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  1. Astro kids, where should I do this as an amateur? I was in Flagstaff, AZ and apparently they try to be good at this around there?
  2. Good point. I'm frankly tired of these "kids" "having a nice day"
  3. I've actually made this mistake in real life. So don't worry
  4. It's over. I'll never be out in public again without bringing children to tears
  5. That would be anti-balaclava bigotry. As for a hat I can't because I'm sadly an adult. I can't believe there are guys my age wearing baseball caps in public
  6. My haircut sucks. What am I going to do? Get my hair cut again in the next few months? Not an option
  7. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TnnBEmmDJU4 We don't do marathons. I did crush it at disc golf recently
  8. The last word is the best cocktail and 'the bad word' is the best fake hipster spin on a cocktail. Thank me later.
  9. Yeah, he retired from 'professional' physics to run a physics blog for a while. Hed always have a good take when something at CERN popped up, etc.
  10. Any physics people know what happened to Lubos's blog? He was always fun when there was new "stuff" was happening
  11. Yes, the "crocodile tears" video. He said he would never again be intimidated by those crocodile tears and and now he's not.
  12. What is this, little Ben Shapiro "facts don't care about your feelings" shtick? In that case, the facts are Putin is taking the Donbass and there's nothing your feelings or $40b can do about it. O
  13. I'm too much of a snowflake to do the actuarial science
  14. Upton Sinclair is awful. Jesus. Tell him to learn how to read or something. Anyway, what advice would you give for guys like me who don't have kids but whose women will have kids?
  15. Have you suggested he engage in this labor rather than read about it? I've swung a sledgehammer for hours a day in the deep south. I promise you it's not an intellectual experience.
  16. Is he a fan of Christopher Snitchens? I believe he was the only (famous) openly self-described trotskyist in 21c america
  17. What's up, my guy? (trigger warning: im being ironic) still doing the teaching thing or doing big tech millionaire stuff?
  18. I think it's pretty sweet that Rick James could say, "Temptations, sing!" and they do. It'd be awesome to be in a bar, a business meeting or pretty much anywhere and say, "Temptations, sing!" and have them do it.
  19. You should try transcribing verbal conversation sometime. I think you'll find it an interesting exercise because real time speech really doesn't come out as written work.
  20. lol. do you remember we first posted together in like 2003? I guess that makes sense. btw, have you asked him if you can drop that term? Almost every Trotskyist considers Trotskyite a slur.
  21. I'm sure this has been addressed but how are people dealing with the realization that if we date people our age they may very well have kids? I just had this conversation with a neighbor. She never wanted kids but she met a guy and, you know, he's got an ex and a kid. This is just normal at a certain age.
  22. I'm able to keep multiple thoughts in my head at the same time. My apologies to those confused. Was this Cottage Club at Princeton? They always did run over-the-top Dixie shtick.
  23. Bro, you're not jealous of IAS though? Those dudes have it made.
  24. I mean he didn't aim to be a gadfly, he was trying to be a Princeton academic. Clearly that's his personality. But he wasn't a "provocateur" and *not* an academic. I just don't believe that's an accurate accounting of his endeavors.
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