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  1. maverick_nc1

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    Really really struggling. What was once the best TV show EVER made due to the complex characters, machinations, redemptive arcs, grey actions etc etc has become just another....spectacle, a Michael Bay movie. All of the nuance has gone, its deeply upsetting. Characters doing strange things that either weren't built up enough, are totally out of character or simply dumb. Others surviving with thick layers of plot armour. Its so weak as to be laughable. I think the general population will likely enjoy the episode simply because to this generation anything 'epic' is amazing, even if it totally lacks any real depth. I guess DD just aren't as intelligent as Martin if this is the only way they could progress. I feel very sorry for Star Wars fans now, they will likely butcher the story of Revan and co next.
  2. maverick_nc1

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    I really REALLY wanted to love this episode but it just felt so.....anti-climactic. Too many people survived. Bran seemed to serve no purpose. Jon did next to nothing. The prophecies seem to have been red herrings. The NK was killed FAR too easily. (He's been built up to be this existential threat for 8 years (!) and goes down in ten seconds) None of the WW's had any action or duels. (What was the point in all these mc's having Valryan steel swords?) I'm hoping, but not expecting further explanations or a big twist in the coming episode otherwise it feels like a very watered down and unsatisfying end.
  3. maverick_nc1

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    That episode was written by Bryan Cogman who seems to have a much better grasp on the world and lore than [email protected]
  4. maverick_nc1

    Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai?

    Well, he was saved from dying of Greyscale for a reason and I can't currently think of a better one, so why the hell not?!
  5. maverick_nc1

    Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai?

    I hear you, but I just don't agree the romance/love has been built strongly enough for it to warrant being a PtWp/Nissa Nissa situation, they only fell in love like 4 episodes ago. Jon was always close to Bran, but you're right not as close as he was to Arya. Maybe it isn't Jon at at all and the OP is right, it's Jorah right out of left field! Or Jamie - he's always loved Cersei, even now... Or maybe the prophecy is all horseshit. I don't know, and can only salute GRRM (and the showrunners) for creating such a complex mystery!
  6. maverick_nc1

    Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai?

    No, simply because the love connection between Jon and Dany hasn't been built strongly enough for it to be. At this current moment, its far easier to see Jon's love for his siblings than for Dany.
  7. maverick_nc1

    Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai?

    The only deeper love on this show is Jon/Bran or Jon/Arya. I'm going with Jon having to kill Bran to fulfill the prophecy, haven't worked out the kinks yet. I think this also fits with the idea that by the end of the series, there will be no more dragons, magic or greenseers and Sam will be recording the story as the new Grandmaester in the Citadel. (Kind of like the ending of LoTR when magic leaves Middle earth)
  8. Episode gets a solid 8 from me, the bonding sessions resonated very well. I believe this will remain an under-rated episode until AFTER the events of next week with a probable few deaths, then these scenes will resonate rather more.
  9. maverick_nc1

    Davos - Foreshadowing

    I like your theory about Davos, but maybe it's Melisandre who appears to save HIM, and dies in the process? I don't think there's any doubt she will return, it's just a case of when and where. I still recall her conversation with Arya way back when, 'we will meet again'.
  10. Am I alone in thinking that Ser Davos meeting the greyscale-scarred little girl, the one who reminded him of Shireen, was foreshadowing the return of Melisandre? She'd get an even cooler reception than Jamie, so i'm racking my brain trying to think of why she might return during a battle episode....hopefully not to bring anyone back from the dead...again.
  11. maverick_nc1

    Tyrion talks

    Tyrion will definitely remember something from his chat with Bran and come up with an important plan, one that restores him to his former 'I know things' glory. That chat happened for a reason.
  12. maverick_nc1

    Crackpot theory about Jaime and end game

    I'm also coming around to the idea that Jamie is the 'last hero' It seems to fit. Jon is too boring and hero-like to be the ACTUAL hero, not sure GRRM would do that. Jamie's character has a greater arc and would be more left field. 'Kingslayer' - Night king Slayer. But if is Jon: I'm confused on who (if anyone) could be Nissa Nissa though. I don't believe the Jon/Dany love story has been built strongly enough to believe he would be sacrificing her to create the sword. If anything, I could see it being Bran that he kills to forge the sword/save the world - he obviously loves Bran dearly and could potentially fit into the whole 'Bran is the NK and caused all of this' theory' Additionally, the prophecy of the Valonquar was left out of the show for a reason. Could it be that since its gender neutral language, translating it on screen as 'little brother' when it could just as easily be 'little sister' would have confused viewers so they left it out? My money is on Arya killing Cersei, gotta finish that list!
  13. maverick_nc1

    Episode 2 preview

    I'm thinking that when Cersei's betrayal is discovered (through Jamie), this gives Arya reason to leave Winterfell and go back to KL to finish her list - after all she's an assassin, not a warrior. The weapon she wanted made is interesting... Perhaps the Hound goes with her, or follows her and this leads to Cleganebowl. Was Arya definitely running away from someone in the Winterfell crypts in the trailer or could it have been in the tunnels below KL? (Also, everyone of any importance appeared to be at Jamies trial....except Jon, or did I miss something? Is he off brooding somewhere?)