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  1. Finally picked up Crime and Punishment, tried reading it a few years ago never finished so I figured I’ll give it another try. Also reading Interview with the Vampire. I’ve always wanted to read this and with the tv adaptation getting so much praise I figured now is the best time as any.
  2. Anyone bought the book, mine doesn’t come until tonight?
  3. Alright, thanks for the heads up. I just got the first book in the Farseer Trilogy and will start it.
  4. I have started my first Robin Hobb trilogy which is Ship Of Magic. So far I’m really liking it though I’m not to far into the book.
  5. These does sound like good ideas and if GOT didn’t sour me than I would actually check them out. Live action ASOIAF shows from HBO has turned me off of them forever. But any show about that ugly throne is bound to be the same political repetitive writing over and over. I wish GRRM would let others help write spin off books from the world of ASOIAF. The books are infinitely better than any live action show.
  6. All these GOT spin offs are bad ideas IMO. These shows are just the same beats over and over. These shows are a repeat from GOT just with different looking characters it’ll repetitive really quick.
  7. What would a Jon Snow show even be about? Wouldn’t all these GOT shows get repetitive like real quick?
  8. I just finished A Thousand Ships by Natalie Haynes. I really enjoyed it. It is a Greek retelling of the Trojan War from the women perspective. The book was refreshing, it was also heartbreaking. I appreciated that all the women seemed to have their own voices, they didn’t seem like copies of each other. The author did a great job on giving the women so much presence during a war. I felt their loss, anger, fear, vengeance, pain, the unjust of it all and their love for their families, husbands, and children. It was a good read overall and I’m looking forward to reading her other book Pandoras Jar coming out in a few days.
  9. The Starks never got their revenge. When the Freys and their men and the Lannisters have been lured under a false sense of forgiveness and peace, than ambushed, murdered, and taken hostage maybe than it’ll be enough. Until than not enough Freys have been killed. And the Twins need to be burned to the ground.
  10. JON. WAS. NOT. THE. ONE. TO. MAKE. IT. PERSONAL. Slynt was the one who was antagonist and prejudice against Jon. It was Slynt who had something against Jon because he was Ned Stark’s son. Jon never allowed anything to become personal until Slynt did(who did since the beginning)
  11. Slynt made it personal before Jon ever did.
  12. I absolutely HATE ASOIAF art based on the actors who played them in the show.
  13. The Lannisters are monsters, especially Tywin. Jaime and Cersei are evil. Tyrion is becoming a monster. Robert, Stannis, and Renly were all horrible kings and human beings. Rheager would have made a good king. Robert should have died on the Trident. Westeros’ history with the 9 great houses interest me more than the current story. I loved The World Of Ice and Fire. I want the great houses to go back being their own kingdom, it’s more interesting. Rheager and Lyanna were in love. House Stark and Targaryen are the best houses.
  14. Cersei is a woman in a very patriarchal society that sees her as little more than a breeding tool for a man’s legacy. She is not valued for anything except her ability to push out children. Cersei is not given a chance to be something more than what her father and others have assigned her in life. She is straight evil but I don’t really blame her for some things and I pity her for most. Robert was a waste of space who had every opportunity to do the opposite of what he did. He was a talented warrior, a high born noble, and most importantly, a male. Robert had the world at his feet but wasted it over and over. Gawd I hate him!
  15. He's a Stark so he matters. Starks and Targaryens matter to me.
  16. All I know is Rickon better not die in the books.
  17. I never cared for him but OMG!!! May Drogon burn Euron straight hell.
  18. Nope always been his job a pussy whipped asshole.
  19. I hope Roose goes out exactly like this in the books a piece of shit like him deserves to go out this way.
  20. Jon being gone a season is stupid because KL is just overplayed now too much focus have been given to the battle for that ugly chair and now it's boring.
  21. I honestly wouldn't he suprised if D&D did off Jon. And of course people like Ramsey, Lannisters, Balon are still alive ugh
  22. The bastard doesn't even know how to hold a sword properly in the books was raised by a commoner and was never taught anything about military training all he knows is brutality and this is what Stannis Baratheon lost too!!
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