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  1. The truth is she could have campaigned in Supporting Actress category. Having watched the movie, I can see the arguments for both ways. That said, I am glad she decided on campaigning in Lead. Sadly that is how it works these days. We have seen a lot of category frauds in the last years. I suppose the worst was 2016 with Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara having to campaign in Supporting. Mara even objected back then, but sadly, that is how this circus works. Lately, more and more actresses are willing to campaign their co-lead roles in Lead category. Michelle Williams did it last year for THE FABELMANS, Carey Mulligan and Lily Gladstone this year. I support that and I agree with you. Supporting Actor/Actress Oscar is not some consolation prize. For me, it is just linguistic thing, but I suppose you are right. No, televised awards always have separated Lead from Supporting performances. Movie festivals for example don't. But mostly Lead Actor/Actress win, although not necessarily. Cate Blanchett has won Volpi Cup at Venice for "I'm Not There" and that was Supporting Actress category at the Oscars. And, yeah... I have edited the opening post. When I'm wrong, I'm wrong
  2. @Annara Snow, if I remember correctly, we come from the same neck of the woods (unless you moved) so I am pretty much around that number too. That said, I expect this list to change, like always. Honestly, OPPENHEIMER is the movie of the year and I can see AMPAS going in that direction. Pair it with Best Director for Nolan, couple of tech nominations and perhaps Murphy and RDJ in acting categories and there is a winning package. That said, Scorsese made such a beautiful movie and we'll see how Academy reacts to it. They do like to nominate him, but when it comes to winning, not so much. I mean, THE IRISHMAN went 0 out of 10. In acting categories, Emma Stone is "leading the pack" in Best Actress category. She hasn't won Volpi Cup in Venice, but POOR THINGS won bigger award so that is what ultimately counts (just like we understand that Sandra Huller has better chance of being nominated for Cannes' awarded ANATOMY OF A FALL than Merve Dizdar who won Best Actress at Cannes). That said, Stone is already a winner and if we have learned anything from Blanchett v Yeoh last year, it is that it can be used incessantly against you during campaign months. So the big question for Stone will be whether Academy is ready to give Stone her second Oscar. I have watched ANATOMY OF A FALL and Sandra Huller is mesmerizing. As international actress, she will need the push from international bloc of Academy, and perhaps critics' push as well. The same can be said for Greta Lee, whose subdued performance is not the Academy's cup of tea. Mulligan and Benning ride on overdue narrative, but I doubt that will be enough for win... That leaves us with Lily Gladstone, whose borderline supporting performance has gained enough passion to carry her into the Oscar season. Which of the Michelles (Yeoh or Williams) will she prove to be this season, remains to be seen. She had a locked Oscar in Best Supporting Actress, but she decided to fight for the main prize. I respect that (from both her and Mulligan) but we'll see how it plays out. Sleeping giant in Best Actress category is Natalie Portman whose NETFLIX Todd Haynes movie, MAY DECEMBER may get her nominated. When it comes to Best Actor, we have the clash of the giants with Di Caprio, Cooper and Murphy. Di Caprio comes from Cannes with amazing reviews and I doubt there are many against giving him second Oscar. Cooper will have overdue narrative, with 9 Oscar nominations, 0wins (4 in acting categories). Murphy is the face of one of the most successful stories of the year, he is a beloved TV face and an amazing actor so we'll see. In Supporting categories, everything is open. Danielle Brooks got raves from screenings of THE COLOR PURPLE and I would be over the moon if she wins (I adored her in ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK). We can expect some big name to find its way to this category like Moore or Cruz, but I would adore if it would be Rosamund Pike for SALTBURN. As I hear, she delivered the goods with some epic one-liners. I watched that clip "Men are so lovely and dry"... GLORIOUS! For gentlemen, RDJ and Gosling ride on the fame of Barbenheimer, but I wouldn't be surprised if neither wins, despite strong cases for winning. On the rise is Charles Melton and a lot of people who have seen MAY DECEMER want him nominated. Also, De Niro is never to be ignored as well as Ruffalo. Later today, when they finish announcing the winners, I will post the winners of NYFCC.
  3. Another year, another Film Awards Season... And once again, brought to you by none other 2023 was an incredibly difficult year for industry. We have faced two guild strikes - screenwriters and actors, both ending in the past few months, but not without disrupting the industry for a while. This has also affected the beginning of fall season, when the most of Oscar contenders are being released. This year, award season begins in New York on November, 30th when New York Film Critics Circuit will award their favorite movies and ending in March, 10 with Academy Awards. This year had a great range of rather interesting movies from Barbenheimer phenomenon to Martin Scorsese and Yorgos Lanthimos' newest flicks. Per usual, the award season will give us clues at which movies will become true contenders for most coveted movie award - Oscar. This year, the award season will look like this and these will be the award shows that I will post about here: That's all folks! Hope to enjoy this season with some great cinema and nice conversation... As always, it is a pleasure VARIETY'S ACTORS ON ACTORS VARIETY'S DIRECTORS ON DIRECTORS THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER ROUNDTABLES LOS ANGELES TIMES ROUNDTABLES OSCAR SHORTLISTS BAFTA LONGLISTS GOLDEN GLOBES WINNERS SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS - NOMINEES DGA NOMINEES GUILDS NOMINATIONS PGA NOMINEES THE CRITICS CHOICE AWARD (CCA) WINNERS BAFTA NOMINATIONS ACADEMY AWARDS NOMINATIONS AACTA International Awards WINNERS DGA WINNERS BAFTA WINNERS WGA NOMINNES GUILDS WINNERS C├ęsar Awards WINNERS SAG-AFTRA WINNERS Independent SPIRIT Awards WINNERS PGA WINNERS SATELLITE AWARD WINNERS ACE, GMS, ASC WINNERS ASIAN FILM AWARDS WINNERS WGA WINNERS
  4. And so it ends... SAG AFTRA announced that they have reached agreement with AMPTP, The strike ends on Thursday and the details of the new contract will be known on Friday. This was the longest actors' strike in history of Hollywood, lasting 118 days. https://variety.com/2023/biz/news/sag-aftra-tentative-deal-historic-strike-1235771894/
  5. Yes, but those three women don't necessarily have to be Elayne, Min and Aviendha. TV Rand is much more connected to both Lanfear and Egwene than book version. And Min's vision could easily be transformed into something else. This will be sensitive issue, as the Aes Sedai-Warder bond is so beautifully depicted with Moiraine and Lan, and Alanna's bonding with Rand was... well, in lack of better words, r**e (I may be wrong with analogy, it's been 10 years since I read the books, but I do distinctly remember how uncomfortable that was). I am not sure they will do polyamorous relationship centered around the heterosexual male. I understand we have double standards, but between two already connected women to Rand - Egwene and Lanfear, we are adding three more... A bit too much. I agree with this. I thought that perhaps the inclusion of Elayne on Tower may be indicative of them going different route. I sincerely doubt Lanfear will go any time soon (Natasha O'Keeffe was one of the best parts of the second season). It would make even more sense for her to direct her jealousy toward a female character that is in love with Rand, and not Moiraine. Plus, Natasha and Ceara (Elayne) are aesthetically very different women, with different energies, so it could nicely work... Yeah, Alanna's dynamic is positive, so they may play on it with different participants or different dynaics. I never liked it in the books, even though I somewhat understood what Jordan was doing. The bigger issue I have is that of three actresses, only Ceara leaves stronger impact that could warrant her appearance in seasons to come. Honestly, if MIn wouldn't appear anymore, I wouldn't mind. Aviendha is also someone I could live without. Interestingly, all three book characters are high on my favorites list, but on TV, neither Min nor Aviendha did anything for me.
  6. I need to ask about this - what are the chances of condensing Rand's harem from the books into one woman - most likely, Elayne? The inclusion of Elayne at the tower, prominence of actress during press tour, makes me believe that it is more likely to keep just Elayne as romantic interest, especially due to the popularity of Lanfear and the fact Rand and Egwene are still semi-connected? I honestly have no idea what they'll do with Min, as her story completely failed IMO, and as for Aviendha she could be the window to Aiel world and culture. Just a thought. Wanted to know if anyone had given it any thought.
  7. The Bear Season 2 Silo Season 1 Andor Season 1 Good Omens Season 2 The Diplomat Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 5 Ted Lasso Season 3 Abbott Elementary Season 2 Foundation Season 2 The Wheel of Time Season 2 Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Shadow and Bone Season 2
  8. Of all his box office successes, OPPENHEIMER has the lowest budget. INCEPTION had $160M, INTERSTELLAR $165M and BATMAN movies are circa $200M. OPPENHEIMER practically rode on Barbieheimer marketing. WB spent some $150M in marketing of BARBIE and obviously it helped OPPENHEIMER too. One day, someone will do the analysis of what happened this July and it will be interesting to see how this synergy helped both movies.
  9. Even f you adjust inflation, it still surpasses INTERSTELLAR, and is relatively close to INCEPTION (adjusted for inflation, it is below $1,2B). But, as you said, those were PG-13 movies, OPPENHEIMER is R-rated. Not to mention that cinema landscape has drastically changed post-COVID.
  10. The Bear Season 2 Silo Season 1 Andor Season 1 Good Omens Season 2 The Diplomat Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 5 Ted Lasso Season 3 Abbott Elementary Season 2 Foundation Season 2 Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Shadow and Bone Season 2 I didn't think it would be that low, but there it is. I waited the season finale to binge watch it. Lee Pace sells Day like no one else could and frankly remains one of only few reasons this show is watchable. It was much better than first season, although plot holes, deus ex machina and cheap, lazy tricks riddled this incredibly beautiful series. And by beautiful, I mean visually. I can't remember the series looking so rich in its visuals. ANDOR was gorgeous too, but this is, a whole new level of TV beauty. Sadly, the story is lacking. Moving on to ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING, S03 of HIS DARK MATERIALS (will rank it here) and THE LAST OF US. I am epically behind the schedule for this year's TV. ELSBETH, THE GILDED AGE and ASHOKA some time during October. I may be missing something, but I will remember
  11. I don't think anyone could have predicted OPPENHEIMER becoming such big success. I mean, it surpassed both INCEPTION and INTERSTELLAR, two movies that had such incredible popularity. I am very happy for Nolan. It is truly incredible achievement and I think many are happy because it proved people will come to the theatres for a good story. Having said that, here is another information. The distribution rights in America are for 100 days (henceforth, don't expect OPPENHEIMER on VOD anytime soon). Today (September, 21st) is is 62nd day of release. Meaning, OPPENHEIMER will stay in cinemas for another 38 days. I suppose they will soon end, and then leave couple of weeks for Oscar campaign.
  12. OPPENHEIMER currently at Box Office: $912M Only second highest grossing drama film in history (behind TITANIC) The highest grossing biopic of all time (surpassed BOHEMINA RHAPSODY which is at $910M) The second highest grossing R-rated movie (behind JOKER) This movie is a perfect mix of high profile critics darling and box office success that can do well at Oscars... We'll see.
  13. Just few thoughts after S02E04 The biggest problem for me is that we don't understand the foundations of this new world in the series. We are 12 episodes in, and I doubt anyone would be able to answer the simplest of all questions whether it is "What is the Dragon?" or "What is Aes Sedai?" I understand the dislike for exposition and throwing bunch of details at the audience, but we live in post-Game-of-Thrones world. If we are asked to remember 50 characters because it adds the depth to the story, we will do so. I understand it is easier for Thrones because much of the plot relied on the real-life medieval dynastic wars, so those dynamics were easy to catch. Here, I doubt anyone can actually answer what Aes Sedai are supposed to be doing. Even what is easy to explain - like Cairhien and its politics, it is glossed over and we never get a true glimpse into how things are supposed to work. As for damane, what a failure! In my mind, damane were like Handmaids from "The Handmaid's Tale" - not aesthetically, but in a way that you get uncomfortable by seeing them. It's been a while since I read the books, but I remember Egwene's disgust and pain and horror from "The Great Hunt" and IIRC, it haunted her until her end. The damane here, there is nothing I feel when i see them. I can't tell whether they are faithful representation from the books, but I thought that our first meeting with them would give off more sinister vibe. Everything special about Wheel of Time books is gone from this adaptation. They get this or that right, but I just feel like the series has no narrative depth. And we are still at the stage when WoT is rather dynamic, easy to follow. And they just ignored it. Not even for the sake of "doing their own thing", but creating some sort of generic fantasy without the modicum of originality. Despite my undying love for Rosamund Pike and the interest for the book series, I am profoundly disappointed by this. And I am hardly a book purist, as I haven't been a purist when it came to ASOIAF, let alone WoT. I just hope it gets better.
  14. I liked him. I can' t say I miss the old Matt much even though he was superb in the role. I feel like the new Matt also has some playfulness in him that is characteristic for the book character we know. I watched the first three episodes and while I am pleased, the fact that this show has no base, no foundation, is still irking me. It's like "the blind leading the blind" situation where we know nothing about how the their world function because most of time, the characters are clueless. I suppose they wanted to evade exposition or to add to the mystery, but I am not sold on it.
  15. One of the big problems for Hollywood execs is that they may have to pay workers abroad fairly too. Believe it or not. And as for how little do the Writers' Guild actually demands, here is an estimation compared to the annual revenues of all major studios:
  16. Oh, certainly. It was just the mental connection I had in my had. It works in sometimes strange ways
  17. Overall, I am not THAT against anything seen so far. Perhaps Lanfear, but she was always the most difficult to cast. I hoped for a bit more experienced actors, as I feel Amazon has the issue with that on both its fantasy series. But, it remains to be see how much of Rosamund Pike and Sophie Okonedo we'll get plus whether the youngsters are more comfortable in their roles. Overall, I love artistry of the show. It's a bit too much, but so was Jordan. Moiraine's costume is really beautiful, although the poster looks a bit weird due to perspective. If I were casting director, I would have picked Sophie Turner for Elaine. And that is solely that I started reading Jordan's books when "Game of Thrones" began and somehow, in my mind, there was always a mental and visual link between Sansa and Elayne. But, it was always a pipe dream in terms of casting. That said, Ceara looks perfect for the role and I wish her all the luck. I don't know how much people talked about music, but I love Lorne Balfe's music for the series. I am looking forward to listening more great music. Personal favorites: "Aes Sedai", "Al'Naito", "Reunited" and "Like a Raging Sun". And I have enjoyed the covers of "Weep for Manetheren" and "The Man Who Can't Forget".
  18. Oh, you don't know about that particular joke? Here it is... In addition, Netflix swore they won't make more of it. And Gaiman made us promise we won't tell them
  19. The Bear Season 2 Silo Season 1 Andor Season 1 Good Omens Season 2 The Diplomat Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 5 Ted Lasso Season 3 Abbott Elementary Season 2 Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Shadow and Bone Season 2 One can't write enough about the chemistry of David Tennant and Michael Sheen. The ending was so beautiful, so emotional that I could barely hold myself. It was hilarious, it was devastating... I mean, you want Neil Gaiman to give you something like this. He truly delivered. And yes, I am so glad Netflix didn't cancel it
  20. Yes, Netflix and Amazon have been paying a lot of money into international productions. A lot of money would be a relevant term as most of those productions are considerably cheaper than US productions. However, La Casa del Papel, DARK or Squid Game showed us that they can make a hit. At this moment, I think Netflix is doing more than 20 series and movies in Turkey. There was a huge scandal with Disney+ and their cancellation of commissioned project "Ataturk" about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkish Republic, ordered for 100th anniversary of Republic. Someone in Turkey is hindering the project, simultaneously accusing Armenian and Greek lobby in States. It's a total clusterf**k. Needless to say, Disney+ really failed in Turkey. European, Asian, South American etc. production may feel some benefits of US strike, but most people don't pay Netflix for some obscure French, Brazilian or Turkish drama. Both Netflix and Amazon most watched projects are mostly US-produced (with several exceptions) Regardless of international content and pouring more and more money into internationally local markets, at the end of the day, people are still more interested in the likes of Stranger Things, Boys, Bridgerton or even Rings of Power.
  21. I had such a sweet chuckle at this. Well, when it comes to Star Wars, I am more of an agnostic... You are probably right, especially given the fact I will be watching "The Mandalorian" S03 soon enough (and for the life of me, I can't even remember the half of it ) so I suppose my faith will be soon destroyed. Currently watching "Foundation"... Now that is a strange feeling...
  22. The Bear Season 2 Silo Season 1 Andor Season 1 The Diplomat Marvelous Mrs Maisel Season 5 Ted Lasso Season 3 Abbott Elementary Season 2 Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Shadow and Bone Season 2 Beyond any doubt, "Silo" was one of the best new things I have watched in a while. Rebecca Ferguson was amazing, the story was gripping and it had all the right elements of the genre to keep me hooked. It's an adaptation, so I may pick up the book to see what will happen next, but they did such a great job that I may just leave it until Season 2 comes. And yes... Andor. I finished my binge-watching yesterday. I know it is 2022, but it is in this Emmy cycle, and I wasn't updating my 2022 list, so here it is. Just like Rebecca in "Silo", Diego Luna is the perfect lead but I have to say that the storyline surrounding Mon Mothma was beautifully written. Genevieve O'Reilly was perfect, a joy to watch through and through. Stellar cast, great script... "Andor" restored my faith in Star Wars Universe (I am still afraid to watch S03 of "The Mandalorian"). I honestly can't wait for Season 2. Coming next: "Foundation", "Barry", "The Mandalorian", "The Last of Us" before the S02 of "The Wheel of Time"
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