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    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    they showed her enjoying burning people alive and feeding them to her dragons in past seasons. they were just bad people, so it was overlooked. i agree they butchered it tho. sadly i think if they had just given themselves a normal 10 episode season for 7 and 8, i think they could have done a better job. probably still woulda been not great overall, but this need to just get to the finish is the main reason for everything being as bad as it is imo.
  2. taliefer

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    my thoughts too. i actually think they have set up the "mad queen" angle throughout the shows history. but they completely failed to stick the landing. when she was surgicially decimating the fleet and kings landing army, i actually thought they were gonna pull a surprise "not the mad queen" thing. she was showing she learned from her dragons dying, changing elevation to counter the " really big crossbows." blowing the wall out from behind, everything. it was a tactical domination. then the bells rang, they gave up, and NOW she decides to be all mad queen, after its won? meh.