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  1. 23 hours ago, Spaßvogel said:

    Did everyone in this thread skip the little "inside the episode" documentary right after the credits?  They specifically point out how Sam has two reactions, one for his father and one for his brother, and they praise the actor for his performance.

    they don't show that after the initial airing.

  2. Did it seem a little out of character for him to be so upset about his father's fate?  The guy basically disowned him  by sending him to the wall and he repayed him by stealing their ancestral sword, now he cares that he was killed for not bending the knee?  Anyone else caught off guard by that.

  3. 20 hours ago, nyser1 said:

    People speak of them as if they are incompetent peasants armed with weapons. They are not the great knights that they should be but I doubt that even the weakest of them is purely arrow fodder.

    I wouldn't say they are completely incompetent.  I would just say most of them are less than morally fit to fulfill the roles of a Kingsguard member.  Things like the Hand of the King getting attacked at the Blackwater or even Robert's death may have been avoidable if they had less corrupt KG members.

  4. Possible candidates:


    Lyn Corbray

    Addam Marbrand- heir apparent to Ashemark, so probably not.

    Benjen Stark- second son(at the time of Robert's crowning)

    Bonifer Hasty- Stormlander

    Brynden Tully- brother of LP of Riverlands

    Cortnay Penrose- Stormlander

    Emmon Cuy- one of Renly's rainbow guard

    Lyle Crakehall- Westerlands

    Nestor Royce- Vale

    Robar Royce- Vale

    Waymar Royce- Vale, joins NW

    Take your pick of anyone from the Hightower, Redwyne or Florent families.

    Beric Dondarrion- lord of a house, so doubtful

    Jorah Mormont- see above


  5. Stupid question maybe, but outside of Barristan and Jaime(who are holdovers from Aerys' Kingsguard, why are any of these guys worthy of being Kingsguard in the first place?  It seemed like when the Targaryens were in charge the Kingsguard are a proud and esteemed honor filled with great knights, but Robert's Kingsguard seem to be mediocre warriors at best and cravens at their worst.  All you have to do is look through the Stornlands, Westerlands, Reach and Vale and you could probably find a dozen knights at least who are better fit for Robert's Kingsguard and knowing his wife is a Lannister and his hand is an Arryn, he should've had his pick of the best of those 3 Kingdoms alone(counting his own).  Is there any more insight into who was put in charge of picking out Robert's KG or why the men who made it up are there in the first place?  Comparing Whent, Hightower and Dayne to Trant, Blount and Moore is not even a competition.  Maybe Arys Oakhart is a step above those guys, but still it just seems to be lacking completely.  And being a usurper who may not have fully trusted some of his people, he probably should have made sure his KG was far above and beyond knowing he could be crossed at anytime.


  6. He's a sworn brother of the Night's Watch and has sworn to defend the Wall and protect the kingdom.  Whether Robert was aware he was there or not, he has no reason to mess with him as he is in no way a threat to his Kingship and no matter Aemon's feelings towards the king, he knows well enough that he can not interfere with problems within the realm(especially at his advanced age and eyesight).

  7. On 2/18/2019 at 11:16 AM, Bael's Bastard said:


    That it is possible to travel from Winterfell to Riverrun via the crossing of the Green Fork at the Twins does not mean that it is the route Lord Rickard and his party used. I acknowledge it's a possibility that can't be ruled out, but the possibility that they used the Kingsroad-Riverroad route cannot be ruled out either. We can be relatively certain they were already using the Kingsroad to travel from Winterfell into the Riverlands. If their primary motivation was getting to Riverrun as soon as possible, perhaps that would favor them paying the toll to cross at the Twins. Otherwise, the Kingsroad is one of the primary roads in Westeros, one on which they can be more easily joined by friends and allies from both Riverlands and Vale before crossing the Red Fork of the Trident.

    I guess there is no evidence either way as to which route they would've chose.  Maybe if an envoy from the Vale would be going to the Wedding as well with Ned & Robert in tow, they could have met near the Inn at the Crossing and join the party as well.  Is there any reason as to why Ned would not have been present at the wedding of his brother if it were to happen?

  8. 6 hours ago, the trees have eyes said:


    If you want to believe something you will but if you're a Euron = Daario believer or a 9/11 truther you're just inhabiting a different reality to most people and there's no meaningful discussion to be had. 


    Yes, but how could Tower 6 have fallen if not for controlled demolition(Read: joke)?

  9. 3 hours ago, Vaith said:


    Lands north of Asshai? How would that really be possible, unless the planet is donut-shaped? Though the Shivering Sea is likely south of the Lands of Always Winter, too.


    Most maps I've seen of Essoc cut off right around Asshai.  So I imagined if they had Azor Ahai stories as far out as there, there must be some strip of land further East that extends North towards the Arctic Circle area.  Unless the stories are all just word of mouth from Westoros which is possible as well.  It just seems like the long night story has a large influence over there that there has to be some direct effect.

  10. I've seen plenty of maps of Westeros and it's surrounding regions, but have never seen it in a globe form yet.  So I have wondered a lot about it's layout.  


    Where exactly do we think the equator is located?  Somewhere near Dorne or South of Westeros completely?  If so that leaves pretty much all of the Southern Hemisphere outside of a small stretch of Southyros completely unmapped.

    Also, what do we think the size of Planetos' globe is exactly?  Similar to Earth or smaller?  I've always seen at as a smaller planet compared to ours.

    Also if the land of Always Winter is around the North Pole than can't it be possible that it connects to the lands North of Asshai on the opposite hemisphere?

  11. 22 minutes ago, Foot_Of_The_King said:

    No, he’s just super Ironborn. 

    I love the character too. One aspect of Euron that I think doesn’t get enough attention is the fact that he’s tripping balls all the time. I’ve always wondered how psychedelic drugs would affect an already “evil” mind. All of his grandiose ideas are easier to understand in this light. 

    See: Charles Manson.