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  1. Imagine the fun of Westeros throwing literally everything to stop the NK and succeeding, only to find out the NK is just a minor scout sargeant of the WW empire. Then armies of ice dragons and giant unmammoths ravage the puny humans.
  2. He is immune to bad dialogues. He doesn't care about small details, he is all after the endgame. He tames dragons better than any Targaryen, in way less time too. Do you think in the next season we will explore more of his character (who he is, what he wants), or will he be the weird alien slient enemy until the end? I'm afraid of character destruction but it would be awesome if he spoke and put all the living in their place, something like "I am saving the world from destruction, I am saving the world from you. To destroy I was made, but to save I will". It would be interesting if he had really good points on his side other than "Eliminate Mankind, execute order 999".
  3. Camara

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I'll mention some things already mentioned by other people. Arya She's not only a badass sword dancer, she also has massive strenght to counter the inertia of a 2H sword from a giant woman. Erm DaenAerys Oh, speaking of super sensitive information in front of your guest/possible ally you want to convince? Burn the supplies, because who needs food for those thousands of dotrakhi + their horses in DragonWastelandStone. What do they eat actually? BTW you could start using your dragons as scouts, there's literally 0 dangers preventing you. Pride = rationalising what your subjects will do, ok. Thank god Daenerys the Humble can give these great one liners to Greedy Jon. Political marriage, where? It will happen but should be seriously being considered by both sides since the first meeting. I'm in the middle of a battle, let me casually treat the wounds of my dragon while being back to the arrows and other stuff. And armour is overrated, arrows can't pierce this dress. 2 meters to the side and the dragon would have sunk in the Marianas trench. Random Dothrakis Your people don't know how to fight, but my zergrushing light cavalry that charges at spears and shields instead of using the advantages of light cavalry it's super competent (Qohor 13.0 redux). Budget mongols, at least Mongols were intelligent, had mixed units (hi Dany), learned from their enemies, were able to siege and conquer cities... oh well, 2 more battles and the dothraki are gone with casualties. BTW, no one questioned what will happen in Westeros when Daenerys dies, in throne or not? The Dothraki will just create khalasars and start pillaging everything. Oh well, I guess Daenerys doesn't care. I'm on a horse, let me dismount because I really want to die and my kliling quota is already past the limit, it's better I kill this one guy instead. Gold (aka how teleporters can only teleport so much) Bling, Cersei doesn't need her armies, now she will get the Golden Company. If only the Iron Bank got the debt paid and then "invested" in the one with nuclear weapons... No, instead we will get white unsullied riding ballistas or something. Beyond the Lands of Teleportation The WW are so polite, they are giving time for their enemies to finish their quarreling while they are taking weeks to walk to the Wall. The End of the World may wait.