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  1. 8ish/10 There was nothing wrong with this episode. Was it the best ever? No, but it was a really great "calm before the storm" episode with some awesome moments: Brienne's knighting, Theon/Sansa, Jaime/Bran and that ending. I love the short of Jorah on horseback outside the walls looking towards the Wolfswood, anticipating the dead. Come to the realization that most folks are are malcontent pedants
  2. Talbot

    Who is Going to Die

    Pod Gendry Beric Gilly Edd Jorah Royce Ghost Theon will die, but I think it'll involve Euron. Tormund should die in the North, but him dying in the South fighting for a King/Queen would be oddly poetic. Gut feeling is Brienne survives, her being the first female knight trumps her "arc" being complete. Jaime survives here too. I think the "swerve" with Grey Worm is him surviving the battle
  3. Was between a 6-7, ended up closer to a 6. Honestly wasn't a fan of really anything in the first half of the episode outside of the S1x01 mirror with the procession entering Winterfell. I guess I liked Theon rescuing Yara. Nice little action sequence. Kinda rushed sure - but it was fun. I really enjoyed the Last Hearth piece, along with John Bradley's performance. Nikolaj as Jaime managed to be better than most of the cast in a 20 second scene with no dialogue. Met expectations, wasn't really expecting much.
  4. Talbot

    Episode 2 preview

    Hoping to see the anxiety slowly build up throughout the course of the episode, beginning at daylight and then peaking with pure dread by nightfall Really pumped to see this battle!
  5. Can you imagine the reaction if the Stannis scene is rushed and there's no LSH? Good lord!
  6. Alliser had him chained when they returned from Crasters
  7. You're making a scene here - you really need to calm down.
  8. Yeah, an emotionally stable poster. Calm down man.
  9. Talbot

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    The scene between Oberyn & Tyrion was excellent
  10. Talbot

    How would you rate episode 404?

    I guess, I just don't see the point you're trying to make.
  11. Talbot

    How would you rate episode 404?

    Based on the actual episode: 8.5 With the amount of tears and rage over the deviations? 10
  12. Talbot

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    You realize that ratings are going to continue to increase, right?