliant and deserves a nomination. However, he is facing trifecta of acting whales - RDJ, Gosling and De Niro, all three in win-competitive Best Picture movies. If Melton wins, it will be the most glorious win. However, I doubt it. Then we have Best Actress in a Leading Role. Robbie is certainly in Top 10, but hardly in Top 5. But she is the face of a box office phenomenon, not to mention its producer and as I said, BARBIE is win-competitive. Gladstone and Stone are dividing critics, Huller is on their tail, Greta Lee is getting some recognition and then there are Natalie Portman and Anette Benning. Carey Mulligan is safe - it is the classic Oscar bait. If we count Gladstone, Stone and Mulligan as safe, and they are for numerous reasons, performances being the first, that means there are two slots - Huller and Lee seem most logical choices. However, Robbie may "push out" one of them. Now, Robbie is not pushing out anyone. She has the movie, the name, even the performance is solid enough to warrant some love. She is Ana De Armas of this season, people ignore her, but she is happening. That said, having Huller or Lee not being nominated... What a pity that would be. Lastly, we have a duo of Emily Blunt and America Fererra. If I am being perfectly honest, I wouldn't nominate either of them. But Blunt is ripe for "welcome to the club" nomination and Fererra got that big feminist moment of BARBIE, so both are most likely in. Luckily, neither is winning, so we won't repeat last year's fiasco. But this category is becoming increasingly worse in the past few years. Some truly great female supporting performances are being ignored while some rather basic and uninspiring choices are being nominated and even awarded. Da’Vine Joy Randolph is going through this category like a warm knife through butter, and it does make me happy. Then we have Danielle Brooks, Taraji P. Henson, Julienne Moore, Jodie Foster, Rosamund Pike, Penelope Cruz, Sandra Huller (THE ZONE OF INTEREST) and Rachel McAdams. But, Best Picture nominees and win-competitive movies will always get into some questionable places and Supporting Actress category seems to be the one for Barbenheimer double feature.
  6. True I mean, there are always some laughter with regionals. Especially with major cities having double critics circle - the regular one and the online They are good to propel someone or to cement the frontrunner status. IDK who was it today - Utah perhaps, who nominated Sandra Huller for THE ZONE OF INTEREST and fail to nominate her for ANATOMY OF A FALL. At the end it is always worthy of remembering that the critics have ZERO overlap with the AMPAS, BAFTA and guilds. I had a good laugh at another form about Cate Blanchett being nominated for THE NEW BOY at AACTA Internationals. And Australians are rather good in predicting Oscar lineup in that category so people joked Cate may show up and people overreacted. THE NEW BOY is not even eligible for Oscars.
  7. The 2023 Australian Academy Of Cinema & Television Arts (AACTA) International Awards Nominations
  8. The 2023 Australian Academy Of Cinema & Television Arts (AACTA) International Awards Nominations
  9. This year I am not doing the regionals, only Trfecta - NYFCC, LAFCA, NSFC (plus NBR) and two major British ones - London and UK. Every major city has its own critics circle and given they have no overlap with the major industry awards, at some point it becomes irrelevant. Interestingly enough, with changes in BAFTA and Golden Globes voting systems, this may be the first year in which AMPAS has no counterpart in terms of voting. It could mean the precursors may become less reliable, but I doubt we'll see another Andrea Riseborough case soon enough.
  10. Variety's Directors on Directors December, 13: Michael B. Jordan (CREED III) & Ben Affleck (AIR) December, 14: Bradley Cooper (MAESTRO) & Spike Lee December, 15: Greta Gerwig (BARBIE) & James Cameron Decemebr, 18: Ari Aster (BEAU IS RIGHT) & Yorgos Lanthimos (POOR THINGS) December, 19: Ava DuVernay (ORIGINS) & Michael Mann (FERRARI)
  11. Countries do submit movies for Golden Globes, but they are not limited to one, as with Oscars. *** So happy those sickos of HFPA embraced MAY DECEMBER (three acting noms + best comedy) and SALTBURN (two acting noms).
  12. Me too. I agree with that - Nolan relied more on practical tricks than VFX. That said, it is the race for visual effects, and only equalizing it with solely CGI is at least for me, very narrow-minded. OPPENHEIMER is visually masterpiece and it seems the cinematography race is almost decided.
  13. I was waiting for an official confirmation of the list, especially since there's no OPPENHEIMER on it. Yeah @Ran, it is rare. The last animated movie to have been nominated for VFX was in 2016: Kubo and the Two Strings
  14. The American Film Institute's Top 10 Television Programs of 2023 Abbott Elementary (ABC) The Bear (FX) Beef (Netflix) Jury Duty (Amazon Freevee) The Last of Us (Max) The Morning Show (Apple TV+) Only Murders in the Building (Hulu) Poker Face (Peacock) Reservation Dogs (FX) Succession (Max)
  15. The American Film Institute's (AFI) Top 10 Films of 2023 American Fiction (MGM) Barbie (Warner Bros.) The Holdovers (Focus Features) Killers of the Flower Moon (Apple Original Films/Paramount Pictures) Maestro (Netflix) May December (Netflix) Oppenheimer (Universal Pictures) Past Lives (A24) Poor Things (Searchlight Pictures) Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Sony Pictures)
  16. The film that wins the Best Film isn't eligible for Top 10 Films.
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