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  1. SkyPirate

    References and Homages

    You're not the only one :D. It's why I think Sweetrobin has a chance of living.
  2. SkyPirate

    References and Homages

    [quote name='Gabriele' post='1429544' date='Jul 6 2008, 23.59']If he sticks with the parallel for the next generation, we should get some Jaime/Loras action. :D[/quote] I like the way you're thinking. :D
  3. Mind if I also friend you on LJ?

  4. SkyPirate

    References and Homages

    [quote name='Shewoman' post='1387429' date='Jun 7 2008, 06.09']Neurosis, I think you're thinking of Sir William Marshall. Ser Arthur Dayne might owe something to him. Someone suggested that Margaery's situation at the end of FFC resembles Anne Boleyn's. Anne was accused of witchcraft, incest with her brother George (whose wife gave evidence against them), and adultery with one of her musicians (Mark Smeaton) and four other male courtiers. Cersei is suspicious of a connection between Margaery and a male musician, and while I haven't seen any reason to think the Tyrell siblings are incestuous, they are quite close. Margaery has been examined and found not to be a virgin--not the same as Anne's problem, but it could lead to trouble. Margaery's situation reminds me more of Katherine Howard's, Henry VIII's fifth wife (and a cousin of Anne Boleyn's). Katherine, who was, I believe, 16 when she was executed, took as a lover one of her husband's favorite grooms of the chamber, and there was a general impression that she allowed men in the Queen's rooms at inappropriate times. Sounds a bit like the whole Margaery/Pycelle/Moon Tea thing.[/quote] Margaery's personality is more reminiscent of Anne than of Catherine H., though (and she's smart, while Catherine H comes across as a giggling airhead). And Cersei did think of Margaery/Loras as slander, but decided that nobody who knew Loras would believe it. And he was much too populair: [quote]By dawn the singer’s high blue boots were full of blood, and he had told them how Margaery would fondle herself as she watched her cousins pleasuring him with their mouths. At other times he would sing for her whilst she sated her lusts with other lovers. “Who were they?” the queen demanded, and the wretched Wat named Ser Tallad the Tall, Lambert Turnberry, Jalabhar Xho, the Redwyne twins, Osney Kettleblack, Hugh Clifton, and the Knight of Flowers. [b]That displeased her. She dare not besmirch the name of the hero of Dragonstone. Besides, no one who knew Ser Loras would ever believe it. [/b]The Redwynes could not be a part of it either. Without the Arbor and its fleet, the realm could never hope to rid itself of this Euron Crow’s Eye and his accursed ironmen. “All you are doing is spitting up the names of men you saw about her chambers. We want the truth!”[/quote] Lann the Trickster reminded me of Loki of the Norse pantheon.
  5. [quote name='Maia' post='1349161' date='May 9 2008, 21.57']I saw a very interesting quote from the excerpt on-line today: "Reek has been with me since I was a boy. My lord father gave him to me, as a token of his love." So, given that Reek used to be a necrophile and stuff, does this mean that Roose purposefully shaped Ramsey into a monster? If so, then Ramsey's chances of bumping off dear old dad, surviving for much longer and/or of inheriting are minimal. It appears that he was a tool created for specific task and that Roose ought to be very much aware of all of his flaws and limitations.[/quote] That would make the Boltons even scarier and creepier than they already are. I cannot [i]wait [/i]to read those chapters.
  6. Well, I do have a dissertation for school to finish off and exams in a month so I'll have less time to waste away on these forums. :P

  7. Gotta agree with Eilis :P I'll be disappointed if you don't reach 700 posts in two months ;)

  8. SkyPirate

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    Oh snap! *sigh* Now I really want ADwD. Even MORE.