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  1. Imagine the fun of Westeros throwing literally everything to stop the NK and succeeding, only to find out the NK is just a minor scout sargeant of the WW empire. Then armies of ice dragons and giant unmammoths ravage the puny humans.
  2. Camara

    How to stop the Night King

    I actually think the NK can't be killed with dragon glass, he has a piece of dragon glass stuck at his heart actually.
  3. He is immune to bad dialogues. He doesn't care about small details, he is all after the endgame. He tames dragons better than any Targaryen, in way less time too. Do you think in the next season we will explore more of his character (who he is, what he wants), or will he be the weird alien slient enemy until the end? I'm afraid of character destruction but it would be awesome if he spoke and put all the living in their place, something like "I am saving the world from destruction, I am saving the world from you. To destroy I was made, but to save I will". It would be interesting if he had really good points on his side other than "Eliminate Mankind, execute order 999".
  4. Camara

    so did tormound and beric survive

    I think they are alive in the uncollapsed wall. However in that scene when the wall collapses they see unVIserion to their right IIRC. That means they're in the east part of the wall, that collapses some seconds later. In any case I think they're alive.
  5. I think one way or another KL will blow up with wildfire, I think they will bait the army of the dead into the city and then burn them all. Even if the Others/WW can survive the fire, they will have to start from scratch with no wights. A clever plot would be evacuate most of the city and leave a military garrison in the Red Keep to hook the dead to enter the city.
  6. Camara

    Oof... Gilly...

    I think for him the annullment was not important because it had no implications as Rhaegar's line was thought to be ended. I think it is implied he did read it because Gilly says Rhaegar married some woman although here he clearly says Lyanna. He could have inferred that from Bran but I think the way it worked out he really read the story and knew it was Lyanna. The only thing is that he knew Lyanna's "kidnapping" was a catalyst for one of the most important wars of recent memoy and Jon as a Stark would absolutely want to know the info about Lyanna loving Rhaegar, so he should have sent a raven or so.
  7. Camara

    The North's Fate

    The walkers won't teleport to Winterfell this quickly, they will first conquer the castles up north one by one, giving time for Jon and Danny to prepare Winterfell. I don't know what they are thinking in the protection of Winterfell. They will know now that the NK has a dragon and the undead are like so many, if the Wall wasn't good enough to stop them then the 10 m high or so walls of winterfell will just be a hump for the Army of the Dead. The only reasonable solution would be the magical properties of Winterfell but I don't think the show will go that way. In any case what does it have, more spells? I think in the show they will eventually have to escape, but I don't know how realistically that can be done surrounded by thousands of dead and an undragon, maybe Drogon picks up all important people while Rhaegal baits unViserion?
  8. I think Jon will freak out when he finds out about him. This will create some tension early in the season. Then they later find out that Danny is pregnant and Jon will not want to father a bastard so he will marry out of duty. Then Jon or Danny dies near the end.
  9. Camara

    Tyrion doubling what was offered

    ...and everyone's favourite white elephant castle, Harrenhal, is just vacant! It would be hilarious if Bronn of all people turned that well located place into a flourishing center of trade and knowledge.
  10. Camara

    Let's talk about Jaime...

    I think Jaime finally is going to fulfill his knightly side without restriction when he joins the Starkgaryens, at least for now. Everyone is full on the Second Long Night unlike Cersei so that will be a huge relief for his character to not have to worry about politics or pleasing Cersei. I think Winterfell will at first mobilize against him even when he announces he came to help them, and it will be Bran the one to protect him, coming full circle and rewarding Jaime for his change of heart.
  11. Camara

    The Wall

    Yeah I'm pretty sure in the books the wall will fall in a very different way. I understand that dragons are magical creatures that breathe fire that is generally good against ice, but from what we know dragons existed in the past in Westeros, before the Targaryans, so it's weird the Children/First Men made the wall dragon weak. Of course a dragon controlled by the Night King may be unusual and able to do it, still I prefer the Horn. We know nothing of the Horn of Joramun or who made it. It could have been made by the children and made with counterspells to destroy the wall, we don't know.
  12. I don't think the Night's Watch will be kept, and possibly Sam will be the last NC, the 1000th Maybe Bran will childrenoftheforest-crash the isthmus between Westeros and the Lands Beyond the Wall? Or most likely the NK(s?) will be killed and the children of the forest backfired creation will finally meet closure. In the books this will be different IMO.
  13. I am intrigued by the theory that we all have been fooled and Sam is Azor Ahai. We are all expecting a super swordsman but what if it's not like that at all? - Sam is one of the few people that has killed a White Walker. Although he killed one by surprise he might do it again. - Maybe swordsmanship is a fool idea to match a White Walker in battle. What if Sam counters them with his knowledge, knowing their weaknesses etc? - Heartsbane. Azor Ahai killed Nissa Nissa by putting a sword into her chest. Why not a better sword than a a valyrian one called Heartsbane?
  14. Obviously Cersei will spring a trap with her consort the Night King and in the last second Danny+Jon camp are saved by Ghost riding Rhaegal.
  15. Camara

    Daenerys will Break the Wheel

    Daenerys will save millions by getting rid of prisions. "I will not put men on chains" - so basically this means no prisioners, for her there is only "team Danny" or "dead" state. This raises big problems because she doesn't understand and/or care for why the concept of prisioner exists - this is a huge problem for someone that wants to rule.