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    Cast the poster above.

    A new fun and easy game, just like in Cast the Actor we are casting for the characters in GRRTH, but we cast ourselves. How it works: easy just say which role could the poster above you could play in GRRTH universe from what you have seen from his or hers posts.
  2. Jon's Queen Consort

    Val is Jon’s true Queen. Four.

    The fourth installment of the theory, since the third one arrived the 21rst page. From another thread @The Fattest Leech mentioned The previous threads;
  3. Jon's Queen Consort

    How to deal with the villains?

    In aSoIaF we come across various corrupted cultures like the Iron Borns, Dothrakis, people from Slaver’s Bay and for me the Valyrians too. At least in my opinion, one of the moral questions of the book is how someone can efficiently deal with those cultures and make the world a better place or at least to coerce them to accept the 21st century standards. So far I can think about those options. 1. Kill them all no matter how old, what gender or if they had done anything wrong. 2. Punish those who had broken the law even before something became illegal but only people 16 years or older. 3. Punish those who had broken the law only after something became illegal no matter what age and what gender. 4. Punish those who had broken the law only after something became illegal. It applies only about adults and after certain time period during of which they were given the chance to change their way of living. Personally I would had preferred option 4. What you would had chosen?
  4. Since the Christmas episode is the first episode of the Tenth Series and is just 5 days away I thought that we should had a brand new thread. Therefore I hereby declare the opening of the new Doctor Who thread.
  5. Jon's Queen Consort

    Doctor Who spin off: Class.

    This thread is dedicated to the new Doctor who spin off written by Patrick Ness and produced by Stephen Moffat among others. It revolves around the adventures of six students from the Coal Hill Academy and their physicist teacher with the Doctor as a guest. The first official trailer; *praying* please be better than the Sarah Jane adventures and maybe even Torchwood.
  6. Jon's Queen Consort

    *Come out and die* never happened.

    I always doubted that Brandon went to KL and demanded Rhaegar to face him. Does anyone else believes that the Come out and die is utter bs? There are two ways for Jaime to know what Brandon did. One, Brandon was allowed to ender Red Keep armed along with his entourage or he went to KL and screamed outside of the Walls and Jaime happened to be there to hear him. If Jaime wasn’t present when Brandon said it he couldn’t know what happened and it could had been created from someone who had something to gain from a civil war that brings chaos and death. Maybe someone like Varys.
  7. Jon's Queen Consort

    B/N + M = J?

    My wishful thinking head canon is that all of Maege's daughters are Tormund’s. YOU CANNOT SAY THAT THEY ARE NOT!
  8. Jon's Queen Consort

    How do you think Stannis will react to Jon Snow real parentage reveal?

    Timewise it couldn't. Timewise it couldn't. Actually since the King is still named Baratheon and not Lannister the Baratheons are still the royal dynasty. He could had done it but no one seems to mention something like that.
  9. Jon's Queen Consort

    If dany becomes queen, what would she change?

    That has nothing to do with the op. I sincerely have no idea what you are talking about. First who do you think that gave her that right? She doesn't have that right in feudal society. Even in the books her action are atrocious.
  10. Jon's Queen Consort

    Accomplices of Brandon

    Being the son of a crappy sperm donor would had something to add at Ned's actions to endanger himself and his family in order to save his nephew. One *father* was an arrogant man who abandoned his wife and children at the hands of his lunatic father and hide away because he was a coward and the *other* father had loved, raised and endanger himself for a child that wasn’t even his. The two fathers would had been the polar opposite.
  11. Jon's Queen Consort

    Top 3 Most Desirable Castles of Westeros

    Desirable for whom and why? Personally I am more interested to Winterfell, Starfall and Greywater Watch.
  12. Jon's Queen Consort

    If dany becomes queen, what would she change?

    This is sickening! Killing children for their parents crimes is vile. By your logic the death of the Targaryen children was ok because it was a lesson for their parents. Two things; one you don't know if the Starks had killed children and two it isn't the Starks we are talking about but Dany. I am really scary and disgusted about the way you think and your beliefs. To think that someone has the right to kill people just because he has WMD is hineous. That is a lie. She ordered the deaths all the highborn males. Even children. But according to you since their parents didn't had WMD who cares right? That has nothing to do with what I said. Also has nothing to do with what I said. People of Meereen were selling themselves to slavery and she was taking the money they got from them selling themselves and the future money they will get.
  13. Jon's Queen Consort

    If dany becomes queen, what would she change?

    She also took money from the people who sold themselves to slavery because she made their lives a living hell. Tell me again when Robert or Nymeria or even Robb used mass murder, children's murder and genocide when they became the rulers?
  14. Jon's Queen Consort

    B/N + M = J?

  15. Jon's Queen Consort

    Accomplices of Brandon

    He however didn't wanted to be warrior in order to be exterminated by fight Robert. He thought that he was tptwp. The fact that he ended up being killed in a battle means that he was right. Robert had fought for a year, from the fact that Rhaegar had never participated in a war and had died in the only battle he fought its much more possible that Robert was wounded before the battle or by someone else. After all he was healthy enough to sent his maester to Barri. I also have relatives that are sailors and their journeys can last even for a year but they never abandoned their families. Rhaegar did. Rhaegar left his wife and children at the house of his lunatic father. If he cared about them he could first sent them to a safe place, Dorne, and then eloping with Lyanna. When exactly Robert eloped with a woman and left his wife and children at the hands of his lunatic father? So being a noble woman makes cheating ok? Because it was cheating, it doesn't matter how many women there were it was cheating.
  16. Jon's Queen Consort

    Accomplices of Brandon

    Utter nonsense. For the Targs or for anyone else in Westeros, polygamy was never illegal, incest was and the Targs didn't cared. That is a thread from a Jon and Stark hater full of other Jon's haters.This however where you can find people who agree and people who disagree without being a hater is much better;
  17. Jon's Queen Consort

    B + A = J, R + L = J, R + L = D, N + A = J

    Brandon was at the Riverlands and Ashara, being Elia's handmaiden, at Dragonstone. Jon was younger than Robb. There is no possibility of Jon being born before Robb's birth and Brandon's death. GRRM told us when Jon was born. You are right. There would had been no guards guarding a traitor and Ashara would had flew all the way from Dragonstone. You think that Cat a mother of five, a midwife or a maester hadn't noticed that Jon was several months older than Robb. This is just bs. The laws are clear, if Jon was Brandon's bastard he would had come after Ned's children. No one would had supported him against Robb.
  18. Jon's Queen Consort

    Jon Snow the 3headed dragon and mythology.

    Good for you. Still it has nothing to do with the op.
  19. Jon's Queen Consort

    Jon Snow the 3headed dragon and mythology.

    I was reading a post from Apple Martini (Jon Snow at the Crossroads of Resurrection Mythology) and then I had an idea. In many mythologies around the world one deity has 3 separate *faces*. One deity can be three other deities at the same time. So I had the idea: How about Jon being the three headed dragon with different hypostasis? Like: Jon Targaryen, Jon Stark, Jon Snow Jon the wolf, Jon the Dragon, Jon the crow Jon the King in the North, Jon the Targ king, Jon LC of NW Jon the Song of Ice and Fire, Jon the Prince that was Promised, Jon the Azor Ahai Reborn What do you think?
  20. Jon's Queen Consort

    B + A = J, R + L = J, R + L = D, N + A = J

    I know. Brandon died in 282 and Jon in 283. Not only that but there was enough time between Brandon's death and Jon's birth for Robb to be born and still managed to look older than Jon. So between Brandon’s death and Jon’s birth there were more than 9 months. Hence the timeline is: Brandon's death-Ned's and Cat's wedding-Robb's birth-Jon's birth. As for Ashara being Jon’s mother, Jon was born two years after the single meeting between Ashara and Brandon (281) when btw most likely nothing happened.
  21. Jon's Queen Consort


    It's your personal opinion that the Vale storyline will be unimportant and uninteresting. Until the end of the books you cannot know that. Unless you are GRRM. He did for D&D's fanfiction.
  22. Jon's Queen Consort

    Why did the Tully's betray the Tagaryen?

    Utter bs. I am not questioning anyone because basically I don't care, I am saying that I don't remember, which is neutral. I am really bored at this point and since you can't prove that in all the other wars between two or more regions it was only one family that caused chaos in the whole Westeros you can't prove me wrong. Again the Targs single handedly caused bloodbaths in the whole of Westeros in less than 300 because of they felt like it. That is not the same with smaller conflicts between two regions in thousands of years.
  23. Jon's Queen Consort


    How is a major trauma that can change a person *uniportant*? You said it; D&D. Of course they wanted her to be all that, even if the books prove that she isn't.
  24. Jon's Queen Consort

    Man who gave blackberry to Bran

    You had forgotten Syrio, Daario, Varys, Missandei and Jaqen.
  25. Jon's Queen Consort

    If dany becomes queen, what would she change?

    You mean mass murder, children's murder and at the end of the day becoming a slaver herself? Don't you worry! Dany will find the money the same way she found it at Meereen by becoming a slaver.