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  1. Then ask the question directly to GRRM then. And I bet he doesn't know. Because it's irrelevant.
  2. Ok, let's be crystal clear: your question is stupid. Move on. EDIT: On a second thought: no question is ever stupid. Please accept my apologies @mzso
  3. @mzso, don't ask questions in this thread if you're not going to like the answers. Just start a new topic with your theory on "Tyrion and the poisons". And for the record, your question is irrelevant, because the QoT poisoned Joffrey, not Tyrion : the narrative does not require an answer.
  4. ^^ Fair enough, but again, then there was not point in having Tyrion stealing some more poison story wise...
  5. Just from a narrative point of view, GRRM would have had Tyrion keep some poison instead of picking up mushrooms if he had meant that Tyrion stole more than the laxative?
  6. He probably didn’t, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken Illyrio’s mushrooms?
  7. Forgot to quote you first, my reply is above
  8. Books: Show: Trick for searching the Forum: Google your key words + site : asoiaf.westeros.org
  9. Here for instance: http://watchersonthewall.com/george-r-r-martins-original-plan-game-thrones/
  10. Hello,

    We have been on same posts and I thought I say hello.  I live in a small city in England.  I believve you are French.  My French isn't very good.  Just thought I say hi

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Morgana Lannister

      Morgana Lannister

      Norwich; how about you, love France too where in France do you live and curious about where in England you used to live.  I have live apart from here in London, Oxford and Manchester.

    3. Jô Maltese

      Jô Maltese

      Norwich - A fine city ;) ! I have family in Lowestoft (in laws), but I lived in Dartmouth (Devon) and later in Portsmouth. Now I live near Senlis, 30 miles north of Paris.

    4. Morgana Lannister

      Morgana Lannister

      Wow, small world; I seldom expect people from abroad to have been to Norwich but I do get surprises.  Paris is awesome although very busy.  It's been years since I have been though.  Good talking to you.  The south coast of England is lovely too.  Love Devon.

  11. The notifications page seems to use bold for read items and not bold for unread? (Should be the other way round)
  12. No. The font size options do not change the links size.
  13. Re. signature editing we can't change the police size of links or change the size of paragraph space - that would help in making our signatures more distinct from our posts?
  14. Good morning, Can I suggest you add a link to the old Forum website (as cache pages for instance?) so that we can "reboot" our contributions made after 17 September? And what about the notifications icon? How will this work in this new version? Thanks You
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