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  1. Igziabeher

    What happened to the Hill Tribes?

    Shagga likes axes.
  2. Why was the castle at Horn Hill so big? I expected that to be Highgarden. I know the Reach is wealthy, but house Tarly isn't even one of the 4 biggest houses in the Reach.
  3. Gave it a 9, my favorite episode of the season so far. Finally Benjen returns and we get Edmure too and mentions of the Blackfish and the Brotherhood w/o Banners. Randyll Tarly was every bit of the dick I expected him to be and Sam taking his sword was a nice comeuppance. I liked how the Tyrell vs. Faith turned out, Tommen actually played it smarter than his parents would and now have the love of the smallfolk. Arya leaving the HoBW was a good surprise and I hope she kills the waif. And Dany is at her best when she is giving speeches in Dothraki. And all that w/o having to resort to the lazy D&D way of advancing the plot by killing off someone. I honestly thought this episode would've been better received, but I should've known better.
  4. Igziabeher

    Black Mirror - Spoilers after the first post

    Great show I was recommended by a friend at work. White Bear was probably my favorite episode, The Waldo episode my least favorite. Still haven't seen the Christmas special yet as it wasnt available on netflix yet.
  5. I think a lot of people are overreacting to the Sansa scene. It's the logical step to get Theon to snap out of his mental place. It's the logical step to get Sansa to reach out for Brienne's help. If they're merging the two storylines, then I really don't see it playing any other way. At least it was as tastefully directed as it was.
  6. Igziabeher


    Well, he did start JfC before not getting a full season offered to him, so I wasn't completely wrong. Although it probably didn't jibe with his artistic vision, a 6 episode run to close it out could've worked.
  7. Igziabeher


    It's not really a series finale as I recall it, after season 3, Milch just decided to do a different show (John from Cincinnati) instead of another season of Deadwood. There were rumors of a movie or something to finish it, but nothing ever came of it. It's the ending we were begrudgingly stuck with, but learned to deal with.
  8. Igziabeher


    Degenerate titlicker.
  9. Igziabeher

    How would you rate episode 404?

    Physiological complaints when the books/show has the unburnt mother of dragons and a woman birthing a murderous shadow? It is fantasy, ya know?
  10. Igziabeher


    I recently did my 2nd or 3rd rewatch, and this was the first time I impartially enjoyed the ending instead of being disappointed it didn't continue on. It really does close up the main stories that mattered most. I'm sure another season wouldn't have been terrible but it works nonetheless. Historically, I think most of Deadwood burns in a massive fire so I don't know if that's the direction he was going to go in. Either way, it still ends on a solid note and doesn't lose its quality over the run.
  11. Igziabeher


    HBO seems to have most of its old series on demand currently (at least on Comcast). So now would be a great time for a rewatch or watch it for the first time if in fact it is available in your area.
  12. Igziabeher


    Great show, amazing characters. Outside of the obvious: Al, Bullock & Jane were some great side characters: Ellsworth, Charlie Utter, etc etc
  13. Glad to see Owen from Torchwood take out Craster, I was wondering who'd be the one to call him a bastard.