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  1. 4 minutes ago, SeanF said:

    That is … quite something.

    To my considerable embarrassment, I have to admit I once believed that Southern slave owners were mostly decent.

    Actually taking the trouble to read about slavery cured me of that.  Now, I think that several hundred of them should have been strung up in 1865.

    One could quite fairly produce a drama showing British officers being entirely cynical, in offering freedom, but at the same time, slaves taking the opportunity to be freed.  

    That has been done. Canadian tv has been doing this on the slaves who came to freedom and settled in Nova Scotia after the 13 colonies rebelled. Lawrence Hill wrote the novel The Book of Negroes and it was made into a drama by the CBC, I think.

    BTW, Lawrence Hill is the brother of singer Dan Hill. Don't hold it against him.

  2. 3 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    A few days ago I mentioned something similar happening in Florida. Next up, the academic heavy hitter that is Idaho:


    Every red state will looks like this within a few months if I had to guess. 

    When this goes to the Supreme Court, will even the most conservative originalist tie themselves into knots to justify it?

  3. 47 minutes ago, Zorral said:

    On the eve of getting hit by Hurricane Ian, Cuba voted in same sex marriage.


    In 2019 we were in Cuba over the  Xmas holidays and all the talk then was about the vote for changing the constitution to recognize same sex marriage and to update the divorce laws. I guess Covid must have delayed the vote. The consensus from the locals we talked to was that both amendments would pass but the divorce amendment was the one getting the most friction.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:


    Just saw this.  If police in Iran are shifting to the side of the Protesters the real question is what will the “Revolutionary Guard” do?  


    After43 years, any original Guard members are quite old. I suspect the newer ones see if as a well paid job but is it one worth dying for? They could melt away like the Afghan army.

  5. 11 hours ago, James Arryn said:

    We’re flying back to Toronto from Italy-via-Munich on Tuesday. Anyone know if hurricanes are likely to either lead to grounding, redirection or very bumpy flights? The latter is of more concern than usual as it will be my two-year old girls second ever flight.

    If you have an old fashioned Mercator projection map draw a straight line between Munich and Toronto. If it goes over the Maritimes be prepared for rough weather enroute. An actual globe and a piece of string will work also.

  6. On 9/14/2022 at 5:09 PM, Zorral said:

    Has anyone encountered the historical fiction author  David Donachie, who also writes as Tom Connery and Jack Ludlow as well as, from 2019, "Jack Cole".

    I have begun Hawkwood, one of the Jack Ludlow series.  Yup, that Hawkwood.  He and his archers (along with those in many other companies) have just been let go by Edward III and the commander who hired them in France, and has declined to give them any lands or even a passage back to England.  So he's joining up with a larger and more variedly equipped company, to turn "free company".  We all know what that means for the poor people of France, as Hawkwood begins his career in earnest.

    This is a long way from nautical warfare, which is what Donachie does.

    Anyway, there are a lot of historical novels of different military breeds by this author.


    Dammit Zorral, my reading list is too long to begin with!  :cheers:

  7. 13 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

    Fuck no, it's a used paperback book that's only 10 years old. I cannot explain what's going on here. I could have bought the complete set less than a year ago for around $150. 

    Did you know there is a collection of short stories written by Fleming called Gilt Edged Bond? do you have that? One must be complete.

  8. 1 hour ago, Spockydog said:

    Nope. Mountbatten was one of the ringleaders. Some of his co-conspirators wanted to put Oswald Mosley in Downing Street. But Mountbatten wanted Wilson's job for himself. The nazi-loving cunt even tried to take control of the British military.

    It was the Queen who stepped in and put a stop to it. 

    And, frankly, the entire affair places the official account of Mountbatten's assassination by the IRA under suspicion. Mountbatten was an enemy of the state, and quite probably dealt with accordingly.


    Mountbatten was a known fuckup as his war record and his tenure as the last viceroy of India shows. Even his 'friends' may have had reason to get rid of him.

  9. 2 hours ago, IheartIheartTesla said:

    Open the blinds (or curtains) during the daytime, and remember to close them during the night to prevent radiative heat loss. You'd also be amazed how much warmer you feel just sitting in the sun's rays during the daytime.

    Here in the US many utility companies offer smart thermostats that you can fiddle with on your phone remotely (for instance, Consumers Energy in Michigan provides Google Nest thermostats for free) where you can change the temperature when you are at work, for example, but pre-heat your house on the way home. I dont know if those thermostats work for houses heated by radiators rather than central air, for example....but its worth looking into. Overall its more energy efficient for the community as a whole, although you give up some of your 'liberty' by giving the utility company some access to your house.

    Those windows should be low-e glass to maximize heat  loss in winter.

  10. 13 hours ago, A Horse Named Stranger said:

    Wrong generation. Queen Victoria's husband was German (some junior branch of House Hannover, iirc). That's the German bloodline, and why they underwent a name change to House Winndsor during WWII.

    The whole house of Hanover starting with George I was of German descent. Victoria marrying Albert just reinforced their German heritage. Victoria's children and grandchildren married into royal houses across Europe, making the Czar of Russia, the Kaiser of Germany and the King of England first cousins when WWI broke out.

  11. 9 minutes ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

    I’m aware.  And I can understand how that requirement could be grating to some.  And I’m confident you do everything you can to properly represent everyone under your wing.  


    When I play games like that I don't  play fair. I destroy my enemies with kindness.

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