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  1. Almost exactly the same story - except I suspected R+L on my first read (and that the PtwP was Jon - although still debated by many today). After I discovered the Tower of Joy and this forum, my pride of having pieced R+L on my own did not last for long, as I had missed so many obvious simpler mysteries! Some I am still very ashamed of, like Loras + Renly (and Loras in Renly's armour) or the Frey pies. But my worst miss was to not realise Abel the Bard and his washerwomen were in fact Mance Rayder and his spearwives!
  2. Love is the enemy of Duty - the treason for love will be by Jon, it is known.
  3. The good news is that Jon may well end up with Val after all. “She would be worthy of a king”... Beyond the Wall.
  4. So... Sansa and Tyrion end up ruling, although not exactly the way I saw it. And Jon is likely to be king as well... the King beyond the wall. I am actually ok with the conclusion of the series. Oh, and Jon's real name must be Aemon Targaryen.
  5. “3 fires you must light”, “the pale mare”... Some things do make sense!
  6. Then ask the question directly to GRRM then. And I bet he doesn't know. Because it's irrelevant.
  7. Ok, let's be crystal clear: your question is stupid. Move on. EDIT: On a second thought: no question is ever stupid. Please accept my apologies @mzso
  8. @mzso, don't ask questions in this thread if you're not going to like the answers. Just start a new topic with your theory on "Tyrion and the poisons". And for the record, your question is irrelevant, because the QoT poisoned Joffrey, not Tyrion : the narrative does not require an answer.
  9. ^^ Fair enough, but again, then there was not point in having Tyrion stealing some more poison story wise...
  10. Just from a narrative point of view, GRRM would have had Tyrion keep some poison instead of picking up mushrooms if he had meant that Tyrion stole more than the laxative?
  11. He probably didn’t, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken Illyrio’s mushrooms?
  12. The 3rd WTF moment will be Jon killing Dany IMHO. And I don't understand why people still understimate Sansa's potential for greatness and ultimate win in the Game of Thrones, or at least Queen of the North. Last episode made her potential plain, especially with Tyrion as her likely ally (husband?). And as @UnmaskedLurker states, if this happens in the show, then this will also happen in the books, because the arcs of these characters must end at the same place. Denial is not only a river in Egypt, guys! EDIT: And the loyalty of Jaime, Brienne, the Hound and of course Uberkiller Arya won't hurt her future odds...
  13. I cant remember if the "you will close many eyes" was in the books? It would have been said by the Ghost of High Heart and not by Mel. I don't think Arya will win the day in the books, but I actually think this was well written. And the "not today" referring to Syrio Forell, I just loved it.
  14. NOTHING. Apart from Sansa and Tyrion ending up on the Throne
  15. Sansa and Tyrion... Looks like I still have a chance in my endgame bets... And thanks God the leaks of Ep.3 have proved to be total BS.
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