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  1. Ellison was a complicated man and over the last 50! years my opinion of him as been complicated also. He did help unknown and starting writers but he could also be such a complete asshole. I never met him but I have enjoyed the books so I guess I am on the fence.
  2. The Bush years? What about the Johnson /Nixon years? Not all of us are summer children. That name is a blast from the past. And yes I watched the Chicago Seven movie but I also followed the trial in the news as it was happening and read Abby Hoffman's 'Steal This Book'.
  3. Why the pushback? Are people still pissed at Ellison? Personally, I was in my early teens when the first Dangerous visions was published and I absolutely loved it. It was so... transgressive. it appealed to my teenage anti-authoritarianism. Of course this was the 60s/70s and rebellion was in the air. But the stories were soo good! Writers I had never heard of were in those pages and have given me reading material for a life time. Will a final Dangerous Visions be able to do the same?
  4. Ever since my teenage years I have considered tackling James Joyce. As I near my 65th birthday, I wonder if I ever will. Some days I think the life remaining to me is too short to waste on a book I won't enjoy, but other times I wonder if I am missing out on a really fascinating read. And of course being in this Covid situation leaves me with a lot of time on my hands and a dearth of new stuff to find and read. One day I will make a decision.
  5. Ostriches kick when they attack, and can do a lot of damage. Emus have been known to kill with their kick , while Moas are now extinct.
  6. I just found out that Gene Taylor, the Blasters piano man, apparently froze to death during the Texas power outage. The man was a national treasure and to have him die this way is just not right. I am fucking pissed right now.
  7. I hope it works out for you. Before I retired I never stuck at a job for more than 12 years. As a millwright managers liked seeing a bit of movement on your resume as it meant that you had different experiences and had a chance to learn more about the trade.
  8. Again congratulations on doing a great thesis. I have had a lot of good news these past few weeks but this is one of the best.
  9. Wow!!! I am so happy!! I am so proud of you as my friend also. Congratulations!
  10. Today is a good day because I became a grand dad for the first time. My daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The back story to all this is that mother and daughter had an extremely rare genetic disability that required multiple surgeries. The condition was so rare that the best doctors at the best hospitals in Canada knew nothing about my wife's genetics until our daughter was born with the same problem. That was when we were told that she had one chance in 2 of passing it on to any children she had. Genetic testing showed the baby was clear but no one knew if my daughter would be able to have a normal delivery. She had a text book pregnancy and a textbook delivery and I have the most beautiful granddaughter.
  11. First, you do not come off as a conceited prick. I have been in the same situation with an ignorant as fuck manager and yes it is thankless. I am a millwright and I had a manager put over me who did not know the least bit of what I can do as a tradesperson, but thought that being a manager made him more knowledgeable than me. If he lasts long enough, he will run your place into the ground. I hope the owner realizes this.
  12. I have been waiting for this book much longer than I have waited for The Winds of Winter.
  13. Well I am expecting to be a granddad any time now but so far no news. Baby is taking her time.
  14. For all the Canadians out there. Howie Meeker is no more. No more 'Golly Gee Willikers!'
  15. Jeopardy wasn't his first Quiz show. While he was a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) announcer he also did the Reach For The Top quiz show. It had a similar format to Jeopardy but featured high school students. And yes, I was briefly on it but not with Alex.
  16. He was a great actor simply because he made it seem so easy to play the roles he did. I have watched just about everything he did, including Zardoz, and he was never less than great. The man was just magnetic on the screen. My favourite role was not one most would pick. Playing an aged Robin Hood in Robin and Marian , he managed to humour and pathos in the same line. Marian complained that he never wrote while away on the Crusades with Richard Lionheart, and his reply, "I don't know how." is indelibly stamped in my brain. I will miss him.
  17. I have. I think it may have been an alternative spelling of Carrie or Kerry.
  18. I just saw on my news feed that a series based on Iain Banks' Culture novels has just been cancelled. Crap!! I was really looking forward to seeing this.
  19. My mother was Dutch and she made her own on occasion. I loathe the stuff.
  20. My friend phoned me last night to tell me that her incompetent boss was leaving the company. He made her life miserable and now he is leaving. Oh happy day!
  21. The good old days when reality and satire didn't mix.
  22. Richard 'Little Richard' Penniman died at age 87. The man who made rock'n'roll. Everybody wanted to sing like him but he was the greatest. I wiil miss him.
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