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  1. Hunters in Canada need to wear orange not camo. I never could see the point of camo clothing.
  2. We have the same 120V in Canada and we all have electric kettles. 5 min is too slow for a good kettle. The wattage of the kettle is the important factor. 1500w is standard as a kitchen outlet is rated for 15 amps.
  3. If any can think of a better title let me know.
  4. Early enough on embryos have gill slits.
  5. It is a large assumption in assuming that the get any.
  6. Understanding economics and being a callous git are mutually impossible.
  7. Merit pay tends to be based on how well one grovels and ass kisses rather than actually being good at one's job.
  8. The worst part of the problem is climate migration. Florida for instance will be uninhabitable once the seas rise. Being in the position of have nots will not go well for them.
  9. The first thing you have to realize is that it isn't you with the problem. Don't think the worst of yourself. On your podcast you do come across as smart and charming. Stay strong.
  10. One can always hope he leads the mob to do a Robespierre redux.
  11. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/canada-response-covid-pandemic-cmaj-1.6502648 I saw it on the CBC website. I am on my phone and finding it hard to link. Ok. got it. For you FB, anything.
  12. Well it seems that of all the most developed countries in this world Canada did the best in reducing deaths and getting the most citizens vaccinated. Considering that we had no vaccine industry and had to buy on the open market, not a bad achievement.
  13. His lack of defensiveness about you raising the subject is a pretty good indication it never crossed his mind.
  14. Ukraine gets another break. only 30 new refugees to take in from the Mideast rather than 30,000.
  15. Never gonna happen. Can you imagine the MAGA crowd happily swallowing Quebec?
  16. What types of peppers? I can buy a scotch bonnet hot pepper sauce for about $2 US that is great. Plus the actual joy of no gardening.
  17. Over the last few days I have never seen a country so intent on winning a Darwin award.
  18. I always liked to think that I was well read and aware of history but I had never heard of Juneteenth until just a few years ago. Live and learn. I am glad I am still learning.
  19. I would have laughed at him, told him I am not an intern, and asked him if he would do next month's SEC filings for me.
  20. Is anyone else seeing the online reports that Lauren Boebert worked as a paid escort at one time and having two abortions during that period? Apparently this is how she met Ted Cruz who then encouraged her to run for Congress.
  21. I would use the phrase "an ahistoric event" whenever ahistoric could could be misheard as "a historic".
  22. Considering that the Chicago 7 were looking at years in prison for conspiracy, this does seem a touch mild.
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