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  1. I want to give Hodor a mighty big hug. Oh you gentle giant you. :)
  2. The high point for sure (among some others) was Hodor yelling Hodor into that tunnel. Lol.
  3. The ending was ridiculous. Last two seasons we got supernatural stuff going on, mystery, wonder. This time though... Giant circle of brown people holding up the white queen! Looked like a rookie rockstar crowd surfing...
  4. I gave an 8, I liked it for the most part but I do wish Sam's scene included some slaying. I also wish Bran's story was done better, come on fighting over skinning rabbits... Hey at least Hodor spoke!!! I liked the scene with Theon & "Boy" ;) yeah baby blow that horn. The torture was a bit much for me though. Tyrion telling Sansa about their marriage was completely unnecessary. I loved how beautifully creepy Melisandre looked while staring at Arya. I enjoyed the Edmure/Frey engagement scene as well. And lastly, it was nice having a break from Daenerys.
  5. I don't see it either. When Tywin told Tyrion about being Master of Coin, Cersei looked like she was going to roar and chop the table in half.
  6. My only gripes were two scenes, the Pod/whores and Talisa again. We don't need to see Talisa in every episode. If those scenes didn't exist I'd give it a ten. Loved Hot Pie's direwolf creation.
  7. Loved loved loved Olenna! She was spot on! I'm sick of Talisa though, go away....
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