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  1. This is one the points no one is discussing and it just makes no sense at all (yay another one!). The whole point of the Greyjoy-Dany alliance was ships for independence. And what does Yara (to not be confused with Asha) do once in Westeros? "muh queen", "in the name of the queen" when the point was that she WAS an independent queen of the Iron Islands, just allied to Dany. It's like the show sorta forgot the plot they created (insert memes).
  2. Camara

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Yeah looked like Wilding life but then why was he sent to he NW... Some say it was a trick to fool the Unsullied but then why bother with anything lol To be fair the NW could solve it easily by sending him in a perpetual mission to be the informer north of the Wall so that he is able to live among the wildlings the rest of his life while still upholding his vow to the NW.
  3. The show seems to have forgotten that Jon bent the knee AFTER Daenerys already agreed to "save" the North. Apparently neither Jon nor Daenerys remember lol Also the title thing goes both ways, the North is maybe too obsessed with it (I agree with them however) and Daenerys also should delay the knee bending / power acceptance for after the war too as they have more important things at the moment.
  4. Camara

    What smart things has Sansa done?

    I think Sansa is doing the role of "good cop" which keeps the Northern Lords with the Starks. If all the Starks were ignoring the Lords they might have felt abandoned. With a Stark voicing their concerns they feel they still have the possibility to "win". I don't think this is the reason Sansa is speaking loudly in public against Jon but I can see the merits of this, it's not full undermining of Jon.
  5. Camara

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    The reason why Rickard and Brandon went to King's Landing was because Lyanna was "taken" by Rhaegar. It all started with Lyanna's disappearance.
  6. Camara

    Symbol at the Last Hearth

    I think the symbols means nothing, it's just a shot for the TV show that looks cool and highlights the "mystical" thing about WW.
  7. Camara

    Thoughts on Bran’s character development

    Bran is clearly playing 4D chess now. He insisted to Sam that Jon must know "now" and all the other indications by him. He is setting up the future in order to defeat the NK. I think he will sacrifice someone in order to have the right "future". He needs A to happen and in order for that character X has to die in a certain way, regardless of the emotional charge and wrongness of that. So I think he will remain the Robot until he dies (if he dies).
  8. And with the dragon intervention the NK got a weapon of mass destruction that allowed him to easily break the wall. So they both need the dragons to stop the AotD but they can't afford to lose one more as the NK will with have 2 vs 1. With what we've been shown the NK was dangerous to dragons on the ground, now imagine on top of a dragon.
  9. Camara

    dany and sansa

    Her problem is not the army of the North or Cersei's. If she doesn't help the North the AotD and the NK will crash her armies, enlarged by the north.
  10. She has no choice, if the North is slaughtered and overrun she won't have any Throne.
  11. Camara

    dany and sansa

    Sansa is right. Not only for the logistics (hey someone thinks about it) but also Daenerys doesn't make her case. The North needs Daenerys but Daenerys also needs the North. If the North is slaughtered by the AotD Daenerys can say goodbye to the Iron Throne, her realm is gone. Defending the North is her self interest. This is why Jon bending the knee was so stupid. It makes no sense in any circunstance and it should have been solved immediately by a marriage proposal. She won't get a better husband (politically and personally) and integration a la Dorne would be fine for everyone. Daenerys not only acts as entitled to the throne the North hates (both Targaryen and post-Targaryen) but is now also threatning the people in the North. Like I said, she is doing no favour by defending the North as she can't allow the AotD to just walk into her realm (with or without the North). No one in the North likes her because of this and all she does is threatning people and smirking as dragons fly over the city. She did nothing to deserve the allegiance of the North and is still irritated when they don't just roll over for her awesomeness. And the logistics. During the show it makes no sense but now it makes even less. How can such a large army exist in the winter of a frozen area, specially when the only town supplied them is not prepared for such. They will die with or without the AotD but this is just some detail used to create antagonism between sassy cold Sansa and entitled awesomesauce Daenerys.