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  1. Where are your reviews for season 6? i loved your season 5 reviews

  2. Thank God this is the last time I have to do this anymore for a whole year. Lets get the GRAND FINALE on the road: -So we start off with Stannis' magic camp, where TWENTY GOOD MEN are able to sneak in and kill all stores and horses effortlessly then leave effortlessly, now half the men are magically able to desert with the remaining horses and NOBODY NOTICES A DAMN THING, AGAIN. WTF IS WITH THIS CAMP. ARE D&D THIS DUMB. -Selyse hangs herself out of grief to the burning. TOP KEKS, she's the one who fucking wants to do it. D&D have this bizarre idea that every woman character must be shown to be morally superior to her male plot-counterpart -HOW DID THAT GUARD KNOW MELISANDRE HAD RODE OFF. HE WAS WITH STANNIS THE WHOLE TIME. Melisandre betraying Stannis at this stage makes 0 plot sense either (what was the point of it all?), though I guess show-knights can easily say "OMG U DONT KNO YET" to excuse this. -This battle scene. Kek. D&D at their finest. First a gigantic army of thousands of horsemen is able to magically appear right on top of them on a flat plain without any of them noticing until they're already there. Not to mention where these guys came from, or how they're able to fit that much cavalry in Winterfell or have them leave without being spotted or heart. It's all just so stupid and banal to begin with. THEN in their infinite wisdom D&D decide to cut the "battle" they've been building up the entire season to, I'm sure the excuse was "budget" but this is BS (look at how many battles this size shows with less funding like Spartacus had, plus more on this later). And SHOCKER: Ramsay easily wins again. He's so tedious and boring and effortlessly wins anything he tries at, a caricature of what D&D think they got from skimming Ramsay in ADWD. -Stannis dying to Brienne after he gets owned. It's completely 100% plot justifiable, logically consistent, and brilliant writing. This was totally a climatic and reasonable conclusion to Stannis' arc. Yup. Nothing wrong with this at all. I mean sarcasm aside, what is there to say? It's just so banal, so terrible. Stannis gets done in by revenge strnk wmyz. I mean it not be awful as an ultimate conclusion to the two characters stories, but at this stage of the story it certainly was and just totally wasted the entire Stannis plot since season 2. And you can say "Brienne didn't really kill him you never saw him die" as a weak defense, I guess, but all the signs point there (remember when people said this about Adriana in the Sopranos because she died "off screen" and she was really dead?). I'll never understand D&D's problem with Stannis. -This annoying Ramsay girl again. Every line out of her mouth is cringe. Why can't D&D create interesting or enjoyable original content characters? What are they all such cringe-worthy garbage? -Reek turning for no reason. It was nuanced and involved heavy soul-searching and development in the books, and even then he had to be strong-armed into it and only made the jump out of sheer panic as opposed to bravery. This just wreaks of mediocre writing to do it this way. -Making Meryn Trant into some kind of monster. OMG HE BEAT SANSA SO HE MUST LOVE BEATING CHILDREN. Really? Are D&D this banal? Do they have to make everyone Arya wants to kill cartoonishly evil so we "sympathize" with her. They do this shit with show-Cersei, Tyrion, and Dany too. It's fucking tedious. Not to mention they claim Trant was her first person on the list, when IRL it was Sandor for killing Micah. D&D can't even remember their own goddamn plot. -Holy God, that Cringe snakes dialogue. Even going off, they were fucking terrible. That awful tough love line, that ear bite. It was just so embarrassingly bad. These people are caricatures of what D&D think strnk koo hawt women are. -D&D and truly pleb writing. Jaime's grand moral lesson in all this is "you can't choose who you love" because of some cheesy as shit teen romance. Really? REALLY? The understanding of leadership, war and defeat, managing the realm, and what he really wants out of life is replaced by some done-to-death cringe-worthy love lesson? Bravo D&D. This Dorne arc has sure bee fulfilling and worth it in place of the Riverlands. -So they recast Mycrella (even though the past actress wanted to reprise the role) and wasted time with all this just to kill her off? What was the point of it all? This was LITERALLY filler, which is bizarre given how much of the book D&D keep cutting for this banal garbage. -Ellaria's assassination plot behind Doran's back makes ZERO sense. The ship was RIGHT THERE. They could have turned around and shouted off the bow "Hey Doran Mycrella is dead and I know who did it!". WTF!??! WHY IS EVERYONE IN THIS SHOW SO STUPID. And of course you know Jaime will just go back to Dorne. Not to mention that this wastes the whole Doran master plan plot is gone, as he can no longer have a contender for the throne. And why kill Mycrella AFTER Trystane has been given away? Wtf? Fucking waste for fucking nonsensical filler. -OH LOOK IT'S MORE MISSANDEI AND GREY WORM. EVERYONE'S FAVORITE PLOT -So they're just abandoning Meereen to Tyrion basically? Why would people "trust" Grey Worm? He's a Unsullied slave, the whole POINT of this Meereen thing is Dany has to learn to work with the nobility, who if they had a hard time accepting Dany would definitely never recognize a dickless (yes, this matters in this era's politics) slave. And they call the Unsullied capable of ruling the city? What? When have the Unsullied EVER been shown to be capable of anything but hilariously dying in the show? "Oh Tyrion can do it because it's just like King's Landing because it's a big city". Uh, no, Meereen isn't ANYTHING like Westeros or KL, as is pointed out over and over in the book. All This just hurts my head with its stupidity. Reminder that they could have just kept Barristan to fill this void to rule Meereen instead of needlessly killing him off, but that would make too much sense and the actor was critical of D&D's BRAVO BRILLIANT writing so they couldn't have that. -More ridiculous Varys-Tyrion bromance, he was a good friend. Reminder this trash is what we're getting instead of ruthless master plan ambiguous guy who enacts chaos in Westeros and Tyrion flat-out says he doesn't trust or like. -Drogon's lair is lame and nonsensical. He just made a mound of shit in the middle of a big, easily accessible empty field. Wtf. Even the wildlife in this show are dumbed down. -No Dany SQUATTING IN THE GRASS at sunset. The greatest line of the series, gone. -And here we are with a giant useless drawn-out Dothraki scene. 100,00 Dothraki run around (when she should have been able to hear that many well in advance). Why does this piss me off the most though? Because D&D wasted money on this useless, needless stupid scene instead of actually showing the Battle of Ice. Why not just have Dany run into a few scouts and save that supposedly desperately slim budget? -Cersei isn't being charged with regicide or killing the High Septon apparently, it never comes up. KEK. This is just more shit with show-Sparrows obsessing over sex because D&D are fedora tippers. -WHY WOULD DAVOS JUST TRUST MEL'S WORD AND LET HER WALK AWAY. Book Davos literally contemplates killing her every 2 seconds and he isn't dumb enough to think he had no role in this. A non-stupid book Davos would immediately have her seized and locked up in a dungeon. -Killing Jon for dumb reasons. "omg he loves wildlings see wur racist modern analogy durrrrr" instead of breaking his vows and getting the Watch into the realm's business. What dumbed down garbage. Not to mention the mutiny makes no sense in its execution (notice non-stupid book characters actually create a distraction first?!) and isn't wasted on Olly, that awful turd nobody cares about but D&D shoehorn into every scene. Really, they removed the whole tragedy of it, especially by not having Bowen Marsh crying. -Misleading title. D&D probably made the title of the ep to try and mess with book fans who want LSH (and real writing). Their obnoxiousness knows no bounds, especially with trying to create false hype with Benjen (fortunately I never bought it). Overall this "finale" wreaks of desperation where D&D try to be "edgy" by killing off all the cahracters they deem unimportant to create media hype and make it easier to worship the feet of Dany/Tyrion/Cersei again next season. Well that's all for this season folks! Yearly reminder that the show has been garbage since season 2 and the books are better.
  3. Hey all it's me again to explain why this episode was terrible! And after a decent last episode, the show quickly returned to being utter garbage. And holy crap was this episode bad. -WHY DID JON AND THE WILDLINGS MARCH RIGHT UP TO CASTLE BLACKS WALL. I assume Eastwatch no longer exists in the show despite being mentioned before. D&D write all these inconsistencies and logical failures, yet never seem to care. -Oh look it's Olly again, truly the most amazing and subtle character in the series. D&D are such masters with their original content. Olly is the most important character in this series me thinks given how much he appears -So it seems they're setting up Jon to (try to) go south to "send stannis supplies and reinforcements" instead of the pink letter. Way to go, D&D, ruining any real tension or stakes in Jon's motivation for breaking the Watch's neutrality. -Stannis keeping his family around still makes no sense. Non-stupid book Stannis leaves them back at Castle Black because he's again, not dumb -Doran basically explains why D&D's Dorne-Jaime plot makes NO SENSE, and he isn't the first one to have done this. And once again, Jaime's attempt to "rebuke" the logical failures here is again complete bullshit. This entire plot was completely unnecessary, Doran just gives her up and is clearly willing to maintain peace. So long character journey in the Riverlands, hello Cringe Snakes and XD BEWBS -Mycrella and Trystane are such shit characters, not surprising since they're both basically D&D creations by this point. Tedious, cliched, irritating, and ultimately useless parodies of their archetypes. Moreover D&D in their infinite wisdom had MASTER PLANNER Doran give (in the show) his only heir over to the Lannisters for LITERALLY no goddamned reason, Trystane would be a fucking awful small council member (he's a retard) and even if he was brilliant it would still be an awful decision. Doran willingly and unnecessarily did what Balon Greyjoy did with a sword to his neck, give his son over as an essential hostage. BRAVA D&D. -The Cringe Snakes return in all their glory. XD LEL SLAPPING GAMES AND SEX REFERENCES. And another awful and nonsensical diatribe that is supposed to sound like a brilliant metaphor but ultimately is meaningless. Reminder this is what we're getting instead of real Dorne intrigue like in the books -Arya plot is still sex. Oysters and sexual harassment instead of going fucking blind and having some real goddamned character development. You know a plot is awful when the lackluster Arya AFFC plot is literally War and Peace compared to this crap. -Mace Tyrell being in Braavos still makes no sense. Trant being with him makes no sense. None of this makes any sense. On top of that they're still making Mace out to be full-fledged developmentally disabled. Book Mace is no rocket scientist, but it isn't NEARLY this bad and he isn't just a complete comic relief character. why can't D&D understand not everything has to be one way or the other? -And lel, Ser Meryn Trant. The latest victim of D&D's character assassination. Yes in the books he's an asshole and Cersei's creature, but he's still shown to be a respectable and capable knight who isn't needlessly awful instead of this foul mouthed grumpy pedophile. It's like D&D realized he was associated with Cersei and Syrio so they immediately thought of the worst shit they could to make him a "bad guy". -Did you ever notice whenever Arya is in 1 of apparently 2 rooms in the House of the Undying, someone is ALWAYS getting assisted suicide there? Like holy crap in the books this happens to but not every instance you see the House. This place must be the Essos version of Auschwitz or something with how many people they must be killing. D&D again show how simple they ultimately are, they associated one trait with this place and just keep repeating it over and over to remind the audience what it is. -Doran the master planner and the Great Dornish Conspiracy seems pretty much out the window now. Especially with no Aegon in the show. Instead he's just a bitch to the Lannisters and hurrrr war iz bad. D&D kept the Dorne plot for some reason, yet saw fit to cut out all of its most important characters, completely rework it into something fillerish and unnecessary, and then take away any future implications from it. Once more, Bravo D&D. -Ellaria gives a speech on gay rights to Jaime out of nowhere. D&D probably thought this was an oh-so-subtle and brilliant hint at contemporary gay marriage debate (much like the changes to Loras/Faith plot) but it was just so stupid and illogical in its own setting. This is why contemporary politics need to stay out of the story. First off, tons of Lords have paramours (aka mistresses) in the rest of Westeros. Second, people DO bat an eye at Oberyn's relationship with Ellaria in Dorne and it's even plainly stated as much in the books. Dorne still follows the Faith of the Seven, they're predominately Rhyonar but still have heavy Andal (and First Men) influence, and they're not a completely different world from central/northern Westeros. Just like how Italy/Spain but culturally different from France, but not night and day. D&D think Dorne is some gay rights utopia when IRL they're just marginally more tolerant and believe women should have a stake in secession because of Nymeria's influence on their society. THAT'S IT. And THIRD, people DID "bat an eye" at Targaryen incest, or did you just forget the entire Faith Militant Uprising you dumb hacks. -Stannis doesn't know what the Dance of the Dragons is. Mind you this is probably the bloodiest war in Westerosi history (and certainly the bloodiest in post-conquest Westerosi history). This is literally like General Petraeus saying he never heard of WW2. First D&D make Stannis into some dumby, then they go and make him Emperor Palptine (AND SEE NEXT) -HO BOY. Burning Shireen at the stake. There waso so much wrong here it hurts my head to think about. First after spending the season making Stannis into a nice guy and repairing their demonization campaign against him for the last 2 seasons, they completely wreck it all. What was the point of adding in that Shireen-Stannis wuv scene if all they did was squander it? Why do D&D INSIST on making Stannis the anti-christ incarnate? We're back to RHOLLOR HUNGERS in a big way. And on top of that, while book Stannis wouldn't even consider this shit, she's his heir and he literally says she's the only one who can succeed him in the books. And the only fucking Baratheon who would consider burning Shireen (Queen Selyse, who is implied to have the desire to sacrifice Shireen in the books) is the one who is actually AGAINST it in the show. TOP FUCKING KEKS. Wtf are with D&D and their insistence to do the opposite of anything right? -What's the point of the Fighting Pits being reopened when there is literally no war with Yunkai and they already surrendered? The Sons of the Harpy haven't stopped either, so there's no point there. These types of concessions make no goddamn sense in the show setting, but since D&D cherrypick shit from the books for their god-awful show it just creates more of these logic holes. -We have Saint Tyrion once more in all his glory. Omg he talks down Hizdhar on his Ghiscari Privlege and violence isn't the answer. You know what was fucking good in ADWD? Tyrion was morally ambiguous, he straight up gleefully murders someone out of spite in Slaver's Bay, while gloating "a Lannister always pays his debts" like a serial killer. Yet because Peter Dinklage is a bigshot and Tyrion is beloved by the fanbase D&D make him into a mary sue here. -Hizdhar is so awful in this adaptation. Yes he's a slimy ass in the books, but he isn't a moron who is just used as comic relief or the foil for Dany's STRNK WYMZ BLOOD OF THE DRAGONZ speeches. He actually has a sinister and cunning nature to him and isn't fucking wasted. D&D killed him off after he did literally nothing for no goddamn reason here because they apparently don't understand their own source material, much like Barristan. -LEL, THIS FIGHT SCENE. None of this makes sense. Why do the Sons do this? Why kill Dany like this? Why not be subtle about it and work within your own network for a stealth-kill (SEE THE BOOKS ON HOW THIS IS DONE, D&D). And why are the Sons murdering random people? How did they get in here with those big goddamn masks? And most of all, WHY ARE THERE 5 MILLION OF THEM. They literally occupy this while arena and own Dany's Unsullied (again). Then if this mess isn't enough, they see to it to ruin the entire Drogon-return scene. Drogon does not appear as an unstoppable force of terror that sends Meereen into a panic and sows needless death, but as the noble rescuer. He's Han Solo at the Death Star if he was magically summoned by Luke. It's a joyous "yahhhh!" moment when Drogon arrives in the show, whereas in the books it's an "oh shit" moment. And then D&D just drop the whole not being able to control her own dragons subplot, after already introducing it. I knew the shoe was beyond saving despite Hardholm being passable, but D&D are back in all their glory here. I'll be back next week. Reminder that the show has been shit since season 2 and the books are better!
  4. Hey all! I'm once again here this week to tell you why this episode was again crap, rated PG-13 for mods! -Dorne is still 1 small city in the intro. Did D&D really go this many episodes without a map? -Thorne is first ranger despite never having been a ranger. BRAVO, D&D. I think they just apply ranks to named characters they actually know about without any thought to it. -Theon is an awful Reek in this show. He knows he's Theon and just says Reek to not piss Ramsay off. He's not the insane wretch who literally thinks he's Reek and Theon is a separate person. And no, the changes he goes through in the books don't count because at this ep proved he's still at the point he's still loyal to Ramsay. Can we also talk about how shitty the Sansa-Theon dynamic is? Sansa just towers over Theon and orders him around and shakes him angrily. The mutual heartbreak, their bonding in misery, and the general atmosphere of tragedy that loomed over Theon and Jeyne in the books is gone. This feels so hollow as a replacement. -Aemon just sort of dies after 5 minutes with no explanation. How underwhelming . We weren't even aware he was dying last episode. D&D treated this like something they forgot about then suddenly had to go through the motions about. And what he was even wrong with him anyway? WHO KNOWS! Plotitis. Do they really think including a fan-favorite quote would change how bad this was? -Sam's arc has been completely ruined with this banal garbage. First they take away his journey to Oldtown, now they take away all the friends and respect hes made. Sam the Slayer is cool in the books because it's actually a title, not mockery. -AND HE INSTANTLY KNOWS JON IS LORD COMMANDER TOO! D&D must have put skype in Westeros or something by this point because news travels that fast. Their world is so much smaller, and that ruins so much of it. -Davos story is complete garbage still. Instead of being with based Manderly and going off to fight unicorns in Skagos we get him just throwing away lines to Stannis just so the actor can pay the bills. Why did D&D see fit to reduce Davos to zero importance while introducing such plot-vital characters as Missandei, Grey Worm, and Olly? -THEY MENTION THE STORMCROWS. Okay, thinking about this gave me a headache. So they put Daario in charge of the Second Sons a few seasons back despite them being the Stormcrows and there being no Brown Ben Plumm. Yet now they mention the Stormcrows, who are in Westeros for some goddamn reason. What is the point of any of these changes? Do D&D think if they change enough shit people will think this story is theirs and not Gurm's? Well who would even WANT "this" train-wreck of a story to be theirs anyway? -Stannis is just randomly horny in this scene and tries to hump Melisandre out of nowhere. WTF was up with this scene? Do they not understand's Stannis' character? Would he really just bang in the middle of a war council? After leaving him alone this season, D&D are back to character-assassinating Stannis. -This Gilly rape thing. LEL. What is it with D&D and rape? Do they think it makes the series mature? Do they think a rape scene automatically makes everything uber-sophisticated? What hacks. They cut out Sam's Oldtown arc, Marwyn, Braavos, Salleras, and the Grand Maester Conspiracy for ANOTHER RAPE SCENE. -Jon went to Hardholm apparently without Ghost. WHY. There was literally no explanation. On top of it being goddamn nonsensical for Jon to go in the first place, they put this icing on the cake. -Now in their infinite wisdom, D&D seek to waste 5 minutes on another awkward sex scene. Reminder that this trite is what we're getting instead of glass candles, the Old Man of Oldtown, and Maester lore. -WHERE IS THIS SLAVE AUCTION. So they got captured outside the Smoking Sea, yet now are seemingly right outside Meereen. Did they literally walk 1,000 miles or so? Wtf is going on? -Tyrion's ADWD arc is again reduced from a descent into insanity with redemption via purity into LEL COMEDY XD! LOOK HE BEATS UP THE WHIP GUY XD! What garbage. At least Tyrion being mummer made sense in the books because he was with a dwarf who was ACTUALLY A MUMMER and they could perform. This excuse in the show for him to go with Jorah...I can't get my head around it? They think he's a good fighter? Nobody could, he's a dwarf and just stomped on that guy a bit. Why would a slaver waste gold and make him a pit fighter? Wtf is going on? Why is nobody in this show never making any sense? -Olenna just strolls around inside ISIS (aka Show-Sparrows) HQ with no guards. Cersei does this later as well, and it's fucking stupid in the show. In the books not being guarded around them is passable because the High Sparrow is a legit priest and the Sparrows aren't insane gay-murderers...But holy crap in the show it makes NO SENSE. Everyone calls them fanatics in the show, but D&D just treat interactions with them like they're the book Sparrows. BRAVO. -Where exactly in The Seven Pointed Star or The Faith does it say that being gay is this huge deal, to the point the High Septon would directly intervene in it? WHERE? Because it's never there in the books, gay is a taboo but not the be-all end-all. It wasn't even this bad in the IRL Middle Ages, people looked the other way. D&D trying to insert this contemporary fedora atheism gay rights stuff into the story is just ruining the mythology of the world. -Olenna just points out the absurdity of these show trials. I like how D&D seem to constantly have characters yell about how none of this makes any sense, and someone else just shrugs it away like we're supposed to accept that as an excuse. This is some self-aware stupidity. -Tommen just sits there with his mouth open and moans. He screams about how he can't do anything when he just sat there when Margy got arrested anyway. Why not just make this shit 8 years old again? Why did D&D bother aging him up again? So he could have a LEL XD sex scene with Margy? Because that literally is the only thing they've done with him that they couldn't do with book Tommen. -I love this nonsensical show excuse for why Tommen can't meet with the High Sparrow. "Oh you shouldn't unsully yourself as King to meet with this fanatic". HE'S THE HIGH SEPTON, THE HIGH SEPTON IS A REGULAR FACE AT SMALL COUNCIL MEETINGS. WHY DO YOU FORGET STUFF YOU PUT IN THE PREVIOUS EPISODES D&D. D&D sometimes rarely encounter their logical inconsistencies and actually try to make an excuse for them, but these excuses NEVER make any sense. -So Jaime just ran into the residence of the Martells and they put him in a nice hotel room. Then they address his concern and show him Mycrella? Wtf is the point of this? Lordly courtesy? Plot convenience? It makes no sense given he just led an armed raid into the Watergardens and pulled a sword on Doran's heir. On top of that given that the Martells are THIS cooperative with the Lannisters that they look the other way when they attack them, why was it necessary for Jaime to even go here instead of just send a Raven and ask them to give Mycrella back? -THE CRINGE SNAKES RETURN. LEL CLAPPING EYE ROLLS AT BRONN XDDDDD! Freak you D&D, you know there's actually subtle legit non-cringe humor in the books because the writer isn't a complete hack? TRUE FACTS. Now, there's just so much wrong with this scene. First Tyene gets naked because D&D have to meet the boob quota again or something, why is she doing this? To say she's hot? Why does she want to prove this to a Lannister stooge? Do D&D know the Sand Snakes aren't like this in the books and they actually have class? Then somehow Tyene is able to calculate her boob flashing with the EXACT moment that this poison would start to take affect, so she can then give him the antidote? WHY?! WHY GIVE HIM THE ANTIDOTE?! HE JUST TRIED TO KILL YOU AND YOU WERE SHOWN AS PSYCHO MURDERERS IN PREVIOUS EPS. Why would you kill a messenger but spare someone who attacked you? WHY FLASH HIM. WHY DO ANY OF THIS? Are D&D just looking to give them something to do and think that showing some nudity makes the show mature? -Can someone tell me what the fudge Littlefinger is doing running around in KL? He has a Vale to run and just gave up Sansa for no reason at all now he's just wandering aimlessly around KL. -They called this slaver with Jorah and Tyrion Yezzan. So long grandiose yellow whale, so long any uniqueness and personality to this arc. Hello cliched slaver #1352352. And on top of that the Wise Masters trip all over themselves to desperately please Dany. Seeing her face real enemies who treated her like garbage was actually interesting, not more sycophant crap with Dany, which we see all the time. -D&D have another apparently logical inconsistency going. So these fighting pits were supposed to be for only free men now who do it according to their own will. Yet Jorah and Tyrion were captured and are being forced into this as slaves. So wtf is going on? You could claim "well they lied and are having slaves pitfight but it's said in the show how many of the pit fighters want to fight and how high an honor it is so why use slaves? It made sense in the books for Tyrion and Penny to be a slave at least because they were brought in from Yunkai which didn't agree to any of this stuff, but in the show they completely surrendered.WHY DO D&D FORGET THEIR OWN PLOT. -Jorah just waltzes through the slave fighter gate into the pit. WHY WAS IT UNLOCKED. WHY WOULD YOU UNLOCK YOUR SLAVE DOOR (and as we established, these people are slaves apparently). -WHAT IS JORAH HOPING TO DO BY KILLING ALL THESE GUYS THEN REVEALING HIMSELF. Jorah is desperate in the books but at least he doesn't do completely nonsensical things. Why didn't he just free Tyrion then rush out with him as a gift? Why do this fighting crap? Does he think it'll impress her? He knows Dany well enough to know it won't. D&D just put this in here so we could see how "badass" Jorah is. SCREW LOGIC. -Show Margy is so boring. There's an enigma too her in the books where you don't really know where she stands and if she's just faking the politeness or what. Here she just screams that people are mean names and throws crap at them. -So D&D have an ancient chapel so old people dunno who built it in KL. Do D&D realize KL is a new city? Do they have understanding of this world they have so utterly ruined? -How much do you wanna bet Cersei is gonna be charged with some banal crap like "you had sex with your brother" and not regicide, producing an illegitimate king, and killing the High Septon? HOW MUCH YOU WANNA BET. That's all for now folks. I'll be back next week. Weekly reminder that the show has been garbage since season 2 and the books are better.
  5. Yeah in D&D's race to make their "own" brilliant story they've created many plotholes in a series otherwise devoid of it.
  6. Comparing the show to AFFC is moot anyway. The show has essentially retained none of its plot and it's clear D&D didn't even read it. And [people who say AFFC is bad are like the Star Wars fans that say Ep 4 is the worst for being the most "boring" and slow-paced.
  7. BUT AFFC IS AWFUL! IT'S BORING AND HAS THE WORD NUNCLE! Now some Missandei-Grey Worm and dominatrix Sansa, that's true poetry. If only GRRM could learn from D&D.
  8. Missandei and Grey Worm are the other 2 heads of the dragon.
  9. Hey all! Back this week to tell you why this episode was terrible. I'm keeping the language PG this week to avoid being banned again! -The ep starts with Missandei and Grey Worm, so D&D can remind us of the plot they clearly value the most in the series by this point -BARRISTAN IS ACTUALLY FREAKIN DEAD. BRAVO D&FREAKIN D. I guess he wasn't "important", just like Euron, Victarion, Aegon, Connington, any kind of interesting stuff in Slaver's Bay, LSH, Arianne, Quentyn, and anything else that's interesting. But at least apparently fucking Missandei and Grey Worm still important, given how much they're freakin featured in this fucking episode. And Note that this because the actor disagreed with these two geniuses, and they were petty enough to kill him off then gloat about it in subsequent interviews. -Hizdhar has been character assassinated HARD. A ruthless morally ambiguous shady Machiavellian to a whiny sychophant. Bravo Bravo BRAVO. And he's a minority character, I thought D&D would be all over him instead of letting him rot. But given that they apparently didn't read the last 2 books of the series, maybe this Hizdhar is their own banal interpretations. -OH THIS FREAKIN DANY DRAGON SCENE. EL O FUCKING EL. She spends half of like 2 episodes ago going on about muh fair trials and murdering her own people over said fair trials, then she just randomly murders a Meereenese nobleman for no freakin reason openly admitting he has no idea if he did anything wrong. This is the pinnacle of writing D&D. Your poetry rhymes beyond my simple book reader comprehension. All I can say to this character consistency is HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSS -THEY ACTUALLY INCLUDED "KILL THE BOY JON". It's sad that this actually AMAZED me. I thought D&D would needlessly change yet another iconic scene/quote just to be jerks. "Vanquish the Child", "Remove the youngling", "Circumvent the juvenile" or what have you. -Tormund being some mopy, angry, serious uninteresting piece of garbage instead of our based HARbro. Why can't D&D understand characters? -"We'll need ships to get to Hardholme". Why do you need Stannis' ship? Does Eastwatch not exist anymore even though the show has mentioned it before? Yet another thing D&D just hopes the audience forgets about, I suppose. -WHY DOES JON HAVE TO GO TO HARDHOLME. IT MAKES NO SENSE. "They need to hear it from the Lord Commander". NO, THEY NEED TO HEAR IT FROM ONE OF THEIR OWN, LIKE YOU TORMUND. The Wildlings don't give a flying flick about the Lord Commander. Not to mention this torpedoes the Winterfell-Jon plot, which was actually goddamned interesting. No pink letter. Just durrrr we need ships I'm with this emo-Tormund zombie piece of shit. The logistical inconsistencies of original content in this show just hurts my head by this point. -Oh look, it's olly. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong at all. We all know by this point how much I love this wonderful addition to the show (look at my past reviews), especially given how many other "inferior" characters like Euron, Manderly, and Belwas were cut. I'm not having a nosebleed and ripping out my own tonsils atm. -Dolorous Ed has 1 line in the show, and it's just some stupid throwaway nothing. The most based man in the Night's Watch has NONE of his redeeming qualities in what is probably his only scene this seaosn. Bravo at that character assassination D&D. Do you think we give a damn if you show a character without any concept of what they're actually like? I'd rather have no Ed at all. -WHERE THE FREAK ARE BRIENNE AND POD. This town that's in magical view of Winterfell. Is it Wintertown? No...Wintertown is actually RIGHT NEXT to Winterfell's main gate. SO WHERE ARE THEY. LOOK AT A MAP D&D. -D&D assassinated Ramsay HARD this episode. First with this ridiculous cringey girlfriend sub-plot. Ramsay chained his last wife to a bed and let her starve to death, but has a clear kinky birds-of-a-feather romance with this crazy annoying lady. Why did they turn Ramsay from a chilling psychopath into some one-liner lovestruck sexy Heath Ledger Joker parody? Do they think it's hip? -WHY IS SANSA DRESSED LIKE A DOMINATRIX STILL. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. -This Sansa-Ramsay girlfriend catfight. Holyyyy crap. D&D in their infinite wisdom again inserted an original content character to dominate yet another original content plot in place of one of those "inferior" book plots like Ironborn or battles with Yunkai or Manderly or what have you. No, instead we have Sansa and Ramsay's edgelord bestie competing for him in another nonsensical clustermess. B.R.A.V.O. D.AND.D. -And one more thing, why wouldn't Sansa know who the Kennelmasters daughter is? These people grew up together. All the Winterfell kids knew Farlan (see D&D, I actually pay attention to who these characters you use as throwaways are!), they'd know this daughter of his. -The Winterfell Kennel's are a fucking zoo with individual steel cages for each animal. Goddamnit D&D. -Why would anyone care if Sansa knew Theon was here? It's public knowledge Ramsay has Theon, he sent his skin/whatever to Balon and other Lords. The shows attempt to make it a OMG SECRET Ramsay has Theon is idiotic. So apparently everybody can know Sansa is alive and in Winterfell being married to a Lannister ally despite being wanted for regicide, but not that Theon is being held by Ramsay still. DAT ORIGINAL CONTENT LOGIC. -Plus, the whole Theon dynamic is off. Ramsay uses Theon and Reek interchangeably, instead of literally erasing his identity from Theon's mind in the books. He tells Theon to apologize for what he did, whereas in the books Ramsay literally tells "Reek" to pretend to be "Theon". But, ya know, we can't have more disturbingly subtle or interesting stuff in this banal garbage show. -Stannis PRANCING AROUND WINTERFELL BY HIMSELF AND WITHOUT A GUARDS, SERVANTS, OR EVEN A WEAPON. O HEY SAM I JUST WANTED TO GO TELL YOU TO READ A BOOK IN PERSON. HO BOY, THIS MAKES SENSE. Another logical inconsistency from this appears later on in the ep which I get to below. -The Sam and Stannis scene was absolutely useless. What was the goddamned point of this? Remind the audience that Sam's dad is Randyll? Remind people that Obsidian kills Others? Well some people can actually remember that on their own, D&D. Just because you expect the show to be dumbed down doesn't mean it has to be. -Stannis bringing Shireen and Selyse to the Battle at Winterfell. LEL. This is so stupid and reckless that book Stannis would never even consider it. And what's his logic for this nonsensical decision? "hurrr The Wall is dangerous cuz the Watch are criminals". Well apparently it's so dangerous that you and your wife and your daughter are all freely waltzing around alone without any escorts or anything. YOUR PLOT IS TRULY POETRY OF THE MOST EPIC LEVELS, D&D. -Davos going to Winterfell with Stannis to just serve as an exposition lackey instead of going to Skagos. Buh bye interesting future plot full of epic Mad Max cannibals and Unicorns and Rickon. Hello nothing. -"I'll need those ships back" says Stannis. NO YOU WON'T. EASTWATCH EXISTS. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME FORGET D&D. -GREY WORM IS STILL ALIVE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They kill BARRISTAN THE BOLD and leave GREY WORM alive. Why? So we can be blessed with the grandeur and quality of the Grey Worm-Missandei romance subplot?! APPARENTLY, BECAUSE D&D WASTE THE NEXT 6 MINUTES ON IT AGAIN. And even better, we have this useless scene where Missandei gives advice to Dany and Dany comes to a complete unrelated conclusion! Why are these two useless characters being shoved down our throats amid all the cuts? -Dany just randomly comes to the decision to reopen the fighting pits and marry Hizdhar for no reason. Cuz tradition and something. Ya know in the books, the non-completely-dumb Dany actually had to be lobbied and lobbied and prodded and backed into a corner before agreeing to this. -And is this what the Slaver's Bay plot is now? You got rid of the whole war plot, which was the saving grave of it in the books. So now we just have CGI dragons, grey worm x Missandei brilliance, and Dany just spouting stupid speeches. BRAVOx3 DEE AND DEE. -Jorah is apparently going to sail hundreds (thousands?) of miles that is between Volantis and Meereen, brave the Smoking Sea and pirates and demons, and make this incredible journey that few dare IN A FREAKIN OPEN-TOPPED RIVER DINGY WITH NO SUPPLIES. D&D not knowing how ships and distances worked would be forgivable if they could write a freakin plot. -Tyrion is so terrible, and I say that knowing all the criticism ADWD Tyrion gets. hurr durr alcohol quip, another alcohol quip, hurr durr le maymay humor. Oh knock it off D&D. People don't like ADWD D&D but seeing him semi-insane, beating up prostitutes, and talking about raping and murdering Cersei was far more entertaining than this tired dry nonsense. Because shades of grey actually exist in the books. -Why is the SMOKING SEA a perfectly calm and serine body instead of a torrent of volcanic instability and nuclear winter like it's supposed to be?!?! I mean first you put them in Valyria instead of the Rhyone, which I don't really care about, but at least freakin do the place justice. -Include Stone Men, no Shrouded Lord and seeming creepy teleportation stuff. Way to ruin that whole scene and just reduce it to Walking Dead KILL DA ZOMBIES shit. -Jorah having Greyscale. HE MUST DIE TOO. ONLY GREY WORM CAN BE BY DANY'S SIDE. GREY WORM IS AZOR AHAI. THEY ARE THE THREE HEADED DRAGON. GREY WORM AND MISSANDEI WILL RULE ALL OF PLANETOS. I be back next week! Weekly reminder that the show has been garbage since season 2 and the books are better!
  10. Hey all! Back this week to tell you why this episode sucked: -I like how Bronn just perfectly spells out why Jaime's Dorne adventure plot makes no goddamned sense. Just bring Bronn and 40 men indeed! It doesn't have to be Jaime. There's no reason for any of this to take place from a logical standpoint. D&D set up the counter argument but offer no debunking of it. How stupid do they think we are? -Jaime threatening to kill Tyrion and flat-out hating him. The conflicting nature of Jaime in the books about this is gone. First the show makes him a rapist, now this. Are they determined to ruin Jaime's redemption arc? -The whole Iron Bank Mace Tyrell deal. Holyyyyy shit, this is fucking stupid and makes no sense. Mace Tyrell is the Lord of Highgarden and the strongest man in Westeros at this point. Why is he doing this? Doesn't Mace have a war to be fighting? Have D&D forgotten that a war still needs to be fought? Why does he have to go when the job is clearly beneath him and he's too busy elsewhere? Why is Trant acting as his escort and not Highgarden men? He has no reason to obey Cersei and no reason to be doing this, especially since the Iron Bank itself sends envoys all over the world! Even book Mace isn't stupid enough to act like this. D&D took a dumb character and made him full-fledged retarded. -Cersei being the one who proposes reestablishing the Faith Militant out of nowhere for absolutely no reason. She even put the goddamned idea into the High Sparrow's head! At least her agreeing to it in the books made sense as part of her trade with the High Sparrow. Here she gained NOTHING. Doing all this to arrest Loras made no sense when in the show the Sparrows were already arresting people for the crazy shit D&D thinks the Sparrows arrest people for. This is major dumbing down for Cersei, who the show usually whitewashes and flatters. Bizarre D&D antics. -I've said it before now but it still needs to be said this week. D&D inserting their fucking 2015 fedora atheism bullshit into a medieval setting they clearly don't understand very well. The Sparrows, an army of war refugees that help the people, is now ISIS that goes around terrorizing smallfolk for no reason. They even run around beheading gay people, as if D&D think this is some brilliant Christianity parallel. The Sparrows are a refugee movement that of course in a medieval setting would be religious in nature, they're not terrorists and running around murdering gay people is in direct contradiction to their objectives. Fuck you D&D, simplifying a more complex situation. -And arresting Loras instead of Margy. Fucking lol. I bet you think this is some brilliant political commentary, D&D. Omg evil Republicans Indiana pizzerias. Fuck off. So the High Sparrow is going to arbitrarily turn the whole realm upside down just to persecute Loras for no real reason, who ultimately is just a Knight of the Kingsguard? And what's the endgame? To annoy Margy? It won't change her status at all. Book Cersei framing Margy actually made goddamn sense because it removed the goddamn problem Cersei goddamn had and the charges brought before her seemed like something the High Sparrow might actually care about given that she's the queen! Not to mention this plot makes NO SENSE in the greater scheme of things. So Mace is just going to continue to let his son be terrorized while he acts as Cersei's messenger? In the books when Margy is arrested Mace drops everything he's doing and arrives in KL with an army. Because that is what the Lord of Highgarden would do. But D&D are as dumb as Mace, apparently. -And one more thing, did you really just have to insert Loras into yet another "gay gay gay he's gay gay!" subplot. You're robbing Loras of his biggest battle in the books, just for more walking gay billboard. Bravo with that character development. -WHY IS TOMMEN RUNNING AROUND THE RED KEEP WITH NO GODDAMN KINGSGUARD, OR GUARDS OF ANY KIND. Do people realize the last King was fucking murdered?! -The Sparrows just casually rejecting the King, threatening him, then shitting on him. Book High Sparrow ain't this stupid, and neither should the show counterpart. This whole scene was fucking stupid and made no sense. Sparrow smallfolk shits don't fucking reject then THREATEN the King of Westeros so blatantly like that and get away with it. And don't give me that "omg it shows how badass they are". No, it's just shit writing inconsistent with the setting. -I haven't checked this yet and a wiki of ice and fire is down so can't be 100% certain, but did D&D invent house names? Wibberly? Wtf? Is it really that hard to just include the many, many mentioned houses of the series? Do you even care about the source material? -Useless sex/tits scene, just so D&D can jerk each other off on how edgy they are. NOBODY CARES. Can get better tits on xtube and you're just wasting time. Especially since the entire fucking scene was fucking stupid. Mel trying to bang Jon into breaking his vows? wtf? Do D&D consider both of these characters such lowly retards? Not to mention D&D ONLY did this because the Melisandre actress is the only show bigwig who will show her tits anymore. -Littlefinger just casually wandering around Winterfell, then King's Landing. Fucking kek. Did he just forget that he has the Vale to rule and tons of Vale Lords are still against him? Do D&D understand how these kind of political systems work? Apparently not, because once you explain something in the show it's instantly over and resolved forever. [Offensive content removed] -Removing Rhaegar defeating fucking Arthur Dayne, the BAMF Sword of the Morning, at the Harrenhal Tourney. Instead it's Barristan who D&D will soon shit on to boot. Why remove Dayne? Why remove his epicness? Is it because you plan to never mention him again and hope the audience forgets he ever existed? Fuck you, D&D -Sansa having a fucking attachment and love for Littlefinger. WHY. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Is it because she's randomly "Darth Sansa" now so she arbitrarily likes other bad guys? Bravo D&D. This is like poetry, it rhymes. -Littlefinger: "Stannis has a larger army". NO HE FUCKING DOESN'T. HE CAME TO THE NORTH WITH 1,500 MEN. Roose/Freys (I guess Freys don't exist anymore in the show!) have upwards of 5,000. -Ramsay is falling in love with Sansa? Fucking fuck you D&D, whitewashing characters at every turn. Instead of the terrifying killer who starved his last wife to death for the lulz, he's falling in wuv. I bet Ramsay's other dear girlfriend will get jealous! Cringe. -Dorne is white. The Spanish motif is fine, they're Mediterranean inspired. But I dunno where D&D got the idea they're Arabs. They even have fucking scimitars and turbans now. Is it so you can meet your precious diversity quota, D&D? -Jaime and Bronn just randomly sneaking into Dorne like James Bond is stupid and nonsensical enough, but now they run around murdering Dornish soldiers out of fucking nowhere? What? How will this benefit any of your objectives? If it was self-defense why would the Dornish try to murder Jaime fucking Lannister? Do D&D not understand how Westerosi politics works? I dunno why I'm even asking that anymore. -Not to mention in this stupid fight, Bronn just lets Jaime nearly die for the lelz. I mean does he realize that if Jaime dies under his care Bronn will lose everything? Apparently not, because Show Bronn is just full of quips and jokes but is otherwise devoid of anything. -Sand Snakes in general are absolute shit. The actresses are shit, the characterization is shit (MAMA!), their antics are shit. Why would they kill their messenger who betrayed the Lannisters? Nobody else will want to betray the Lannisters for you anymore. Not to mention the Sand Snakes are all simplified down into brutal amazon women (COMPLETE WITH BREASTPLATE NIPPLES! The fact that D&D unironically do this is so telling and symbolic of the show by this point). Nym loses her cunning and charm, Tyene her amiability. They're all just clones of each other. And on top of that, Ellaria is reduced from the voice of reason in the books to just another psycho mass murdering maniac. Is all this because D&D think women can't control themselves themselves? sounds sexist to me! Somehow D&D took a lackluster book plot and made it far, far more stupid. -Changing Barristan's Rhaegar story with Dany. It was so much more banal, cliche, and typical than what is revealed in the books. Gone is Barristan revealing the mystery of what Rhaegar read that made him decide to become a warrior, gone is the mysterious aloofness and seeming despair that plagued him. Instead he liked to be a fucking mummer who got drunk with knights. What a bro right D&D?! No, fuck you once more -Hizdhar going from a shrewd ruthless schemer to just some whiny sycophant bitch. Even Dany openly mocks him. D&D seem desperate to introduce minority characters, while simultaneously character-assassinating actual book minority characters. Nonsensical -The whole Sons of the Harpy fight thing. I'm just left speechless from the stupidity here. Be it the Sons of the Harpy (fucking pampered aristocracy and their thugs) being elite super rambo warriors who fight open battles instead of cloak and dagger book activities, be it Unsullied fighting like Mel Gibson in Braveheart without any kind of cohesion or discipline, or be it Barristan THE BOLD losing to these pieces of shit. It's all so stupid. And did D&D decide to punk Barristan because the actor is a bookfag critical of show deviations? I have no evidence to support this really, but keep in mind that D&D were petty enough to waste 6 minutes of last seasons finale into a tantrum against Orson Scott Card for criticizing the show. I'll be back next week to explain why the show has sucked since season 2 and the books are better. Bring on the downvotes!
  11. I embellish a lot and act intentionally comedic, but I assure you I'm never trolling.
  12. Hey all I'm back! I'm here to tell you why this weeks episode was terrible. -So D&D have officially decided Jaqern's far more intriguing and interesting Oldtown story scheme was "too confusing" (much like LSH) and thus cut. Instead we get this banal training arc mentor crap. Grand Maester conspiracy? Faceless men and Valyria? The truth about the Hightowers? Salleras? WHO CARES, LEL MAISIE WILLIAMS SAID CUNT XD! -Adult Tommen is annoying and shit. Why the hell did D&D up-age him again? It doesn't even make any sense. Like 2 seasons ago he was a little kid sitting in Cersei's lap. I get D&D dumb shit down and expect the audience to just accept it, but do they really expect us to forget this? -More useless sex shit. Nobody cares D&D. You're not edgy. You're just wasting time. I mean you cut all these characters and plots yet somehow find the time to shove in the same rehashed sex scenes every damn episode. OMG BEWBS. Fuck off with your crap. -D&D have of course dumbed down the Margy-Cersei cold war into the most ridiculous petty schoolyard girl antics. -Inserting Sansa into the Winterfell arc? FUCK YOU D&D YOU SHITS FOR BRAINS. This is the biggest fuckup yet. It makes no goddamn sense and just destroys the best storyline from D&D. Nevermind it makes LF the stupidest guy in Westeros. I bet they're gonna add some sansa "strong independent wmyz dark sansa outsmarts roose bolton" bullshit. And I also like how in the books LF is ultra-careful to avoid anybody knowing sansa is still alive. Yet in the show he parades her around all day and casually eats with her at taverns and everybody seems to just be aware of who she is -"The North Remembers". OOOOO AAAAA SO BADASS THOUGHT D&D. This will surely satisfy the fans, right?! Wrong. Do they think randomly shoehorning in this quote while removing the character who most famously says it and the situation it's most famously said in will compensate for that? No. Fuck off D&D. -AND HOW DOES SANSA EVEN KNOW ROOSE KILLED ROBB. HOW DOES EVERYBODY IN THE FUCKING WORLD KNOW THIS. D&D proving once again they think Westeros is the size of Disneyland. -Speaking of how this Sansa Winterfell crap makes no sense. It makes absolutely no sense sansa would agree to marry ramsay. she just changes her mind and decides for no reason despite being against it seconds before. Moreover why the hell is everybody 100% okay with Sansa being alive? Why would Bolton or LF (both Lannister allies) both openly fuck around with Sansa like this when she's wanted for the death of Joffrey? And don't try to rationalize this huge goddamn plothole with D&D's weak excuse of a justification, that was total bullshit and answered NOTHING. Baelish would never openly confront the Lannisters like this (he's actually SUBTLE in the books) and Bolton still has and needs Frey/Lannister support despite the death of Tywin. Margy doesn't "Adore" Sansa either. Bullshit weak excuse for bullshit weak plot/10. -Why was Moat Caillin even in this weeks episode? Do D&D think it's the only place in the North? besides Winterfell? -D&D suggesting Brienne > Hound again. Oh fuck off. -Then after trying to elevate Brienne, they do this self-hating "i'm so ugly" emo bullshit. Book Brienne would never get this shallow and banal. D&D seem desperate to prop up women characters but like any true SJW they ultimately have them lose any kind of complexity. -THIS FUCKING KID IN THE NIGHT'S WATCH WON'T GO AWAY. GO AWAY AND DIE. -Thorne is Eastwatch Commander? Does Cotter Pyke just not exist anymore even though he is mentioned in past seasons? Do D&D just constantly pretend the audience is stupid enough to forget people every goddamn episode? -Turning Waif into some kind of school bully with this beating shit. House of Black and White isn't a fucking boarding school you pieces of shit. -Thorne was never a ranger but now he's a gr8 ranger!!!!! -No fetch me a block of course. Cuz D&D just gotta take away every iconic quote just to fuck with us. -Fucked up the general execution scene. They make Jon seem far too smug and happy about the whole thing. They take away all of his conflict and reasoning over it, they take away the fact he gives Janos a night to think over his insubordination, they take away him changing his method of execution (thus making everyone thinking he backed down, which added great tension to the scene). They have Janos go on some sort of "I was always afraid" diatribe as if D&D think they're geniuses for trying to flesh out the character. Stannis nod can't save it. -Oh wow more sex scenes D&D. Soooo edgy. -Oh look it's ISIS, or should we say the show Sparrows because D&D are inserting their fedora atheist shit into a medieval setting. in the books the sparrows are against this high septon because he was appointed by Tyrion, who is reviled by the common folks and seen as corrupt. Not because of this "sinner" bullcrap. Stfu with demonizing the faith and the sparrows, D&D. Not to mention I'm sure they're going to not even have him killed by Cersei over her Tyrion paranoia, because the show is so hell-bent on whitewashing cersei for some reason. -High Sparrow smiling and joking and shit. No. He's above such petty pleasantries. He is faith and pious incarnate. -Making Ramsay act like a nice cool guy around people. Fuck off D&D. He's already a renowned monster. First you give him that shitty girlfriend, now you do this. Stop destroying the character. -"Who supports me now that Tywin is dead" asks show-Roose. Well D&D, how about the Lannisters and Freys? Why wouldn't they? Fucking stupid show. -Volantis Tyrion is such a shit in this show. Snarky whiny bitch who plays with a door, loses all the insanity/near-evil attitudes and actions Tyrion has at this point in the books. No roughing up a prostitute (INSTEAD HE'S NICE TO HER) and no talking about raping and murdering Cersei. Instead more LEL FUNNY JOKES XD! Because we can't have any kind of complexity or negativity with fan favorite Peter Dinklage! Fuck you and fuck your character whitewashing, D&D. You even have him REFUSE A WHORE out of grief. You do not understand this character at all, clearly. I mean I guess I get why they cut Penny when D&D have made her completely unnecessary by making Tyrion so fucking one dimensional. -Speaking of character assassination, fucking Varys man. They're wrecking him with this Tyrion bro roadtrip comedy bullcrap. He's THE SPIDER. He's sinister master planner tier. He has no friends in King's Landing. He's above this pleb bullcrap. Him and Illyrio have men for this kind of shit with Tyrion in the books because they're not retards in the books. We can expect Varys' best moment from ADWD to of course be removed, for this comedy bullshit. Not to mention they're making him out to be completely inept. This weeks ep earns 10/10 in character assassination for Tyrion, Varys, Littlefinger, and Roose. Bravo D&D! Weekly reminder that the show has been shit since season 2 and the books are better. I'll be back next week!
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