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  1. For those old enough to remember 50 years ago today Canada and Canadians defeated the then considered mighty Soviet Union. In hockey, a game real men play. I don't want to brag but I think this was the first crack in the Iron Curtain.
  2. That has been done. Canadian tv has been doing this on the slaves who came to freedom and settled in Nova Scotia after the 13 colonies rebelled. Lawrence Hill wrote the novel The Book of Negroes and it was made into a drama by the CBC, I think. BTW, Lawrence Hill is the brother of singer Dan Hill. Don't hold it against him.
  3. As far as I recall the explorers/settlers of Greenland and Newfoundland were first in Iceland to escape retribution for violent behaviour in Norway. Even in Iceland they got into trouble and kept going west.
  4. I see Pierre Poutine is reaping a bit of the whirlwind he helped to sow. The right-wing loons are going after his wife for being an immigrant.
  5. When this goes to the Supreme Court, will even the most conservative originalist tie themselves into knots to justify it?
  6. In 2019 we were in Cuba over the Xmas holidays and all the talk then was about the vote for changing the constitution to recognize same sex marriage and to update the divorce laws. I guess Covid must have delayed the vote. The consensus from the locals we talked to was that both amendments would pass but the divorce amendment was the one getting the most friction.
  7. Remember the band Klaatu? they had a song Anus of Uranus.
  8. After43 years, any original Guard members are quite old. I suspect the newer ones see if as a well paid job but is it one worth dying for? They could melt away like the Afghan army.
  9. If you have an old fashioned Mercator projection map draw a straight line between Munich and Toronto. If it goes over the Maritimes be prepared for rough weather enroute. An actual globe and a piece of string will work also.
  10. Maybe his Putin impersonation did not impress the rest of the Party.
  11. If only if there was a surplus of carbon dioxide just waiting to be used somewhere easily accessible...
  12. Monarchy is when idiots don't even run and still win.
  13. Wanting to live a life is not selfish. I hope you do get a chance to get away and live. Best of luck.
  14. So the latest outrage on the monarchist front seems to be that our PM had the nerve to actually sing before Liz was fully planted. Was he expected to mortify his flesh instead? Some people really need to get a life.
  15. Dammit Zorral, my reading list is too long to begin with!
  16. I just finished and enjoyed the first two. My library has two more and a new Walter Mosely too.
  17. Did you know there is a collection of short stories written by Fleming called Gilt Edged Bond? do you have that? One must be complete.
  18. Mountbatten was a known fuckup as his war record and his tenure as the last viceroy of India shows. Even his 'friends' may have had reason to get rid of him.
  19. Those windows should be low-e glass to maximize heat loss in winter.
  20. The whole house of Hanover starting with George I was of German descent. Victoria marrying Albert just reinforced their German heritage. Victoria's children and grandchildren married into royal houses across Europe, making the Czar of Russia, the Kaiser of Germany and the King of England first cousins when WWI broke out.
  21. The point being that the sun does not shine out of a special someones's ass.
  22. When I play games like that I don't play fair. I destroy my enemies with kindness.
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