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    Dornish Oldtown.
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    I am a NERD and a GEEK :D

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    The Doctor's Consort or JQC Jedi Weapon Master

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  1. Is it battle that stirs you, to meet an enemy blade upon blade? Such is the way of the greatest of the Jedi warriors. The Cat/Dany haters Weapon Masters.~Paraphrasing Kreia.

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    2. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I'll be careful not to change it then :D

    3. Consigliere


      @King of the Starks

      Yes please mate. Don't go the route of Mladen. Zunni was insane and confused the shit out of everybody. Long live King of the Starks and The Titans Bastard. RIP JQC.

    4. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      :'( JQC is not dead, she will come back as she did when she was The Doctor's Queen Consort.

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