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  1. 10, it only for how much better I thought this ep was compared to the rest of the season so far. Things happened, Plot lines moved forward, and best of all, parts of so called Heresy was confirmed
  2. I give it a 5 as in very average. That is mostly because I hated the 2 ep before. I get the feeling they are doing 2 things this season, and only 2 things 1. They are pretty much burning away/blowing up in storyline that is not directly involved in the story they want to tell. Some of this is because like GRRM, they had too many storyline going and the rest because they have backed their selves in to a corner w/ some of the characters being completely in the wrong place to do anything w/ the main story from the book. 2. I think they are stalling, until GRRM gets the next book out. Why else would they go back and add the Iron Is. storylines back in, after dropped them the last couple seasons.
  3. I gave it a 10, but really it was a 9.5/9.3 IMO. Most of what I didn't like, is nitpicking. I have said many times that there is no way that they could cast all 200+ speaking parts, and the fact they have nearly 40 cast members + support cast is amazing. Since they had already had the scene in the "inn of the crossroads" and didn't give him the wound, they had to have him fight someone else. Brienne is the only major character near him, and one of the few that could be able to defeat him. Also having the 2 non knights fight, when they both are just trying to look out for Arya's kind of felt like a GRRM storyline. When I saw it predicted before the ep came out I was like WTF, but after seeing it, it played out very well, but still think it would have been better if he had "died" earlier in the season, and that her last scene should have been arriving at the church of B/W. JoJen paste debate aside, having him die there did not seem right to me. While all of the Wall/ Stannis/ Wildling scenes seemed very well done, there were just to many of them for this one ep. Varys getting on the ship w/ Tyrion instead of hiding in KL, is not only wrong, but changes much of what should happen next season. The only non-nitpicky problems were both of Jaime scenes. They were too short, too simple, and each played out completely wrong. 1st the Cersei scene, she basically took the wind out of his sails, over rid his growing distrust of her, and gave in to the part of him that still wants her. Ironically, IMO this played out like the way the chapel scene after Joff death should have played out. I think this scene should have shown how much distances has grown between them, and his defending of Tyrion, and her condemning should have increased the distance between them, and one or the other should have stormed out of the room. Which would have lead nicely to his 2nd scene, w/ Tyrion. Jaime not trusting Cersei's growing insanity, and wanting to protect his brother, choses to help Tyrion escape. He did not go into it pure of heart, but w/ frustration and distrust for his life, his choices and his family. His attitude angers Tryrion, which leads to them arguing w/ each other, and to Tyrion looking to confront their father. By continuing to show the brotherly love between them, It changes Tyrion's mind set. An already angry Tyrion, seeing Shae, and then killing her makes sense. ETA: The only way I could see them being able to bring Lady Stoneheart into the ep, would be the telling of slow Freys story, and I just don't see them spending that much time on him.
  4. 1 Most of the Magic from Westeros is left off the show, no Patchface, Coldhands, Ghost of High Heart, or the Black Gate and we have yet to hear rumor of a certain Lady. Least not forget that Jon, Rickon, Arya and Sansa don't appear to be wargs. I would think that they leave out the CoTF expect season 4 last ep is name some like "the Children" 2. Well the actress did pretty good job of acting like that in season 1. On the show it is more then she is "less dumb, and bitchy" They play her like a victim, you don't get how much she has done to others, or how truly awful her plan are ( both as a plan, and what she wants to do to others). At least IMO Book Cersei never really cares that Joff died. Much like Tywin view of Tyrion's being w/ whores, its about how his death make her look, and what she is suppose to do. It only get worse at the next one.
  5. The biggest problem w/ that theory is he left the Reeds behind. Unless Jon and Co lost, they would know that someone took off w/ Bran, and at least one of the NW would be able to track him down, not only for taking Bran, but for deserting the NW. It doesn't seem like a good idea. His only real choice would have been to kill them all, and then let the blame fall on Karl and his boys. 7, couple of nice moments, but nothing really good other then Craster;s .
  6. Yes, I misunderstood what he was saying. It would be Ratings (how many people saw an ep) and Rated ( what people gave it as a score) Ranking would be where an ep was listed against others. At least IMO.
  7. Show Jaime doesn't know about the others (not sure if any of them have happened on the show) but this is suppose to be a turning point for both of them. I agree the power dynamic between has been slowly turning, from this point on Jaime doesn't see her the same way, Sex is only a small part of it. I believe that this show tied 3:1 w/ the highest ratings, most on HBO since the Sopranos final.
  8. I am going to try very hard not to step in any of the big piles of shit, that surround this rape topic. I did not see anybody else bring this up, or post a link (I didn't read all 17 pages). I read a article from one of the guys behind the scene. He was going on how well the scene went, and how he thought it played straight w/ the books, in that Cersei fought it at the start and then gave into it later in the scene. I kind of saw what he was saying, but w/o Cersei saying the words she said in the book, it did not come off quite that way.
  9. I give a solid 6. And think that is a good thing. This was a completely a set up ep (which GoT has not done much of), and it really needed it to be one. There are many turns in most of the story lines, going forward, and they did a solid job of setting things up. They also did not try to go too big w/ this ep, and that too is a good thing. Sansa/LF, Arya/ the Hound, Tommen/Tywin, Tyrion/ Pod, men of NW, Dany and Wilding were all well done, (even w/ the messed up Thenn). Each storyline did what it was needed to do and did not try to over reach. Sam/ Gilly was a bit too much, too soon, and took more time then it needed at this point. I still hate all of the Dragonstone storylines. They should have already happened last season, and doing them now just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Davos did what he needed to do in ep 1, and they could skip this, and do other things that need more air time. I am on the fence w/ the Cersei/Jaime. It might be the most brilliant thing they have done, but it just feels wrong. The have in short order flip-flopped them. It makes some sense, as show Jaime has not learned all that book Jaime did before this scene. They have had the riff between them, and it has been growing, but is the moment between them. I think they can now move forward in the story, w/o having to change anything they have already set up. It might cause some problems in a few season, but nothing anytime soon.
  10. I disagree, I think she is pissed and will be out for Tyrions blood all on her own. The money, power, and everything that goes w/ Tywin is just the icing at the top.
  11. I think they have gone back and tried to get Stannis storyline back on track, when he should disappear til the last couple ep. I think the big story played out well, and got most of the major points across, but they could have done this ep, all about before during and after the wedding, and it could have been a better one. Other things took away from the main storyline.
  12. I think you have to spilt the story lines. Tywin's opening while a lot different from the books, was very good, made since from the shows POV of the character. 9/10 Tyrion/ Oberyn storylines while different from the books, worked really well, and stayed true to spirit of the story. 10/10 Arya and The Hound was damn near perfect, but isn't the Hound suppose to be wounded? 10/10 Jaime and Brienne being there before the wedding sucks, but the did ok w/ those storylines ( while Brienne story will get back on track, I think they messed up a big part of Jaime's, the guilt at not have the chance to talk to Joffery was something that weighed heavily on him, and at least part of the what came between him and Cersei, neither of which can be ever be fixed) I also think that Jaime not having being told that Cersei is just using him is really bad for the storylines. 6/10 Dany and the Slave cities is too rushed, focusing on the wrong things, and almost a have been better to skip those scenes, in favor of picking it back up later in the storyline. 6/10 8/10
  13. I thought that Cat thing is one of the best things they have ever done on the show, that wasn't in the book. It showed that Cat knew she was wrong for the way she felt about Jon. That she had even felt guilty about it, but in the end she could not help the way she felt. ep rating 7 I also like how Jaime/Brianna fight scene played out, even though the messed up who took them. HTF are they going to cut off his hand? How can that happen if he is with Bolton's men? While I could careless about Joff/Marg the end of that scene when Joff was turned on thinking about Marg killing somebody was spot on. The whole Jojen thing is messed up, it so messed up now that it will never match up with the books.
  14. Nice I thought it was good, not great ep. It does look like the show is going further away from the books.
  15. Nobody does. I believe there are threads about it. I know I have seen the arguement before.
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