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  1. Yeah, I guess I don't need to read them if it's mostly rehashed stuff from season 1, but I'm genuinely interested in getting more backstory on Helsinki, so i'll continue reading these. It's cool to see everything from M.K.'s perspective. It would be cool to see if they put some of this in season 5, but they would probably need an actress to play 17 year old Veera, Nikki, etc. I guess it would take up too much time of the final season.
  2. I just picked up issues 1 and 2 of the Orphan Black: Helsinki comic books. It's safe to say I'm hooked on the clone club. Has anybody read the original series of OB comics? Don't know if its worth picking those up too.
  3. She had enough development for the role she played. She was a sick child who used Neolution to stay healthy and that pretty much summed up why she's more invested in her bot technology to be Neolutions main purpose instead of cloning. What was that saying "Neolution follows the science" or something. Enough reason to want to shutdown Leda and the cloning side to the point of murder so she is the face of it all. I thought that little UV light that sets off the bot was pretty cool too. Don't know why they actively input bots that will kill them if they do much as irritate it. Is there not a safer version yet or is that Neolution's way of controlling their clients?
  4. Well, that was pretty intense. Don't really buy Sarah getting overpowered by Rachel so much in her condition but I suppose it's what needed to be done. I thought Sarah could've finished off Rachel with a good knife throw, but she'll live to fight another day, hopefully. So the messenger is Westmoreland? Did he develop the eye implant? Or are the islanders just a smaller sect of Neolutionists? Do the board work for him or just that one guy that saved Delphine and killed Evie? I guess the episode left more questions than it answered but that can be expected from the penultimate season finale. Also good to have Evelyn Brochu back, she's a real beauty, hope she has a strong career after OB as I think she could do well in Hollywood.
  5. It seems like we're due for a big death. None of the clones that have been in more than 1 episode have died yet. I suppose I would rather they not go that route, but I wouldn't fault them for it. It would be tough for it to be Cosima as she has the best chance st unlocking the cure.
  6. Good to have Helena back. Tatiana must really love playing that role, her cold blooded kookiness is always a high point of every episode she's in. Rachel lasted all of one episode on the good team before nixing her shot at redemption. I'm definitely starting to think it's M.K. behind her eye glitches as well as texting everyone at the Bright born press conference with the video.
  7. Yeah, Helena buried her eggs because she forgot to feed them liquid nitrogen and now they're dead.
  8. I hope they dispatch of Evie Cho in the next two episodes and have the last season focused on their main antagonist, the disease that terrorizes Castor and Leda. But as that's not enough of an antagonist for tv drama, they're going to have to keep an evil face around or bring in a new one.
  9. I can't take a villain that wears earmuffs seriously.
  10. Why was the castle at Horn Hill so big? I expected that to be Highgarden. I know the Reach is wealthy, but house Tarly isn't even one of the 4 biggest houses in the Reach.
  11. Gave it a 9, my favorite episode of the season so far. Finally Benjen returns and we get Edmure too and mentions of the Blackfish and the Brotherhood w/o Banners. Randyll Tarly was every bit of the dick I expected him to be and Sam taking his sword was a nice comeuppance. I liked how the Tyrell vs. Faith turned out, Tommen actually played it smarter than his parents would and now have the love of the smallfolk. Arya leaving the HoBW was a good surprise and I hope she kills the waif. And Dany is at her best when she is giving speeches in Dothraki. And all that w/o having to resort to the lazy D&D way of advancing the plot by killing off someone. I honestly thought this episode would've been better received, but I should've known better.
  12. I think season 4 has been a step up from season 3. I can't speak for the ratings, cuz I've never followed the ratings in the first place, but it did change it's original air day from Saturday to Thursday and I've seen other shows ratings drop off when they go thru a change like that. Do I think season 2 was miles better than season 4? Not particularly. I think the show has evolved, and it most definitely has always been a character study on how a set of clones can see the world differently. So there had always been some exchange rate of plot for characterization, but I don't think the plot is absolutely horrid. It's bounced around a bit changing the big bad from Dyad to Prolethians to Castor now to Neolution, but now that it's settled on what I assume to be the major evil force, I think it has a chance to settle in.
  13. So on the brightside, the all hope is lost episode is behind us, so now it's time for the final ride of Wyatt Earp Sarah Manning and her untouchable seestras. I really wish Art finished off the mole for neolution in the police union. He didn't even seem bruised at his appearance at the Hendrixes later on that night. We get the reveal that Delphine might still be alive, but who picked her up? I can't think of any pro-Leda people out there that are unaccounted for. Cool to see M.K. make her return the way she did. I look forward to seeing if she goes all in with her sisters or remains in the fringe. Wonder if Rachel is going to tip off the other clones that neolution has put a hit on all of them. Really want to see the remaining 7 clones(sans Tony) unite under a common cause for once.
  14. Goddamn Neolutionists.