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    If you are a fan of Jaime and Brienne, you can join the discussion overe HERE http://w11.zetaboards.com/Jaime_x_Brienne/index/
  2. Huh? We knew he wasn't going to be in this episode because the episode descriptions have him in NEXT week's show.
  3. That made me choke on popcorn but it was soooo worth it!
  4. Part of me thinks Tywin will kill Shae and that's why Tyrion kills him.
  5. MsLibby

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Can someone tell those of us who can' twatch what you just saw???
  6. MsLibby

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Can someone explain what it is with more than WTF?
  7. MsLibby

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    It's going to stray further and further away from the books. we knew that going in though.
  8. MsLibby

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Or with the broken leg. I wondered if that was hobbling him more than just physically.
  9. I haven't seen it yet, but why have Jaime commit rape? It makes no sense.
  10. It was very forceful sex in the books, but I wouldn't call it rape.
  11. It's supposed to be uncomfortable. It's Jaime at his lowest.
  12. I'm assuming they didn't need yet another character with little or nothing to do. I think they need to give Bronn a bigger role at the beginning of this season to keep in the forefront of the story. Makes his treachery even harder in a few weeks.
  13. With the actor who played Ilyn being so sick, Bronn was the more logical choice I guess. Still, he can talk so it actually makes what jaime is doing more dangerous. I know a lot of people haad hoped Brienne would become his sparring partner, but that would have been too ......expected.