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  1. I had just assumed that the Knights of the Vale didn't need much convincing about the whole advancing army of the dead thing and so stayed to help out. It's not like they the Eyrie in the winter so they would have an interested in making a stand in the North. They came to help Robyn's cousin in the North, and continue to do so, and really stopping White Walkers is in their own benefit. Why not do it with the army that has a dragon? The show did completely forget about Robyn. I just figures there were enough people left down there to take care of him, defend against mountain tribes and what now. I've really allowed myself to suspend disbelief when it comes to the show at this point.
  2. Sigrid

    Favorite POV Character

    Definitely Tyrion. He gets all the best dialogue. In the midst of so much drama it's nice to able to smile or chuckle and I usually get that from Tyrion. I enjoy Arya as well.