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  1. I really liked it. Not as good as last week's episode but, well...what could be? Was really, really impressed with NCW's bathtub monologue. I wasn't too keen on his performance at the very beginning but he's done such an amazing job getting under the skin of the character that now I really couldn't imagine anyone else playing the role. The execution of the Karstarks was brilliantly dramatic. Incidentally, I saw Richard Madden in an interview the other day, and I was amazed to hear he wasn't from the north of England. His accent is terrific! And, as always, Charles Dance = Boss! Also, really impressed with the Valyrian language. They've done a great job making it really detailed. Overall, a very solid 8 out of 10.
  2. Holy Shit! I could write a 1000 word review of this episode, but 'Holy Shit!' pretty well sums it up. The death of Jeor Mormont, the death of Craster, the sacking of Astapor, the final unmasking of 'Boy' as Ramsey Snow, Varys's incredible revenge, Margaery Tyrell playing Joffrey like a fucking harp, the sacking of Astapor (mentioned this twice 'cos it was just that awesome!) Charles Dance being a boss, Beric-fucking-Dondarrion! Ten out of ten. Easiest. Rating. Ever. Holy Shit!
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