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  1. I'm under the belief that Arya was over exaggerating how hurt she was in an effort to lure the Waif to her where her little hide out was. Clearly the Waif is no slouch and Arya hasn't exactly won any battles against her. She played it smart.
  2. Wait!!!!! What just happened???
  3. Yes!!! I would love that too.
  4. Tyrion and Varys are going to feed the Dragons.
  5. I don't think anyone wanted to box with Wun-Wun
  6. Looks like its a Pyre for Jon
  7. Hodor=Willis and Willis could talk!
  8. Yes, It was clear that horses were surrounding her since the grass was trampled in a very distinct shape.
  9. I give this episode an 8 Loved the HoBW scenes with Arya and Jaqen. Would have loved to see more but I liked how they portrayed her training with the lying game. I liked how they show Arya actually learning from the lying game and using it to help give the gift of mercy to the suffering girl And they showed the collection of faces! That was great. Tyrion and Jorah scenes were great as well. I guess I didn't really realize that Jorah didn't know about his father's death. The Winterfell Wedding was short but I believe it was that way in the books. For the most part, I believe that the scene did what it was intended. Not only did I feel bad for Sansa, but I felt equally bad for Theon despite what he has done. Oohh and I loved how Sansa handled Myranda. Hopefully she'll make use of the info Myranda shared about Ramsay. KL scenes were all good. The QoT faces off with Cersei. LF scheming with Cersei, Lancel and Margeary facing the wrath of Cersei. Can't wait to see how this plays out. And then there is Dorne. Nothing positive to say here.....
  10. I believe that Arya purposefully lied which is why she gave the correct answer after being hit. I also think that she thought she was giving the correct answer about the Hound. She's spent so much time hating him! But after being his traveling companion for so long, her heart has softened towards him. She didn't want to admit it to herself. That is why Jaqen say "a little girl lies to herself" or something like that.
  11. Absolutely. I agree. Sansa was aware that it was time to consummate the marriage. She wasn't prepared for the audience or the roughness. Although she did get a taste of how nasty he could be when they had dinner with his Dad and Walda Frey. Not to mention, Miranda's comments during bath time.
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