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  1. Season 2 Episode 7, he bashed his skull in to draw Karstark over so he could get the keys to his chains.
  2. If that speech was in a book, people would be analysing it for the symbolism, potential foreshadowing, or even just for a hint of the author's own ideals and thoughts. But it's on a screen, thus it can never be as intelligent or well thought out, instead it was just getting in the way of the awesome visual spectacle of the upcoming fight. It was a terrific scene and deserves plaudits both for the writing, but also the acting.
  3. Ridiculous, this was one of the best episodes yet. My personal favourite, if not necessarily the one I think is the best.
  4. Your comments are always a joy to read, voice of reason.
  5. Yeah I can see Victarion killing him when his guard is down.
  6. I hope Barristan makes it to Westeros, I'm not ready to say goodbye to his character yet.
  7. http://static.tumblr.com/cczbgy6/13Mm1y427/tumblr_m1te0wb5nn1rr2hg7o2_250.gif Brilliant!
  8. If Michelle Fairley isn't returning for whatever reason, then there are really only three plausible options for who takes on the role of Lady Stoneheart in my opinion. 1) Talisa Stark - Probably the most logical option, as she has the closest ties to both Robb and the Red Wedding than anyone other than Catelyn. Just as Lady Stoneheart does, she has a distinguishing wound that could be as equally definitive of her character as Catelyn's cut throat is. 2) Beric Dondarrion - It may be that he feels some guilt regarding his treatment of Arya. This, in addition to a sense of honour and nobility could mean that he desires vengeance on the Freys for their actions. 3) Brynden Tully - I've read a lot of speculation that he could be the one to take control of the Brotherhood in the WoW. If this is true, then it's perfectly logical that he should begin his ties with them now. He was also present at the RW and so knows exactly who was responsible, whilst his family ties to both Catelyn and Robb make him an ideal bringer of justice to the Freys. Now, obviously these suggestions could create problems regarding Brienne's storyline, as none of them have ever met her (?). Nonetheless, I feel that the character is too important to simply cut, and so if Michelle Fairley doesn't return, then for me it has to be one of these three. For the record, I hope that she does come back as Lady Stoneheart, if only because she's been in it since episode 1 and I'm not ready to say goodbye yet.
  9. My God you're right! How did I miss that, it's quite clear that in the series the RW is the result of Roose's unrequited love for Catelyn! The old 'If I can't have her, no one can!' scenario.
  10. Barristan Selmy had a little wine, but he is clearly not hammered, if at all drunk, he's just a little quiet. If he had been lying on the floor in front of Daenerys, sitting in his own urine and vomiting on Missandei then that would have been an issue.
  11. We could see this next episode, there're a lot of shots of burning tents in the preview. Even if it isn't shown, I don't think it detracts from the emotional impact, but I would nonetheless put good money on seeing some kind of resistance/battle in the next episode.
  12. Did anyone else think that Roose Bolton's smirk at Catelyn was acted absolutely perfectly? What a great way to show just how badly the man's betrayed Robb, a perfect reveal to the audience of his treachery.
  13. I can't quite believe it, but I actually liked Daario. In the books he is without a doubt the one character I would gladly hand over to Ramsay Bolton, and yet here his swagger seemed both natural and justified. I'm looking forward to his rivalry with Ser Jorah and maybe even Ser Barristan. Surely that'll be this season. Then by Season 4 it's two kings down, one to go. Should be good!
  14. Oh no he hasn't moved North yet, but he probably will. I assume he will begin his march in the next few episodes. It's hardly a ground-breaking change that alters the entire plotline.
  15. He's going North so he can get the men to go West. It's not too complicated. :) In the books, he was heading North to get the men so he could go North, in the show, North to go West.
  16. Him and Jaime are my favourite bits of the season so far. I can't wait for more scenes with Iwan Rheon; wasn't sure about him when he was first cast but he's definitely proved me wrong. Great actor!
  17. I imagine it'll be Olenna who refuses the match in the series. We've seen a scene of her snapping a quill in front of Tywin, which could be her reaction to being asked to sign a marriage contract? Maybe she'll even suggest that Loras join the Kingsguard?
  18. A lot of people think that the Podrick Payne gag is quite funny. It's not supposed to make a point, it's just a little bit of light relief amidst the rest of the dark plotline. I definitely don't agree with you about the Arya meeting the BwB scene being botched. No massive changes there. You haven't said what was incomprehensible about the Varys/QoT, save to say that it wasn't in ASoS, and in your opinion marginally changes the character of Olenna Tyrell. It was a perfectly plausible scheme and scenario.
  19. It'll probably end up being a random whore from Kings Landing as the replacement Arya. It would be nice if it was a character if we were already aware of but I don't think it's necessary, so long as she is suitably vulnerable.
  20. It's a catchy song, I imagine it's one that people belt out regardless of their allegiance. It is a good tune after all. Also, Tom o'Sevens sings it in the books just off the cuff, so that could be proof that it's a generic song sung by many. Having Thoros sing it also provides a little nod to small details for the book readers. Whether something sucks though is a subjective thing, I mean I thought Jaime vs Brienne was pretty damn good. It should be spectacular if nothing else, it can't fail to be with a . Even if it is merely average though it's hardly the be all and end all of the show, there are many more epic moments still to come! The Hound is (in my opinion) comparatively low on the list of things I'm most excited for in the TV series.
  21. Tom o'Sevens sings it in the book doesn't he? I think it's in ASoS part 1, not really sure. I agree with PhoenixFlame though, it's a damn catchy song, only natural that you'd want to belt it out once in a while, regardless of your allegiance!
  22. My thinking was that he has simply gone a little insane as a result of what he has seen and has been done to him. Lying amongst corpses for I would imagine a protracted period of time would perhaps psychologically steer him towards .
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