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  1. Then ask the question directly to GRRM then. And I bet he doesn't know. Because it's irrelevant.
  2. Ok, let's be crystal clear: your question is stupid. Move on. EDIT: On a second thought: no question is ever stupid. Please accept my apologies @mzso
  3. @mzso, don't ask questions in this thread if you're not going to like the answers. Just start a new topic with your theory on "Tyrion and the poisons". And for the record, your question is irrelevant, because the QoT poisoned Joffrey, not Tyrion : the narrative does not require an answer.
  4. ^^ Fair enough, but again, then there was not point in having Tyrion stealing some more poison story wise...
  5. Just from a narrative point of view, GRRM would have had Tyrion keep some poison instead of picking up mushrooms if he had meant that Tyrion stole more than the laxative?
  6. He probably didn’t, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken Illyrio’s mushrooms?
  7. 1. 49 2. Male 3. Eddison Tollett aka Dolorous Edd 4. Aeron Greyjoy aka Damphair
  8. I have just found another hidden naughty gem... Ok, we could give GRRM the benefit of the doubt on this one...Except that in the next chapter: Naughty naughty George!
  9. Forgot to quote you first, my reply is above
  10. Books: Show: Trick for searching the Forum: Google your key words + site : asoiaf.westeros.org
  11. Here for instance: http://watchersonthewall.com/george-r-r-martins-original-plan-game-thrones/
  12. Well, no, there are no symbolic allusions to Egg in the D&E novellas, because he is one of the protagonists, if not THE protagonist. Indeed, the D&E novellas are essentially about Egg (future Aegon V) "killing the boy to let man be born" with Dunk as a tutor, even if the stories are told from Dunk's POV. The main symbolism in The Mystery Knight resides in the "hatching" of Egg to become a Dragon. The baldness of Egg (hence his nickname) is just a practical way to hide his give-away Targaryen silver hair while he roams the 7K with Duncan the Tall and there is no symbolism there.
  13. No, it's not Egg but a random knight. Egg is 9 years old IIRC. And you should read the D&E novellas!
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