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  1. Kenyatta

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I'm not stalking you, but I have to quote you again on this point. IF WE BOOK READERS ARE GOING TO GET SPOILED I'M GOING TO STOP WATCHING!! It's not just Jojen, but don't forget Grenn and Pyp. Let's not forget, they're still alive in the books. So do I take that to mean that they're dead men walking? WTF GRRM. Why should I keep reading?
  2. Kenyatta

    How would you rate episode 410?

    It's called "Bros before hoes". Even if the "hoe" happens to be your sister...
  3. I agree. After the second episode it was over. Everything else was just Matty piling on. The monologue about dreams and monsters at the end of it? I'm still waiting for the right time to break that one out...
  4. This right here. She was like that biker chick at the end of Weird Science, "You have a lovely home." And Ramsey...what was that? He looked like uncle Joe fixin' to carve up the Christmas turkey and then he sicks the Bumpus hounds on them? Really? Wuss...
  5. I agree that Dinklage was awesome this episode. We haven't seen this Tyrion since season one but this Emmy was locked up months ago by Matthew McConaughey in True Detective.
  6. Kenyatta

    How would you rate episode 401?

    I gave it a 7. I'm sorry but the welcoming of the Dornish to Kings Landing was lacking. The Dornish should have come in with all the pomp and circumstance that the book says the do, minus Doran of course. Oberyn is lacking. I feel like I could kick this Red Viper's ass on a good day...not impressed, and the feeling I got from the books was that Oberyn Martell was impressive to look at. Loved the fact that we're going to see the Sir Dontos - Sansa story line. I was beginning to think they were going to cut it out when we got Littlefinger - Sansa last season. I am officially Team Hound. He may be a despicable creature, but so help me God I do love him so. His lines this episode are quote worthy for many years to come. For those Unsullied I think seeing the scene with Arya v. Pulliver gives them hope that revenge will be served. Arya is a straight up bad ass. And I look forward to the upcoming scenes with her and the Hound. He obviously has some respect for her because he let her have a horse...a white one at that, and he let her keep Needle. I'm done with Shae. She was annoying in the books, and even more annoying on the small screen. I see where they are going with her being jealous and her finally calling Tyrion her "Lion". Good to see Janos Slynt again. He's been gone for awhile so I was afraid they might cast someone different in the role. Good times are ahead indeed. The Thenns were overplayed. I envisioned the Magnor of Thenn being like Tormund Giantsbane...only bigger and dumber. These guys are like Hellraiser.....if Hellraiser had a nightmare and they were in it. I guess the wedding is out. All in all....not great. But not awful.
  7. Kenyatta

    How would you rate episode 308?

    I gave it an 8. At first I had a problem with Sansa kneeling at the wedding scene but the tone between the two leading up to that moment was completely different from the books. They both were a lot more angry and bitter at each other as opposed to Tyrion making a joke about wine and Sansa cracking a smile moments before the ceremony. Her not kneeling wouldn't have made much sense here. I got no complaints about seeing a naked Melisandre. Matter of fact, she should just walk around naked for no other reason than her body is smokin' hot. Cheers to you, pervert-producer-hack! Question: If Sam kills a white-walker in the woods and no one is around to see it, is he really The Slayer? I'm kinda pissed that Sam didn't get a chance to be a badass in front of his boys Grenn and Edd. Nobody in their right mind will believe what just happened. Now he's going to be called "The Slayer" as a joke by non-believers instead of some hard-earned street cred from people who witnessed the awesomeness first hand. Sam deserves better than that. I'm a bit torn with tv Daario. I really enjoyed the portrayal of the character on screen, but I can't say that I like the white-washing of his physical characteristics. I don't recall Abercrombie & Fitch model as being a description used by George to describe him. But that's a minor nitpick. He may end up being my favorite before too long. My favorite line of the night has to go to Cersei: "If you ever call me sister again I'll have you strangled in your sleep." Daaaamn. That's real talk there. You can't say you don't know where you stand after hearing that. All in all it was a very solid episode ETA: Honorable Mention for best line of the night goes to Tyrion: "I'm the God of Tits and Wine. I shall build a shrine to myself at the next brothel I visit."
  8. Kenyatta

    How would you rate episode 306?

    I agree. I didn't know who the actor was before this season but Thoros is quickly becoming one my favorite characters. I gotta admit, as annoying as Ros was, she was getting hotter by the episode. Plus, she got naked alot.
  9. Kenyatta

    How would you rate episode 306?

    I gave it a 7. I was going to give it a 6 but Littlefinger's "the climb" monologue at the end saved it. I didn't like the show going off the rails with Mellisandre kidnapping Gendry. I was kinda looking forward to the leeches. Well, we can't have everything I guess.
  10. Same here. I thought the Slayer scene happened before Craster's Keep?
  11. Exactly. Where are the Dornish? Where is Oberyn Martell? That's what I've been waiting for. The "purple" wedding can't happen before Tyrion/Sansa Wedding and if that's the case you're talking about three weddings in six weeks. Not gonna happen. ETA: Upon further review, here's what I think will happen. D&D are going to Godfather style and juxtapose RW with Tyrion/Sansa Wedding. Balon is pretty much an afterthought at this point. Maybe a cut scene with him falling off the bridge or something since he's not Theon's "real father" anyway. Then in the final scene you have Mellisandre coming back to Stannis and telling him "It is done my lord. Oh and by the way, I've had the best sex that I ever had with a real man who didn't go all limp on me before he climaxed....you're welcome."
  12. I gave it a 9. As long as they keep showing scenes with Bran it will never be a 10. The story is a complete waste in the books (so far) and it translates even worse to the screen. Great episode regardless. Possibly one of the best yet. But I'm still waiting for the Holy Grail of episodes of it even exists, the episode that leaves you absolutely speechless at the end and you know you've witnessed something you'll probably never see again. Maybe it is a standard I have set too high for this show. But I don't think so. I still believe the best is yet to come.
  13. Kenyatta

    How would you rate episode 303?

    I give it a 9 of 10. I've yet to give an episode a 10 but this one came really close. How much of a beast is Blackfish? He aim's at a target that's moving away from him at what looks like a good 200 yards (maybe more), but it's veering left AND the wind is blowing AND he knows he only has one shot left. Then to top things off he turns away and hands Edmure the bow before the target is struck. That's a man's man right there. The Small Council scene was pure gold. Tyrion faking everyone out like he was going to take a seat and then moving it to the other head of the table as Tywin's equal AND his opposite was too good for words to do it justice. Upon further review, I watched the Small Council scene again. When Baelish is talking about Lyssa Aryn being "positively predisposed toward me" check out the sign that Varys gives Tyrion. LOL!!!