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  1. They must be taking advice from Canadian cons. Every time Trudeau is seen enjoying time off the hysteria starts.
  2. Am I the only person reading about how Trump's team hired people to break into voting machines in Wisconsin, Nevada in and Pennsylvania? Apparently this was in the documents recovered from Mar A Lardo.
  3. I read your comment as speculation on the future of Russian troops in the contested regions of Ukraine, where a good portion of the inhabitants are Russian speaking or Russian sympathizers. If I misunderstood the meaning I apologize.
  4. Read your history. Armies once welcomed as liberators routinely end up being hated as foreign occupiers.
  5. I just saw on CBC news that a cardinal of the Catholic church in Quebec was named in a sexual assault lawsuit.
  6. Big dick envy describes DeSantis. What else can you call a guy who continually sets up strawmen to fight and then loses.
  7. Just an aside here. Check out Wonderhussy's YouTube channel. She explores the Nevada desert and finds lots of interesting stuff.
  8. Has no one here read The Business by Iain Banks? I always thought he postulated a rather interesting model of a free market. I mean the Firm did own the Roman Empire for a day or so. Larry of the Lake, you were reading Banks. His non SF stuff is fun too.
  9. Google Robert Picton. If your stomach is strong.
  10. I keep wondering why Roger Stone and what Stone could reciprocate with. A Nixon dick pic?
  11. Remind me never to shake hands with you.
  12. Trump would sell his own poop if he thought he could make a buck from it.
  13. Gordon Lewis of punk band Teenage Head is dead. Apparently killed by his son.
  14. The Ontario legislature is back in session and Doug Ford loses out in a vote to replace the Speaker. 20 of his own members voted against Ford's choice for Speaker. This could get interesting.
  15. There is a spot for useless degrees, especially if one is born into the upper class. It lets you pretend to be educated when working at the family firm. Having plebs with the same or better qualifications around reduces your value making you replaceable. Not to mention the problem of being compared to the lessers and being found wanting.
  16. Isn't kicking a ball around football?
  17. Judging by the Kansas referendum results, I would be hesitant to forecast any major gains by the idiotic right. In any race. It seems Americans have not gone completely over to the dark side.
  18. The only Ukrainian phrase I know is 'care for a beer?'
  19. Shouldn't a lot of the released info have been released to the plaintiff's legal counsel as part of discovery anyway? I think perjury and contempt of court charges against Jones are called for at the least.
  20. Actually I noticed how often Shatner had his shirt off in the series and wondered why, being 12 at the time.
  21. I had a huge crush on her back when TOS was on TV. So sad and she was a huge role model. Being young white and male all the important stuff missed me. I just saw a beautiful woman.
  22. I was going to say it is running off the shelves.
  23. I just finished reading Mark Carney's book Value(s). Before he became your Bank of England governor he held the same position in Canada. One thing he mentioned was that people working in the financial industry no longer get bonuses based on short term performance but can have them clawed back up to 7 years later for malfeasance or misfeasance. I imagine this drains the talent pool of those with larceny and a short attention span. Where else to go but into the Tory party for a career then?
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